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Found 12 results

  1. There's a million-to-one chance for today's businesses to succeed without understanding that their online presence must accommodate potential customers from as early as their first touchpoint experience. Any shortcomings in this particular area can rob a company of the golden opportunity for a strong relationship with its target audience. Driven by this challenge, we decided to go beyond what you're used to and, together with RS Studio, developed from scratch a feature-rich module with the ultimate goal of offering your customers a modern kind of shopping experience that will win over their hearts immediately. Owing to a varied selection of customization tools available in Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS, you will be empowered to choose freely between different designs of order forms, summary boxes, product packages, and other supplemental components. What makes this product even more extraordinary is that it can work wonders both in a standalone setup or boosted with the Lagom Client Theme integration which further extends the spectrum of styles and color schemes. If you are eager to fully embrace the visual revolution that we have just triggered, access Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS before June 30th to be additionally granted an exclusive 20% promo code for Lagom Client Theme! Change your shopping cart beyond recognition! Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you, we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  2. You'd better buckle up, because a completely new kind of shopping experience will be unlocked for your clients in just a few weeks, powered by Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS! 1. Product Feedback Center For WHMCS 2.0 [TOTAL MAKEOVER!] Being almost two and a half years in active development, our Cancellation Center For WHMCS won the hearts of a wide audience by collecting thorough insights from your customers owing to targeted feedback questions they are asked while requesting product's cancellation. If you follow the module’s journey at least for a while, you are in for a heck of a surprise! As soon as the version 2.0 appeared on our website, Cancellation Center For WHMCS changed beyond recognition and now goes by the name of Product Feedback Center For WHMCS! This impressive update is sure to fill you with wonder not only because of the module’s refreshed name, but most of all, due to its extensively enhanced collection of features empowering your clients to share their experience with your products at any moment they find suitable. At the same time, you are offered way more tools to ensure an optimal level of personalization of your surveys, including the possibility to choose whether a question should be obligatory or adjust the visibility of a question depending on the answers to previous ones. Find out more about Product Feedback Center For WHMCS 2.0! 2. Proxmox VE modules for WHMCS 3.5.0 We're not even out of the first quarter of 2022 yet, and our Proxmox VE modules for WHMCS are already scoring another jaw-dropping release! Both Proxmox VE Cloud VPS For WHMCS and Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS have just been officially promoted to the 3.5.0 version with as many as over 20 new optimizations! A couple of the most frequently voiced customer needs that this twin update addresses are: Software Defined Network support which makes it possible for you to use created virtual networks (vnets) at the data center level. Support for TPM and Virtio SCSI controller to allow the creation of machines based on Windows 11. Do not let a single detail escape your attention – delve deep in a point-by-point list of the changes within the cosy confines of our website! Find out more about Proxmox VE modules for WHMCS 3.5.0! 3. Like to keep your finger on the pulse at all times? Then be sure to track other most recent updates as well: Time & Task Manager For WHMCS - v1.4.15 Hetzner VPS For WHMCS - v1.5.2 OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For WHMCS - v1.2.2 Domains Reseller For WHMCS - v2.2.4 Servertastic SSL For WHMCS - v1.4.7 Stripe SEPA Payments For WHMCS - v1.0.6 EURid Registrar For WHMCS - v1.4.0 Geolocation Hook For WHMCS - v2.2.5 IP Manager For WHMCS - v2.5.12 Product Linker For WHMCS - v1.3.16 OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS - v2.1.1 Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  3. Hello, I hope this is the correct community to post this in. SCENARIO The below is all explained in this documented article by WHMCS: Order_Form_Templates I have created a child order form of of the "modern" order form theme. I have created the theme.yaml file with the following contents as instructed: config: parent: modern I have created an empty style.css file inside my new child order form template. I then logged on to my WHMCS backend and navigated to Setup -> General Settings -> Ordering I selected the new child theme as the Default Order Form Template. PROBLEM Adding ANY css to override the parent styling is not taking effect. It keeps pulling the styles from the original parent style.css completely ignoring my custom css. If I use the browsers developer tools, I can't even see my style.css loading at all. If anyone can explain this I would appreciate it. Thanks Brett
  4. Hello Everyone! I have just auto updated whmcs 7.x to 8. Everything looks perfect but one major issue that iam facing is that when we click on order now button of any product it will redirect to this path(whmcs/index.php?a=add&pid=18) instead of (whmcs/cart.php?a=add&pid=18). I have tried it with my custom theme and with six theme as well. Looking for a solution. Anyone ?
