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Found 28 results

  1. 1. Discover what our modules are up to! You can already view all previously uploaded advances and improvements at any time in our marketplace. What if you could also see what the next stages of development hide? This has just been made possible with the all-new section placed right next to the changelog. The implementation of Roadmap will show you that caring for customer engagement is one of the most important aspects taken into consideration at ModulesGarden. Want to know more and give the new feature a go? Continue reading on the ModulesGarden Blog! 2. Zendesk For WHMCS 2.4.0 You already know that we have a module in our offer that lets you include support tools powered by Zendesk into WHMCS and handle support tickets while bringing your clients unforgettable experience of customer care. Guess what - it’s just been updated with some fresh solutions! The description of the 2.4.0 update of Zendesk For WHMCS should start off with WHMCS users support - an addition which will send email notifications about the in-flow of new ticket replies to any user that participates in a conversation. Excited? Let us make you even more eager to give it a look. The latest version makes WHMCS user details fully synchronized with the Zendesk panel! See for yourself how easily you can up your customer service at an amazing 15% discount - give the changelog a thorough read! Read more about Zendesk For WHMCS 2.4.0! 3. Password Manager For WHMCS 3.0 - 25% OFF In the business landscape of today’s world, cyber security is a top priority. Safe and long passwords are a great start, however remembering complex keystroke combinations can be too much of a challenge sometimes. The answer to these concerns is here - Password Manager For WHMCS 3.0! The latest huge update introduces an overhauled user interface with a brand new look, as well as support for Lagom Client Theme and WHMCS "Twenty-One". This fabulous module for extended safety has already been flooded with positive reviews, so delve deeper into the subject and find out how we have elevated it to new heights! Read more about Password Manager For WHMCS 3.0! 4. PanelAlpha sets new trends in WordPress automation! Let us remind you of one more grand advancement - the next level in the development of our top-notch system for WordPress instances provisioning, PanelAlpha! The addition of Personal Hosting Toolkit will provide your clients with swift and painless control over their accounts by empowering them to handle domains, FTP accounts, DNS zones and more, all from the level of PanelAlpha. We all know how crucial a unique brand is nowadays. That’s why you will be able to customize the client area to fit yours however you desire with the Style Manager! Switch colors, enable shadows - from now on, you will be able to let out the inner artist. In fact, you can experience it right away via live demo, accessible at all times! Put theory into practice and see PanelAlpha in powerful action! Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  2. WHMCS always sends feedback requests for closed tickets, no matter what. This includes the case of customers closing tickets before you even had the chance to add a reply. For example a customer opens a ticket to report an error on his website. Few minutes later he realizes that it was his fault and closes the ticket. WHMCS still sends feedback request. This is quite strange as you are asking customers to let you know the «Quality of experience» with your support team. No one has even answered! Some customers could even give you a very bad rating because they feel you're tricking them. Let's patch the hole with this hook. Get the Code »
  3. when a customer sends a tickets with any attachments, then the attachments are not adding to server or its missing. i cant view any attachments on their tickets in admin panel.
  4. Hi, I want to send a ticket reply to the client using API. when I use the AddTicketReply the new replay is added to the ticket - as if the client sent us a reply, But I want to send the reply to the client. Can you please advise what is the API command / documentation to send a reply to the client from the ticket (not an email - but with the ticket, it is just like the AddTicketReply is working but from us to the client and not fro, the client to us). Thanks! Ram
  5. hello, i have a problem with suppor tticket when anyone try to open new support ticket in the end of page he need enter code to be sure that he is not spam this code is not working fine and not reload and not change and tried changer from general setting security but still the same
  6. Sending feedback request on ticket closure is a great way to measure customer support satisfaction however this feature has a missing piece. A ticket in WHMCS can be set as Closed in three different ways: When the ticket is closed by an admin user For inactivity Setup > Automation Settings > Support Ticket Settings > Close Inactive Tickets Via escalation rules WHMCS doesn't send any feedback request when the ticket is closed with an escalation rule. The hook in question solves this problem. The only requirements are the following: $cronFrequency must be equal to your System Cron Frequency You must use unique names for escalation rules Get the Code »
