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Found 6 results

  1. Hello again! The title says everything. I found a hook on github but it's not working so I'm here to ask for help 😊 I hope this topic help a lot of people.
  2. Hello, I recently started using the Email Marketer in order to send automatic emails to my clients about their product's next due date. My problem is although I have configured everything (following the documentation) correctly but the emails are not sent. I have created a Demo client with one product and a Email Marketer rule to send email 1 day before the product's Next Due Date. I have configured the product to expire (next due date) tomorrow, the demo client's email is correct (I have tested it and i can send/receive emails), but I still don't get the Product Expiring email. Checking the logs, I found the following entries: Notification sending failed for Rule ID 1 - Error: No Recipients Found Created Invoice - Invoice ID: 123 Automated Task: Starting Invoices As for the cron jobs, I have noticed the following: in 'Set Up -> Automation Settings, I see the message Cron Status OK, however in the System Health page, I see the error: The system cron does not appear to have completed successfully within the last 24 hours. Check your activity logs or learn more about enabling the cron in our documentation. I don't know if the cron job messages are related to the email problem. System details: WHMCS v7.10.2 PHP 7.3 Any help solving the automatic emails problem would be appreciated.
  3. Hi. My aim is to automatically install WordPress with my custom plugins after user paid on site. I know that this can be done with Softaculous but I am a reseller so do not have access to desired Softaculous's directories. So, I see only way to create a php script and put it into /hooks/ WHMCS's directory and call wp-cli there. Can anyone help with an example or a complete code on how to install WP through wp-cli? Thanks in advance.
  4. Im trying to use Githubs version of AutoAuth: https://github.com/JonTheWong/whmcs-autoauth-invoice I've followed the steps in the description, but are getting wrong login credentials error. Below you can see the different steps and the code that i have; To install this script you need to place all files in your root directory of WHMCS example: /home/user/public_html/domain/whmcs/ Generate a hash and enter it in configuration.php above the last ?> $autoauthkey = "REPLACE-WITH-SYSTEM-KEY"; Also include it into the script. You can generate a hash using; openssl rand -hex 32 on linux. Then add this value to the top of your email template; {assign var='hash' value=$client_email|cat:"REPLACE-THIS-PART-WITH-SECRET-KEY"} Then add this link anywhere in your email template. Login Auth: {$whmcs_url}lauth.php?email={$client_email}&zmkey={$hash|md5} Invoice Auth: {$whmcs_url}iauth.php?email={$client_email}&invoice={$invoice_num}&zmkey={$hash|md5} Quote Auth: {$whmcs_url}qauth.php?email={$client_email}&quote={$quote_number}&zmkey={$zmkey|md5} Notes Quick not for version 7+ Due to security settings, you have to modify configuration.php and add the following code to the bottom, above the last ?> $smarty_security_policy = array( 'mail' => array( 'php_modifiers' => array( 'md5', 'time', 'sha1', 'urlencode', 'header', ), ), ); In the config file: $hash = "302BEA0FDBC6ADB8F8A25919318B532D"; $autoauthkey = "Correct_password"; $smarty_security_policy = array( 'mail' => array( 'php_modifiers' => array( 'md5', 'time', 'sha1', 'urlencode', 'header', ), ), ); ?> In the iauth file: <?php /* Created by JonTheWong @ Zenith Media Canada - www.zenithmedia.ca Visit our public repo - https://github.com/JonTheWong/whmcs-autoauth-invoice */ $whmcsurl = "https://www.webbsnacks.se/whmcs/dologin.php"; /* replace with your url */ $autoauthkey = "Correct_password"; /* same as in configuration.php */ $secretkey = "A_new_key_generated"; /* generate a new key for this script */ if (md5($_GET['email'].$secretkey) != $_GET['zmkey']) die('Något fel har skett, vänligen kontakta oss på info@webbsnacks.se för att gå vidare.'); $email = $_GET['email']; $timestamp = time(); $hash = sha1($email.$timestamp.$autoauthkey); $goto = "viewinvoice.php?id=".$_GET['invoice']; $url = $whmcsurl."?email=$email&timestamp=$timestamp&hash=$hash&goto=".urlencode($goto); header("Location: $url"); exit; ?> Do anyone know what the issue might be? Since im not getting the "die" text, there should be nothing wrong with the hash, correct?
  5. Hi, I'm beta testing our lovely new WHMCS installation and so far it's going very well and I'm LOVING WHMCS. I thought I'd try my first "REAL" account with a new customer (who has the patience to allow me to muck about for a while!). Their account requires a .co.uk domain to be transferred. So, I selected transfer domain in the cart process, it added it to their account, billed for it etc and then the hosting account setup (with Heart) failed with an error about the domain not being available for transfer. Now, this is fine and correct as the IPSTAG wasn't changed. I did this on purpose as I'm sure that a lot of customers won't know they need to do this. But outwardly, to the customer there's no sign that anything has gone wrong. The account setup failed and is now sitting there doing nothing. I tried letting the CHRON job run to see if it sent any reminders about pending domain transfers, but nothing. I then set the IPSTAG and ran the CHRON job again when I saw it had taken effect, hoping that it might pick this up and complete the setup but nothing. So, my question(s): What should the proper process be to allow customers to transfer domains when buying hosting, and is the process supposed to be automated? It's going to be a pain to have to manually check each account setup and hand-hold the domain transfer. I suspect that if I go to the services setting in my control panel for the user's account and issue a CREATE command that it'll go ahead and complete the setup , but I really don't want to have to do this manually - I might miss one and cause delay and disappointment to my lovely customers! The process seems to be smooth for .COM domains, as the system set up an account with a reference domain, presumably waiting for the domain purchase... it remains to be seen how things go with a LIVE domain purchase though. Thanks in advance! Andy
  6. Hi, even though I see another thread like this, I'm still confused. One customer has over 60 domains with us. Many different extensions. Most of the times he gets send an invoice from our whmcs website with a renewal for certain domains. But occasionally he just gets a reminder for renewals, for example one was send today the 25th by Enom to a customer (yeah I know, different subject) of which the expiration date is the 27th. The customer shocks and asks why no invoice was generated 30 days ago, like with other domains. When I check our settings, I see the following: - Continuous Invoice Generation; If enabled, invoices will be generated for each cycle even if the previous invoice remains unpaid - Default Auto Renewal Setting: This can be changed per domain, but sets the default of whether invoices should auto generate for expiring domains 1) All of it shows to me that invoices should simply always be created, why doesn't that happen? And 2) The last option said that invoice-auto-generation should be able to be set per domain, but I can't find that setting?
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