  5. Greetings, I am using six products/services instead of the recommend four with the Cloud Slider order form. I really like the template and customizations I have made. However, six products are too many for mobile devices. Hence, the WHMCS recommendation and Google Search Console "Mobile usability issue detected" notification I received. The slider works but the services overlap each other partially and are generally just too bunched together making usability more difficult. I was wondering if it was possible to hide two of the products on small screens (480 or less tablets are fine) or simply redirect to another order form. Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Currently, a change of radio box selection can cause the selection to appear correct, but in the actual order summary, the wrong option ends up applying. This is because the javascript in base.js triggers recalctotals(); on both ifChecked AND ifUnchecked, which works great for checkboxes, but not for radio boxes. To fix this, I edited base.js as follows: Original: jQuery("#productConfigurableOptions").on('ifUnchecked', 'input', function() { recalctotals(); }); Modified: jQuery("#productConfigurableOptions input[type=checkbox]").on('ifUnchecked', 'input', function() { recalctotals(); }); This way, radio boxes don't cause both a Check and Uncheck to be triggered whenever a different option is selected -- only actual checkboxes trigger an uncheck recalc.
  7. ThemeMetro pleased to announce launching of new products range "WHMCS Order Forms". We have designed these order forms very user friendly, and according to latest trend of WebHosting business. These order forms are compatible with WHMCS 6.1 OR Later with Six template and all types of bootstrap 3 based themes/templates. And that's just the beginning. Take a moment to discover the order Forms at our website for live demo. We are committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback. For more information and Live Demo please visit ThemeMetro.com Attention!!! From November 1st, 2015 onwards We're going to make updates/support chargeable of all our products including themes. All the purchase before this date will keep getting updates/support continuously without any additional cost. Regards, Kc Sharma (Founder)
  8. Hi I have the multibrand module installed in my WHMCS installation from modules garden. I want to customize the homepage.tpl page to only show certain areas of the page depending on the brand website. I did this sort of thing with the logo in the header.tpl page. I now have separate logos for each brand website. What I want to do know is hide the domain section on one of my brand websites homepage but not the other. I am using the same template for both brands. Is this possible? Can someone help ASAP?
  9. I want to do something super simple: I want to create a test order form that submits an order via AJAX. To get to that point I have about 30 stupid questions that need to be answered, and I don't want to spam up these forums with dumb questions like "Where do I save the file?" "What file extension should it have?", etc. If you're willing to help me put together a working demo script using the internal API and answer my questions via chat or email, I'd be happy to pay you for your time (I guess using PayPal?). I guess it's best to PM me. If this isn't an appropriate question (or an appropriate place to ask this question) let me know and I'll delete it.
  10. I want to create a stand-alone order form based off of the code provided in this thread. The code from that thread is quite old and is written using the external API instead of the internal API, so I'll be re-writing it and I want to simplify it to just the bare minimum that is required by WHMCS to create an account. I have been searching the documentation and I don't see anywhere a list of what fields are required. My goal is to have a template which is a single page that collects all information and then does one single localAPI() call with everything needed to set up the account with a given product and domain choice.
  11. ModulesGarden Payment Gateway Switcher For WHMCS is a clever solution that will automatically switch the payment gateways for your clients during ordering, depending on the provided address. Our module supports all kinds of redirect and credit card payment gateways as well as countries and states from all over the world. With Payment Gateway Switcher For WHMCS you will be able to control the flow of payments in your system, personalize your offer, and even reduce the price of your products and services. Admin Area Features: Define Default Redirect And Credit Card Payment Gateways Add New Switching Rules For The Payment Gateway Depending On The Clients' Country And State Enable/Disable Switching Rules Enable Usage Of The Module Payment Gateways Only - Hide All Other Payment Gateways Client Area Features: Payment Through Personalized