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Found 12 results

  1. 1. Summer Sale – 25% OFF EVERYTHING! How to better celebrate the arrival of Summer if not with a thrilling shopping spree? Our Summer Sale is here to kit you out with the best WHMCS modules at the absolute best prices! From now through 30th June, ModulesGarden is knocking down the prices of every single WHMCS product to be spotted on the Marketplace. So go ahead, grab a jaw-dropping 25% promo code and use it however you like – with annual licenses, open source modules, even license upgrades! Tip: you can put away much more by bulk ordering and mixing the Summer Sale with other tremendous offers. Snap up the easiest summer savings of your life! 2. Products Reseller For WHMCS v1.2.0 How to make your resellers fully satisfied with your cooperation? If you run a reselling business, this is the kind of a question that you most likely googled at least once before. While the answers are plenty, it may be quite a tough nut to crack to sift through the maze of suggestions, and find those that may actually help you. Luckily, our vastly updated Products Reseller For WHMCS is here to offer you all the tools you wish you’d have to make sure the needs of your resellers are perfectly catered for. And these are the major new features built into the module throughout the works on the 1.2.0 version: Flawless support has been introduced for WHMCS V8.2 that extends to the modern "Twenty-One" template. Your products can be now marketed by resellers with the support of WHMCS "Configurable Options", each of which can be priced individually. End clients have been empowered to use the synchronized product custom fields with your services. The range of products available for reselling can be now further extended to include such in-demand offerings as EasyDCIM dedicated servers and OpenStack projects. Products Reseller For WHMCS 1.2.0 will help you forge enviable bonds with your resellers! 3. The following updates have also been made available since last week: Amazon EC2 For WHMCS 1.3.2 DNS Manager For WHMCS 2.16.0 Plesk Extended For WHMCS 3.5.1 Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  2. How do I hide Configurable options on invoice? This 4 year old under consideration isn't true is it? https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/configurable-options-on-invoices
  3. Hi everyone - I wanted to see if there's any solutions for this since we've been doing it for a few years and it's getting extremely time intensive... Currently we have about 150 products, each with their owns configurable option. Reason each needs its own is because each server we sell as different configurations, some have different available config options than others as well. BUT, some are always the same on each, for example "Operating System", "Bandwidth" and a few others will always have the same options on every product. Is there any way to copy/duplicate set configs within a configurable option (so not the entire option itself, but one of them within)? Thank you
  4. Hi I Bought the module and so far everything looks good. I added these: Disk Space|Disk space Bandwith|Bandwith Addon Domains|Addon Domains Parked Domains|Parked Domains Ordering just works fine, directadmin package is made but not with these ordered settings. I am not sure how to start finding the cause. In the documentatie I see something about giving root access in the server settings, with that you mean the admin do you ? No filling in root user there ? Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Michel
  5. Hello, I have a configurable option configured for Disk Space. I followed the instructions in the Addons and Configurable Options and Disk Space and Bandwidth Overage Billing documentation for the Disk Space option to be used in the calculation of the plans disk space but this isn't happening. I have clients billed for overages every month when they have paid for sufficient space. WHMCS just isn't calculating the total allowed space properly. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Joe
  6. I have set up a configurable option for bandwidth as per the documentation http://docs.whmcs.com/Configurable_Package_Addon. I am using quanity as the option have it set for 1000MB|1GB as an example. When a test account is created it is only alloted 1MB. If I change the quanity to 2 then the limit will be 2MB. I really need to be able to sell this in larger incrments than just single megebytes.
  7. I am reaching the end of the tunnel and I can finally see some light ahead...! But I noticed a small issue with the use of coupon codes. Maybe I am using it incorrectly, but... I created a discount coupon of 50% for several hosting packages. So far all is working. However when I test the coupon it will also apply the discount to the configurable options (which are selected under the various hosting packages). I only want to offer them a discount on the hosting package itself, not also on the configurable options. For example: Customer orders 'Webhosting A' which is being sold for 100 Euro. He also selects Anti-Spam option (configurable option) for 10 Euro. He also applies a 50% discount coupon (for the webhosting). This would mean the total amount would be 60 Euro (100 Euro / 2 + 10 Euro). Currently it will return 55 Euro instead, because the discount is also automatically applied on the 'Anti-Spam'. Is this possible and is there a workaround for this? Thank you.
  8. Hi guys, I have a quick question. Currently I am using the following variable $product.pricing.cycles.annually To display the lowest possible prices for our products. This works, however it will always list the price with the selected (default) 'Configurable Options'. In other words; the default options actually increase the 'lowest' price. Obviously I can change this, however this is not something I want to do. I want to display the lowest possible price, without taking the 'Configurable Options' into consideration. I hope this makes any sense and I don't know if it's even possible? Thank you in advance for your help! Regards //edit Maybe a better wordt for what I am trying to display is the base price of a product. So without any options, just the base price. I did try to use {debug} but all prices I could find in there are the prices included with some/several default options selected, which actually increases the price. Which I don't want. As mentioned above I could change the default option to the one which doesn't add up to price, however that's something I don't want to happen. Kinda 'catch 22'-scenario (if I am not mistaken).
  9. Hi, I'm trying to understand how to setup Configurable options and Product addons. This is what I'm trying to achieve: I already have 3 hosting plans and I don't want to add more of them. On each plan there is fixed size of disk space. I would like to give option to users to be able to increase disk space without upgrading the hosting plan (on highest pan that wouldn't be even possible). With my understanding I should use "Configurable options" rather than "Product addons" (as per: http://docs.whmcs.com/Addons_and_Configurable_Options) So I did: 1) Created Group "Disk space" 2) Assigned products (hosting plans) to it 3) Created Option title "Additional disk space" 4) Added 2 options "2GB" and "5GB", selected them as Drop down, and provided prices. 5) In each product double checked that Configurable options are selected (configproducts.php?action=edit&id=2#tab5) Now if I login as customer and go Services & Products (clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id=28) at the bottom I can see "Configurable Options" but I'm not able to change anything there. It already shows my lowest option "2GB" and the price. So now I have 2 questions: A) Are there any settings I forgot about? B) My server is based on WHM/cPanel and if you order new hosting plan from WHMCS than is automatically set up. How to setup WHM/cPanel and & WHMCS to made those "Configurable Options" automatic ?
  10. Hi, I would like to modify the configureproduct.tpl in the Ajax cart template to update the pricing information next the configurable options based on the selected billing cycle, if they have pricing for the billing cycle. If the options do not have pricing for the selected billing cycle, I would hide or disable them. I know how to get to the proper values for the configurable options but these do not update when the billing cycle changes and the configurable options objects do not contain pricing for all of the cycles, therefore I have to force the page to reload when the billing cycle is changed so that the proper prices are displayed according to the billing cycle. This seems kind of silly when I can update the order summary with the recalctotals ajax call. So, I am left with two questions: 1) Is there documentation somewhere on what ajax actions are available for the cart.php? 2) Is there some way to do what I am asking without reloading the page? Thanks, Joe
  11. Hello I have recently installed the NHP2014 Theme It may be coincidence, but not I am unable to login to my admin account. I am prompted for my credentials which I enter, and am then presented with a blank page at URL ../admin/dologin.php I don't know what to try? Please help if you can
  12. I have noted in WHMCS 5.2.10 (and now in 5.2.12) that Configurable Options were unable to add or edit items when there are about 7 in a list. I mean that items can be added or edited in new lists; but, when reaching a determined number of items, they are not able to be added or edited anymore. Did you also note this issue as well?
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