  7. Customers can specify the related service/domain on ticket submission but once the ticket has been sent the information is no longer visible. This hook makes sure that related service is always included in ticket sidebar (if specified). Get the Code »
  8. What is report ticket reply? Allows your customers to file a report on offensive staff replies, the report can be enabled per ticket department. Report ticket reply module for WHMCS adds an additional layer for your support departments your customers will have the ability to file a report on offensive staff replies. Gain valuable insight about your customers thoughts and experiences with your business? With report ticket reply module, now your customers can file a report on offensive staff replies via ticket replay. Just think of the possibilities! Get real-time responses and opinions from your customers. Happy customers means a happy and healthy business. Why do you need report ticket reply? WHMCS provide a ticket feedback feature but is it enough! Competitive business environment retaining existing customers is much more cost effective than gaining new ones. No wonder companies try to surpass competition in providing exceptional customer service. With report ticket reply module for WHMCS allows your customers to file a report on a ticket reply. When you run a busy operation that serves thousands of customers, it can be easy to provide the benefit of allowing your customers to file a report on a ticket reply. After all, when sales are strong and business is running as usual it can seem like an unnecessary exercise. If there was really a problem, your customers would tell you, right? Regularly soliciting your customers for feedback isn’t just so you have reassurance that everyone is happy. Report ticket reply module can play a much more significant role in the overall experience one has with your brand, service, and its representatives. Thinking long-term and big picture, report ticket reply module alerts you to potential issues before they become negative experiences. Report ticket reply module also encourages and creates the opportunity for increased customer engagement. The emphasis on the customer experience not only makes your customers happier, it leads to higher revenue potential as well. How it works? After installing the report ticket reply module for WHMCS navigate to the module configuration and enter your policies URL then select the admins who will receive the reports email notification and view the reports widget after that select the departments where you want to show the report button. Every time your customer receive offensive staff reply they will have the ability to file a report on that reply by clicking the button "Report This Reply" a dialog box will popup for the customer to file the report and agreed to the policies and then submit his report the customer will receive a report ID to follow-up his report. An email notification will be sent to the assigned admins with a link to the report to check. The admin can view the report along with the ticket reply and the name of the customer and the staff also the admin have the option to set the report status to solved Features Customer can file a report Policies checkbox with URL Admin area widget Select the admins who will view reports Select the departments where to show the report button Notification email template Edit email template Admin Notes for each report Edit customer report Report status For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&a=report-ticket-reply
  9. Every once in a while we get a customer that I guess just likes contacting us and send 50-60 tickets a month, several are the exact same question we have no control over. It's flattering but also border line abuse. Can we limit this? Not the email tickets but normal where you open the ticket from the account manager.
  10. Might you know how I can submit a reply to a ticket AND close ticket on same button click with WHMCS 7.4.1 using stock template? Are we going to be making changes in the supportticketsubmit-steptwo.tpl file? It would be cool to have another button, right next to the submit button, that will "submit and close ticket" in same click. It might even be cool to submit, close and redirect to client area too... Is this something that would be achieved with a hook? Thanks for response.
  11. Hii, We are having an issue of file upload in the support ticket. We are using the cakephp for our platform and also the WHMCS API on our platform for the support and billing. On the platform side when a client sends the attachment with the file size more than 1MB the file uploads in the cloud where we are storing but it doesn't get attached in the ticket from the client-side and on the staff side (WHMCS) the attachment is not receiving. We have checked the server's file upload limit and everything and it looks ok that file upload limit is properly set. The file upload less then 1MB is working fine and our staff are able to receive the attachments. Also, the attachment sending from Staff to client is working fine for even 18MB file size.
  12. Once again WHMCS is forcing us to use what they think is a good idea and once again they forgot to add an option to allow us to decide if we want that feature or not. For those who does not want to use the new "CC Recipients" in the ticket system, you can get rid of it by adding this to your custom css: #sidebarTicketCc { display: none; } I hope this helps you.