Gateways Convenient Changing Of Payment Method General Info: Supports All Redirect And Credit Card Payment Gateways Supports Countries And States From All Over The World Multi-Language Support Supports WHMCS V5 and Later Are You Interested? ♦ Order Payment Gateway Switcher For WHMCS Now! Do You Need More Information? ♦ Read More About Payment Gateway Switcher For WHMCS Are You Looking For Complete Documentation? ♦ Visit Payment Gateway Switcher For WHMCS Wiki Do You Want Us To Install And Configure The Module For You? ♦ Tick 'Payment Gateway Switcher Installation Service' Field While Ordering The Product Check Out Also Our Other Products: ♦ Multibrand For WHMCS ♦ Rackspace Cloud Servers For WHMCS ♦ cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS ♦ DNS Manager For WHMCS ♦ cPanel Extended For WHMCS ♦ Rackspace Email For WHMCS ♦ Rackspace Email Extended For WHMCS ♦ Advanced Billing For WHMCS ♦ WWD GoDaddy Domains For WHMCS ♦ DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS ♦ Google Apps For WHMCS ♦ Parallels Plesk Panel Extended For WHMCS ♦ Zimbra Email For WHMCS ♦ cPanel Pack For WHMCS ♦ Zendesk For WHMCS ♦ Resellers Center For WHMCS ♦ Liquid Web For WHMCS ♦ Liquid Web Load Balancer For WHMCS ♦ Storm On Demand For WHMCS ♦ Storm On Demand Load Balancer For WHMCS ♦ Storm Servers Billing For WHMCS ♦ SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS ♦ SolusVM Extended Cloud For WHMCS ♦ SolusVM Extended Reseller For WHMCS ♦ eNom Email For WHMCS ♦ Proxmox VPS For WHMCS ♦ Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS ♦ MX Registrar For WHMCS ♦ NIC IT Registrar For WHMCS ♦ IP Manager For WHMCS ♦ Domains Reseller For WHMCS ♦ Parallels Cloud Server For WHMCS ♦ Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS ♦ Hosting Renewals For WHMCS ♦ Report Generator For WHMCS ♦ Password Manager For WHMCS ♦ Product Linker For WHMCS ♦ DirectAdmin Licenses For WHMCS ♦ Parallels Key Administrator For WHMCS ♦ Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS ♦ Name.com Registrar For WHMCS ♦ DMCA.com For WHMCS ♦ EURid Registrar For WHMCS ♦ Liquid Web Private Parent For WHMCS ♦ Storm On Demand Private Parent For WHMCS ♦ Rage4 For cPanel ♦ Unban Center For WHMCS ♦ OpenStack VPS For WHMCS ♦ Asterisk VoIP Center For WHMCS ♦ Team & Task Organizer For Magento ♦ SoftLayer For WHMCS ♦ GPN DATA For Magento ♦ Advanced Synchronization For WHMCS ♦ Server Switcher For WHMCS ♦ Time Tracking Center For WHMCS ♦ Support Tickets Limiter For WHMCS ♦ WebsitePanel Extended For WHMCS ♦ Interspire Email Marketer For WHMCS Coming Next: Zendesk Extended For Magento Product Linker For WHMCS 1.2 with auto promo codes CRM For WHMCS Multibrand For WHMCS 1.5 Resellers Center For WHMCS 2.5 Would you like to know more about the upcoming modules? Ask on our Forums! Do You Need Custom Software Development? Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create adequate addon, entirely new module or even a complete system! We can advise how to solve your problems or propose an optimal solution for your business. ♦ Contact Us Today! We will send you the quote, ETA and more details within 24-48 hours. For more information about our promotions, products and company activity visit our Forums, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube ! ♦ Forums ♦ Blog ♦ Facebook ♦ Twitter ♦ Google+ ♦ YouTube
  12. Hi Everyone I am trying to hide the shopping cart and the complete order button on viewcart.tpl page when you first enter this page. Also to add a continue button that loops back to the same page. When the page loops back to itself you be able to then see the cart and complete order button and the continue button will be hidden. I am trying to achieve this by using javascript and oninput and onchange to track changes. I have implemented it but it is not working. Can someone help me to troubleshoot what is wrong please? I will paste the modified code of the viewcart and products files in the slider order form which is the order form template I am using. Hope someone can help cause this is an urgent issue. I want to get it resolved as quickly as possible. products.tpl (slider order form) <script type="text/javascript" src="includes/jscript/jqueryui.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="templates/orderforms/{$carttpl}/js/main.js"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="templates/orderforms/{$carttpl}/style.css" /> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="templates/orderforms/{$carttpl}/uistyle.css" /> <script type="text/javascript"> var productscount = {$productscount}; var productsNums = new Array(); {foreach from=$products key=num item=product} productsNums[{$product.pid}] = {$num}; {/foreach} {literal} jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery( "#productslider" ).slider({ min: 0, max: productscount-1, value: 0, range: "min", slide: function( event, ui ) { selproduct(ui.value); } }); var width = jQuery("#productslider").width()/productscount; jQuery("#productslider").width(width*(productscount-1)+'px'); jQuery(".sliderlabel").width(width+'px'); selproduct(0); {/literal} {if $pid} selproduct(productsNums[{$pid}]); {/if} {literal} }); {/literal} </script> <div id="order-slider"> {if !