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Found 9 results

  1. This hook is similar to the one that assigns clients to groups based on purchases. This time we're assigning clients to groups based on registration date or more precisely on user seniority. Let's take this code as example. $groups['1'] = '90'; $groups['2'] = '180'; $groups['3'] = '365'; They key of $groups array (eg. ['1']) represents the ID of the group while the value user seniority (days between registration date and current date). According to the above configuration, here is what happens: Customer A registered 34 days ago. No change Customer B registered 90 days ago. He goes to client group ID 2 Customer C registered 364 days ago. Still group ID 2 Customer D registered 500 days ago. He goes to client group ID 3 Optionally, you can turn on any of the following features to add some restrictions: $activeCustomers rules apply only on Active customers (boolean true or false) $oldestPurchase rules apply only on if customer has a product/service or domain older than the given number of days (integear) The hook runs with WHMCS daily cron job meaning that tomorrow the customer C of the above example will move from group 2 to 3. Get the Code »
  2. Hello community... I came back again. Can someone help me with my system. What happened is.. We sell yearly service. Let's say client bought service 01/04/2018 And his next due date is 31/03/2019. Now system generate invoice on 15/03/209 But he didn't paid. He decide to pay on may.. I knw the service will be suspended. But it's not a problem. Now if he pay on may .. I see his next due date will be 31/03/2020 not 01/05/2020 So he is loosing a month when he didn't used the service in April. Can we have a hook to update the next invoice date the customer paid+365 days? Please help me
  3. Might you know if this is still the best way to do it @brian!? Just manually add date to the actual KB Article in WHMCS admin? I logged into Adminer and checked the DB and didn't any relevant tables for "last updated" in the knowledgebase tables. I would have replied to community thread but I think it's locked / archived. https://whmcs.community/topic/252161-knowledgebase-date-article/ https://whmcs.community/topic/236225-no-knowledgebase-action-hook-available/ I was hoping to be able to automate things a bit more and make it so, when a person clicks Yes or No for the {$kbarticle.useful} {$LANG.knowledgebaseratingtext} strings in knowledgebasearticle.tpl file the site would display an updated "Last Updated" date string. Even a static last updated string would be cool if it was being tracked each time the actual article was being updated by an admin in the WHMCS side of things. But yea, was just wondering if the date can be extracted? Does the the {debug} display all available things able to used from the WHMCS database? It's usually my goto thing and if something isn't in that popup window, it has to be done with an addon / module. I'm gonna browse over the docs right now and see what I can dig up. https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/client-area-interface/#clientareapageknowledgebase https://help.whmcs.com/searches?utf8=✓&text=Knowledgebase&commit=Search i dont see anything on the https://docs.whmcs.com/Knowledgebase (or entire docs.whmcs.com domain)
  4. Most addons have a capital letter under the billing date line but the super speed addon is not capitalized. How can I change this so they are all capitalized or all lower case.
  5. Hi! On the announcements WHMCS uses the English version of the dates like “Dec 25th” But in Dutch we say “25 december” not with a short version and the numers are in the first place. Anyone know a hook or a fix or maybe @WHMCS John a fix for the Dutch people?
  6. Hello, I'm trying to build an email template that will use a custom field date that is already created with this format (DD/MM/YY) and will add 1 day or 1 month depending of our needs as follow. We are working on something like that but need help for the syntax {$service_custom_fields.0 + 1 } ( will give 31 on a custom field value of 30/06/2018 - we are expecting 01/07/2018 Do we need to convert that value into number and than add +1 than reconverting ? many thanks again guys
  7. Hello I am trying to localize the sidebar in By Month section on announcement page. Currently it shows Feb 2016. I want to change that to 2016-02 to make it simple. When I show the element for the site, the href="announcements.php?view=2016-02". I just want to show the menu to use exactly this numbers 2016-02. I am using 6.2.2 WHMCS. I tried put setlocale(LC_TIME, "ja-JP"); in configuration.php file, but it did not change. Some suggested setlocale(LC_TIME, "ja-JP.utf-8");, but it did not affect to show in Japanese date format. From admin, all of the general settings were done as follow: system char-set: utf-8 date format: YYYY-MM-DD Client Dateformat: same as above I wasn't quite sure what this date format do the whole WHMCS. Hook was suggested to be used. The example files did not show the title of the menu change by dateformat change. I was able to change the date format for the announcements.tpl and viewannouncement.tpl since it has smarty codes section to change the date format as time stamp. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Abraham
  8. We got a strange ticket today. We saw the bellow date in header of a ticket! "Posted at 1st January 1970" !!! We have not made any changes to WHMCS recently, also other tickets are showing current date. May be it's a security issue or bug in WHMCS?
  9. Hi. I´m trying to develope a custom payment gateway and I need to create a form and post forward. My problem is that I need to somehow get fate into system in YYYYMMDD. In my gateways interface description I need to get this info for DELIVERY_DATE Here is a copy of the desc. "Delivery date. The best estimate of the date of delivery of the goods. If the exact delivery date is not known; using the latest possible date of delivery. Charges will be sent to the buyer with a credit facility delivery date." I found that from settings I can set up YYYY-MM-DD but how can it be modified? Please someone help me how to get my php code working.
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