  13. We are currently using Desk.com for our support system. We would like to start using the built in WHMCS support system and was wondering if it would be possible to import the ticket history in Desk.com into WHMCS? Per their support article, https://support.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2926873-how-to-export-your-desk-com-data?b_id=16915 there is an API or you can request a CSV download of all the data. You can get a sample of the CSV data here: http://desk-wow.s3.amazonaws.com/services/full_site_export_sample.zip I would also consider a way to just keeping this data in a some other form that would be searchable or index-able to be able to find old history if importing this data into WHMCS is not feasible. Any ideas on a solution that might fit that option? Thanks in advance! Best regards, Eric
  14. Hello, I would like to change the $ticket_url or $ticket_link outputs in support email template from whmcsurl/viewticket.php?tid=2222&c=Pkjr2jgW to the following format whmcsurl/viewticket/2222-Pkjr2jgW I tried replace {&ticket_link} to {$ticket_link|replace:'.php?tid=':'/'|replace:'&c=':'-'} But that is not works Can any one help me for make that via hook? Thanks
  15. Hello, I want make a new file to call a ticket replies from db and adding featur for showing a single reply only by reply id or reply time for example if called a URL like history.php?tid=844130&c=1uT0TR8y&lastreply=1222 Please advise me how I can do that Thanks in advanced
  16. 1. There are several secret strategies to grow a lifelong client base. Our just rolled out Freshdesk For WHMCS 1.1.0 presents one of them, way more straightforward in its premise than you could have expected. Vamp up your ticket system with our brilliant in its simplicity tool and draw clients like a magnet! Savor the ultra-light new framework powered up by the code rewritten from the ground up. Trace the record of module's actions and API responses in the just added 'Logs' section. Sort out your tickets in the Freshdesk admin panel more handily by letting your clients avail of the newly supported 'Client Services' field. Smooth the flow of information with three additional ticket statuses - 'New', 'Open', and 'Hold'. While exporting a selected group of clients, quickly preview their profile or opened tickets using a hyperlink. If you believe in the principle that it is easier said than done, put all of the above powers to the test and bring your customer service to victory! Learn All About Freshdesk For WHMCS 1.1.0! 2. It was not long ago that we drew the curtain on our New Year contest and the extra poll attached to it. Our heartfelt thanks go to all who put their doubts aside and joined this absorbing competition as well as the voting process. Be sure to expect even more interactive projects such as this one in the future. If you already suspect what is coming next, you are perfectly right – now, without further ado, it is time to reveal the promised winners! Find out who got lucky! Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  17. Hi there, I've been using the WHMCS built-in ticket system for many months, and I import tickets from email, using the POP import method with a cron job. The import process works fine, however the email messages remain on the email server after import. I'm sure that when I first set this up and tested that the email messages were removed once they've been imported, but that no longer seems to be the case. (Can't see anything spefically about it in the docs https://docs.whmcs.com/Email_Piping#POP3_Import_Method) Is this a bug, or has there been a change to this behaviour? I never check the email account by any other means, so this seems like a problem to me as the messages will build up on the server and require manually clearing out. Any input or help appreciated -- thanks!
  18. I've a new installation of 7.2.3. I've setup POP import and the Cron job and all appears to be working well. The Support Ticket Mail Import Log reports "Ticket Imported Successfully" and I can click on the subject there and read the email. I've tested from multiple email addresses sending to multiple "support department" addresses. Problem is, a ticket is never created. Checked all the logs and anything else I can think of, no errors. Am I just missing a setting somewhere?
  19. I had a ticket without about 20 messages in it. I realized that about 60% of those messages were another topic, so I selected them and split them into a new ticket. All went well, except for one thing: The oldest message that moved over to the new ticket (client-message, not admin. Not sure if this is relevant) took on today's date and was moved to the very top of the ticket as if it were the latest reply. I would imagine that it should have maintained its original date and been the last message in the list (since they're sorted newest first). WHMCS Version: 6.3.1
  20. Email addresses which are long, extend beyond the box. I think you might need some word-break css action.
  21. Dears I am trying to configure Departments through WHMCS. But I need to understand, what is the diference between: - /crons/pipe.php - The Email Piping Forwarding Script and - /crons/pop.php - The Email Piping POP Cron ?? I need to add both of them on cronjobs? Thanks
  22. We got a strange ticket today. We saw the bellow date in header of a ticket! "Posted at 1st January 1970" !!! We have not made any changes to WHMCS recently, also other tickets are showing current date. May be it's a security issue or bug in WHMCS?
  23. Hi, I have added a load of custom fields to my "Request a Quote" ticket department. They are working just fine, however, I'd like the custom fields to be displayed as text in the body of the ticket when it is submitted. This would also enable me to see all the custom fields when notification of a new ticket is sent to the admin by email (rather than having to log in to WHMCS, go to the ticket and then click on custom fields - a very clumsy process) While I'm on the subject of quotes, if anyone knows how to automatically open a quote from a ticket submission that would also be very useful!
  24. Hi! For security reasons i like to have my whmcs ticket replies without the response content on the email body. I only place a link to read the response on the web, after customer login. The problem with this is if i add an attachment to my response, it gets on the email. ¿There are any way to avoid sending attachments by email? Thanks Cristian
  25. I've already submitted a ticket to the support but still nothing from them. Everything else seems to be just alright but no tickets are arriving, an error message mentioning piping problem bounces back to the sender's email.
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