$smarty.get.gid && !$smarty.post.pid && !$smarty.get.pid && !$smarty.post.pid} <h1>{$LANG.cartproductselection}</h1> <br /><br /> {foreach key=num item=productgroup from=$productgroups} <div class="prodcats"><div><a href="cart.php?gid={$productgroup.gid}">{$productgroup.name}</a></div></div> {/foreach} {if $loggedin} {if $gid neq "addons"}<div class="prodcats"><div><a href="cart.php?gid=addons">{$LANG.cartproductaddons}</a></div></div>{/if} {if $renewalsenabled && $gid neq "renewals"}<div class="prodcats"><div><a href="cart.php?gid=renewals">{$LANG.domainrenewals}</a></div></div>{/if} {/if} {if $registerdomainenabled && $domain neq "register"}<div class="prodcats"><div><a href="cart.php?a=add&domain=register">{$LANG.registerdomain}</a></div></div>{/if} {if $transferdomainenabled && $domain neq "transfer"}<div class="prodcats"><div><a href="cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer">{$LANG.transferdomain}</a></div></div>{/if} <div class="clear"></div> <br /> {else} <h1>{$groupname}</h1> <div align="center"><input type="button" value="{$LANG.cartchooseanothercategory}" onclick="window.location='cart.php'"></div> <div id="categories"> {foreach key=num item=productgroup from=$productgroups} {if $productgroup.gid neq $gid}<a href="cart.php?gid={$productgroup.gid}">{$productgroup.name}</a>{/if} {/foreach} {if $loggedin} {if $gid neq "addons"}<a href="cart.php?gid=addons">{$LANG.cartproductaddons}</a>{/if} {if $renewalsenabled && $gid neq "renewals"}<a href="cart.php?gid=renewals">{$LANG.domainrenewals}</a>{/if} {/if} {if $registerdomainenabled && $domain neq "register"}<a href="cart.php?a=add&domain=register">{$LANG.registerdomain}</a>{/if} {if $transferdomainenabled && $domain neq "transfer"}<a href="cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer">{$LANG.transferdomain}</a>{/if} <a href="cart.php?a=view">{$LANG.viewcart}</a> </div> <div class="clear"></div> {if !$loggedin && $currencies} <div class="clear"></div> {else} <br /> {/if} <div class="cartslider"> <div align="center"> <div id="productslider"></div> </div> {foreach from=$products key=num item=product} <div class="sliderlabel" id="prodlabel{$num}" onclick="selproduct('{$num}')">{$product.name}</div> {/foreach} <div class="clear"></div> </div> <div class="cartprods"> {foreach from=$products key=num item=product} <div class="product" id="product{$num}"> <table width="100%"><tr><td> <div class="name">{$product.name}{if $product.qty!=""} <span class="qty">({$product.qty} {$LANG.orderavailable})</span>{/if}</div> {foreach from=$product.features key=feature item=value} <span class="prodfeature"><span class="feature">{$feature}</span><br />{$value}</span> {/foreach} <div class="clear"></div> </td><td valign="top" class="textright" nowrap> {if $product.bid} {if $product.displayprice}<span class="pricing">{$product.displayprice}</span><br />{/if} {$LANG.bundledeal} {else} {if $product.pricing.hasconfigoptions}{$LANG.startingfrom}<br />{/if} <span class="pricing">{$product.pricing.minprice.price}</span><br /> {if $product.pricing.minprice.cycle eq "monthly"} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermmonthly} {elseif $product.pricing.minprice.cycle eq "quarterly"} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermquarterly} {elseif $product.pricing.minprice.cycle eq "semiannually"} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermsemiannually} {elseif $product.pricing.minprice.cycle eq "annually"} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermannually} {elseif $product.pricing.minprice.cycle eq "biennially"} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermbiennially} {elseif $product.pricing.minprice.cycle eq "triennially"} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermtriennially} {/if} {/if} </td></tr></table> <div class="description">{$product.featuresdesc}</div> <form method="post" action="cart.php?a=add&{if $product.bid}bid={$product.bid}{else}pid={$product.pid}{/if}"> <div class="ordernowbox"><input type="submit" onclick="check(); return false;" value="{$LANG.ordernowbutton} »" class="ordernow" /></div> </form> </div> {/foreach} </div> {if !$loggedin && $currencies} <div class="clear"></div> {/if} {/if} <br /> <p align="center"><input type="button" value="{$LANG.viewcart}" onclick="window.location='cart.php?a=view'" /></p> <br /> </div> viewcart.tpl (slider order form) <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="templates/orderforms/{$carttpl}/style.css" /> <script language="javascript">var statesTab=10;</script> <script type="text/javascript" src="templates/orderforms/{$carttpl}/js/main.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="includes/jscript/statesdropdown.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="includes/jscript/pwstrength.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="includes/jscript/creditcard.js"></script> {literal}<script language="javascript"> function removeItem(type,num) { var response = confirm("{/literal}{$LANG.cartremoveitemconfirm}{literal}"); if (response) { window.location = 'cart.php?a=remove&r='+type+'&i='+num; } } function emptyCart(type,num) { var response = confirm("{/literal}{$LANG.cartemptyconfirm}{literal}"); if (response) { window.location = 'cart.php?a=empty'; } } </script>{/literal} <script> var langPasswordStrength = "{$LANG.passwordstrength}"; var langPasswordWeak = "{$LANG.weak}"; var langPasswordModerate = "{$LANG.moderate}"; var langPasswordStrong = "{$LANG.strong}"; </script> <div id="order-slider"> <h1>{$LANG.cartreviewcheckout}</h1> {if $errormessage}<div class="errorbox" style="display:block;">{$errormessage|replace:'<li>':' # '} # </div>{elseif $promotioncode && $rawdiscount eq "0.00"}<div class="errorbox" style="display:block;">{$LANG.promoappliedbutnodiscount}</div>{/if} {if $bundlewarnings} <div class="cartwarningbox"> <strong>{$LANG.bundlereqsnotmet}</strong><br /> {foreach from=$bundlewarnings item=warning} {$warning}<br /> {/foreach} </div> {/if} {if !$loggedin && $currencies} <div class="clear"></div> {else} <br /> {/if} <form method="post" action="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?a=view"> <table class="cart" cellspacing="1"> <tr class="textcenter"><th width="60%">{$LANG.orderdesc}</th><th width="40%">{$LANG.orderprice}</th></tr> {foreach key=num item=product from=$products} <tr class="carttableproduct"><td> <strong><em>{$product.productinfo.groupname}</em> - {$product.productinfo.name}</strong>{if $product.domain} ({$product.domain}){/if}<br /> {if $product.configoptions} {foreach key=confnum item=configoption from=$product.configoptions} » {$configoption.name}: {if $configoption.type eq 1 || $configoption.type eq 2}{$configoption.option}{elseif $configoption.type eq 3}{if $configoption.qty}{$LANG.yes}{else}{$LANG.no}{/if}{elseif $configoption.type eq 4}{$configoption.qty} x {$configoption.option}{/if}<br />{/foreach} {/if} <a href="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?a=confproduct&i={$num}" class="cartedit">[{$LANG.carteditproductconfig}]</a> <a href="#" onclick="removeItem('p','{$num}');return false" class="cartremove">[{$LANG.cartremove}]</a> {if $product.allowqty} <br /><br /> <div align="right">{$LANG.cartqtyenterquantity} <input type="text" name="qty[{$num}]" size="3" value="{$product.qty}" /> <input type="submit" value="{$LANG.cartqtyupdate}" /></div> {/if} </td><td class="textcenter"><strong>{$product.pricingtext}{if $product.proratadate}<br />({$LANG.orderprorata} {$product.proratadate}){/if}</strong></td></tr> {foreach key=addonnum item=addon from=$product.addons} <tr class="carttableproduct"><td><strong>{$LANG.orderaddon}</strong> - {$addon.name}</td><td class="textcenter"><strong>{$addon.pricingtext}</strong></td></tr> {/foreach} {/foreach} {foreach key=num item=addon from=$addons} <tr class="carttableproduct"><td> <strong>{$addon.name}</strong><br /> {$addon.productname}{if $addon.domainname} - {$addon.domainname}<br />{/if} <a href="#" onclick="removeItem('a','{$num}');return false" class="cartremove">[{$LANG.cartremove}]</a> </td><td class="textcenter"><strong>{$addon.pricingtext}</strong></td></tr> {/foreach} {foreach key=num item=domain from=$domains} <tr class="carttableproduct"><td> <strong>{if $domain.type eq "register"}{$LANG.orderdomainregistration}{else}{$LANG.orderdomaintransfer}{/if}</strong> - {$domain.domain} - {$domain.regperiod} {$LANG.orderyears}<br /> {if $domain.dnsmanagement} » {$LANG.domaindnsmanagement}<br />{/if} {if $domain.emailforwarding} » {$LANG.domainemailforwarding}<br />{/if} {if $domain.idprotection} » {$LANG.domainidprotection}<br />{/if} <a href="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?a=confdomains" class="cartedit">[{$LANG.cartconfigdomainextras}]</a> <a href="#" onclick="removeItem('d','{$num}');return false" class="cartremove">[{$LANG.cartremove}]</a> </td><td class="textcenter"><strong>{$domain.price}</strong></td></tr> {/foreach} {foreach key=num item=domain from=$renewals} <tr class="carttableproduct"><td> <strong>{$LANG.domainrenewal}</strong> - {$domain.domain} - {$domain.regperiod} {$LANG.orderyears}<br /> {if $domain.dnsmanagement} » {$LANG.domaindnsmanagement}<br />{/if} {if $domain.emailforwarding} » {$LANG.domainemailforwarding}<br />{/if} {if $domain.idprotection} » {$LANG.domainidprotection}<br />{/if} <a href="#" onclick="removeItem('r','{$num}');return false" class="cartremove">[{$LANG.cartremove}]</a> </td><td class="textcenter"><strong>{$domain.price}</strong></td></tr> {/foreach} {if $cartitems==0} <tr class="clientareatableactive"><td colspan="2" class="textcenter"> <br /> {$LANG.cartempty} <br /><br /> </td></tr> {/if} <tr class="subtotal"><td class="textright">{$LANG.ordersubtotal}: </td><td class="textcenter">{$subtotal}</td></tr> {if $promotioncode} <tr class="promotion"><td class="textright">{$promotiondescription}: </td><td class="textcenter">{$discount}</td></tr> {/if} {if $taxrate} <tr class="subtotal"><td class="textright">{$taxname} @ {$taxrate}%: </td><td class="textcenter">{$taxtotal}</td></tr> {/if} {if $taxrate2} <tr class="subtotal"><td class="textright">{$taxname2} @ {$taxrate2}%: </td><td class="textcenter">{$taxtotal2}</td></tr> {/if} <tr class="total"><td class="textright">{$LANG.ordertotalduetoday}: </td><td class="textcenter">{$total}</td></tr> {if $totalrecurringmonthly || $totalrecurringquarterly || $totalrecurringsemiannually || $totalrecurringannually || $totalrecurringbiennially || $totalrecurringtriennially} <tr class="recurring"><td class="textright">{$LANG.ordertotalrecurring}: </td><td class="textcenter"> {if $totalrecurringmonthly}{$totalrecurringmonthly} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermmonthly}<br />{/if} {if $totalrecurringquarterly}{$totalrecurringquarterly} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermquarterly}<br />{/if} {if $totalrecurringsemiannually}{$totalrecurringsemiannually} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermsemiannually}<br />{/if} {if $totalrecurringannually}{$totalrecurringannually} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermannually}<br />{/if} {if $totalrecurringbiennially}{$totalrecurringbiennially} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermbiennially}<br />{/if} {if $totalrecurringtriennially}{$totalrecurringtriennially} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermtriennially}<br />{/if} </td></tr> {/if} </table> </form> <div class="cartbuttons"><input type="button" value="{$LANG.emptycart}" onclick="emptyCart();return false" /> <input type="button" value="{$LANG.continueshopping}" onclick="window.location='cart.php'" /></div> {foreach from=$gatewaysoutput item=gatewayoutput} <div class="clear"></div> <div class="cartbuttons">{$gatewayoutput}</div> {/foreach} {if $cartitems!=0} <form method="post" action="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?a=checkout" id="mainfrm"> <input type="hidden" name="submit" value="true" /> <input type="hidden" name="custtype" id="custtype" value="{$custtype}" /> <br /><br /> <h2>{$LANG.yourdetails}</h2> <div style="float:left;width:20px;"> </div><div class="signuptype{if !$loggedin && $custtype neq "existing"} active{/if}"{if !$loggedin} id="newcust"{/if}>{$LANG.newcustomer}</div><div class="signuptype{if $custtype eq "existing" && !$loggedin || 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value="{$clientsdetails.firstname}" />{/if}</td><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareaaddress1}</td><td class="fieldarea">{if $loggedin}{$clientsdetails.address1}{else}<input type="text" name="address1" id="address1" oninput="check()" onchange="check()" tabindex="7" style="width:80%;" value="{$clientsdetails.address1}" />{/if}</td></tr> <tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientarealastname}</td><td class="fieldarea">{if $loggedin}{$clientsdetails.lastname}{else}<input type="text" name="lastname" id="lastname" oninput="check()" onchange="check()" tabindex="2" style="width:80%;" value="{$clientsdetails.lastname}" />{/if}</td><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareaaddress2}</td><td class="fieldarea">{if $loggedin}{$clientsdetails.address2}{else}<input type="text" name="address2" id="address2" oninput="check()" onchange="check()" tabindex="8" style="width:80%;" value="{$clientsdetails.address2}" />{/if}</td></tr> <tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareacompanyname}</td><td class="fieldarea">{if $loggedin}{$clientsdetails.companyname}{else}<input type="text" name="companyname" id="companyname" oninput="check()" onchange="check()" tabindex="3" style="width:80%;" value="{$clientsdetails.companyname}" />{/if}</td><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareacity}</td><td class="fieldarea">{if $loggedin}{$clientsdetails.city}{else}<input type="text" name="city" id="city" oninput="check()" onchange="check()" tabindex="9" style="width:80%;" value="{$clientsdetails.city}" />{/if}</td></tr> <tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareaemail}</td><td class="fieldarea">{if $loggedin}{$clientsdetails.email}{else}<input type="text" name="email" id="email" oninput="check()" onchange="check()" tabindex="4" style="width:90%;" value="{$clientsdetails.email}" />{/if}</td><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareastate}</td><td class="fieldarea">{if $loggedin}{$clientsdetails.state}{else}<input type="text" name="state" id="state" onchange="check()"tabindex="10" style="width:80%;" 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class="fieldarea">{if $loggedin}{$clientsdetails.country}{else}{$clientcountrydropdown|replace:'<select':'<select tabindex="12"'}{/if}</td></tr> <tr><td colspan="2" class="fieldarea">{if !$loggedin}<script language="javascript">showStrengthBar();</script>{/if}</td><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareaphonenumber}</td><td class="fieldarea">{if $loggedin}{$clientsdetails.phonenumber}{else}<input type="text" name="phonenumber" id="phonenumber" oninput="check()" onchange="check()" tabindex="13" size="20" value="{$clientsdetails.phonenumber}" />{/if}</td></tr> {if $customfields || $securityquestions} {if $securityquestions && !$loggedin} <tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareasecurityquestion}</td><td class="fieldarea" colspan="3"><select name="securityqid" tabindex="14"> {foreach key=num item=question from=$securityquestions} <option value={$question.id}>{$question.question}</option> {/foreach} </select></td></tr> <tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareasecurityanswer}</td><td class="fieldarea" colspan="3"><input type="password" name="securityqans" value="{$securityqans}" tabindex="15" size="30"></td></tr> {/if} {foreach key=num item=customfield from=$customfields} <tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$customfield.name}</td><td class="fieldarea" colspan="3">{$customfield.input} oninput="check()" onchange="check()" {$customfield.description}</td></tr> {/foreach} {/if} </table> </div> {if $taxenabled && !$loggedin} <div class="carttaxwarning">{$LANG.carttaxupdateselections} <input type="submit" value="{$LANG.carttaxupdateselectionsupdate}" name="updateonly" /></div> {/if} {if $domainsinorder} <h2>{$LANG.domainregistrantinfo}</h2> <select name="contact" id="domaincontact" onchange="domaincontactchange()"> <option value="">{$LANG.usedefaultcontact}</option> {foreach from=$domaincontacts item=domcontact} <option value="{$domcontact.id}"{if $contact==$domcontact.id} selected{/if}>{$domcontact.name}</option> {/foreach} <option value="addingnew"{if $contact eq "addingnew"} selected{/if}>{$LANG.clientareanavaddcontact}...</option> </select><br /><br /> <div class="signupfields{if $contact neq "addingnew"} hidden{/if}" id="domaincontactfields"> <table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="configtable"> <tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareafirstname}</td><td class="fieldarea"><input type="text" name="domaincontactfirstname" style="width:80%;" value="{$domaincontact.firstname}" /></td><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareaaddress1}</td><td class="fieldarea"><input type="text" name="domaincontactaddress1" style="width:80%;" value="{$domaincontact.address1}" /></td></tr> <tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientarealastname}</td><td class="fieldarea"><input type="text" name="domaincontactlastname" style="width:80%;" value="{$domaincontact.lastname}" /></td><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareaaddress2}</td><td class="fieldarea"><input type="text" name="domaincontactaddress2" style="width:80%;" value="{$domaincontact.address2}" 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class="fieldarea"><input type="text" name="domaincontactpostcode" size="15" value="{$domaincontact.postcode}" /></td></tr> <tr><td class="fieldlabel"></td><td class="fieldarea"></td><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.clientareacountry}</td><td class="fieldarea">{$domaincontactcountrydropdown}</td></tr> </table> </div> {/if} <div class="checkoutcol1"> <div class="signupfields padded"> <h2>{$LANG.orderpromotioncode}</h2> {if $promotioncode}{$promotioncode} - {$promotiondescription}<br /><a href="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?a=removepromo">{$LANG.orderdontusepromo}</a>{else}<input type="text" name="promocode" size="20" value="" /> <input type="submit" name="validatepromo" value="{$LANG.orderpromovalidatebutton}" />{/if} </div> {if $shownotesfield} <div class="signupfields padded"> <h2>{$LANG.ordernotes}</h2> <textarea name="notes" rows="2" style="width:100%" onFocus="if(this.value=='{$LANG.ordernotesdescription}'){ldelim}this.value='';{rdelim}" onBlur="if (this.value==''){ldelim}this.value='{$LANG.ordernotesdescription}';{rdelim}">{$notes}</textarea> </div> {/if} </div> <div class="checkoutcol2"> <div class="signupfields padded"> <h2>{$LANG.orderpaymentmethod}</h2> {foreach key=num item=gateway from=$gateways}<label><input type="radio" name="paymentmethod" value="{$gateway.sysname}" onclick="{if $gateway.type eq "CC"}showCCForm(){else}hideCCForm(){/if}"{if $selectedgateway eq $gateway.sysname} checked{/if} />{$gateway.name}</label> {/foreach} <br /><br /> <div id="ccinputform" class="signupfields{if $selectedgatewaytype neq "CC"} hidden{/if}"> <table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="configtable"> {if $clientsdetails.cclastfour}<tr><td class="fieldlabel"></td><td class="fieldarea"><label><input type="radio" name="ccinfo" value="useexisting" id="useexisting" onclick="useExistingCC()"{if $clientsdetails.cclastfour} checked{else} disabled{/if} /> {$LANG.creditcarduseexisting}{if $clientsdetails.cclastfour} ({$clientsdetails.cclastfour}){/if}</label><br /> <label><input type="radio" name="ccinfo" value="new" id="new" onclick="enterNewCC()"{if !$clientsdetails.cclastfour || $ccinfo eq "new"} checked{/if} /> {$LANG.creditcardenternewcard}</label></td></tr>{else}<input type="hidden" name="ccinfo" value="new" />{/if} <tr class="newccinfo"{if $clientsdetails.cclastfour && $ccinfo neq "new"} style="display:none;"{/if}><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.creditcardcardtype}</td><td class="fieldarea"><select name="cctype" id="cctype"> {foreach key=num item=cardtype from=$acceptedcctypes} <option{if $cctype eq $cardtype} selected{/if}>{$cardtype}</option> {/foreach} </select></td></tr> <tr class="newccinfo"{if $clientsdetails.cclastfour && $ccinfo neq "new"} style="display:none;"{/if}><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.creditcardcardnumber}</td><td class="fieldarea"><input type="text" name="ccnumber" size="30" value="{$ccnumber}" autocomplete="off" /></td></tr> <tr class="newccinfo"{if $clientsdetails.cclastfour && $ccinfo neq "new"} style="display:none;"{/if}><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.creditcardcardexpires}</td><td class="fieldarea"><select name="ccexpirymonth" id="ccexpirymonth" class="newccinfo"> {foreach from=$months item=month} <option{if $ccexpirymonth eq $month} selected{/if}>{$month}</option> {/foreach}</select> / <select name="ccexpiryyear" class="newccinfo"> {foreach from=$expiryyears item=year} <option{if $ccexpiryyear eq $year} selected{/if}>{$year}</option> {/foreach} </select></td></tr> {if $showccissuestart} <tr class="newccinfo"{if $clientsdetails.cclastfour && $ccinfo neq "new"} style="display:none;"{/if}><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.creditcardcardstart}</td><td class="fieldarea"><select name="ccstartmonth" id="ccstartmonth" class="newccinfo"> {foreach from=$months item=month} <option{if $ccstartmonth eq $month} selected{/if}>{$month}</option> {/foreach}</select> / <select name="ccstartyear" class="newccinfo"> {foreach from=$startyears item=year} <option{if $ccstartyear eq $year} selected{/if}>{$year}</option> {/foreach} </select></td></tr> <tr class="newccinfo"{if $clientsdetails.cclastfour && $ccinfo neq "new"} style="display:none;"{/if}><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.creditcardcardissuenum}</td><td class="fieldarea"><input type="text" name="ccissuenum" value="{$ccissuenum}" size="5" maxlength="3" /></td></tr> {/if} <tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$LANG.creditcardcvvnumber}</td><td class="fieldarea"><input type="text" name="cccvv" id="cccvv" value="{$cccvv}" size="5" autocomplete="off" /> <a href="#" onclick="window.open('images/ccv.gif','','width=280,height=200,scrollbars=no,top=100,left=100');return false">{$LANG.creditcardcvvwhere}</a></td></tr> {if $shownostore}<tr><td class="fieldlabel"><input type="checkbox" name="nostore" id="nostore" /></td><td><label for="nostore">{$LANG.creditcardnostore}</label></td></tr>{/if} </table> </div> </div> </div> <div class="clear"></div> {if $accepttos} <div align="center"><label><input type="checkbox" name="accepttos" id="accepttos" /> {$LANG.ordertosagreement} <a href="{$tosurl}" target="_blank">{$LANG.ordertos}</a></label></div> <br /> {/if} <div align="center"><input type="submit" value="Continue" id="Continue" onclick="cart.php?a=view; check()" class="ordernow" /></div> <div align="center"><input type="submit" value="{$LANG.completeorder}" id="completeorder"{if $cartitems==0} disabled{/if} onclick="this.value='{$LANG.pleasewait}'; check()" class="ordernow" /></div> </form> {else} <br /><br /> {/if} <div class="cartwarningbox"><img src="images/padlock.gif" align="absmiddle" border="0" alt="Secure Transaction" /> {$LANG.ordersecure} (<strong>{$ipaddress}</strong>) {$LANG.ordersecure2}</div> </div> main.js extra function (slider order form) function check() { var text=document.getElementById("firstname").value.trim(); var text2=document.getElementById("lastname").value.trim(); var text3=document.getElementById("companyname").value.trim(); var text4=document.getElementById("address1").value.trim(); var text5=document.getElementById("address2").value.trim(); var text6=document.getElementById("city").value.trim(); var text8=document.getElementById("postcode").value.trim(); var text9=document.getElementById("phonenumber").value.trim(); var text0=document.getElementById("email").value.trim(); var Conpwd=document.getElementById("password2").value.trim(); var pwd=document.getElementById("newpw").value.trim(); var text11=document.getElementById("customfield2").value.trim(); var text12=document.getElementById("customfield3").value.trim(); var text13=document.getElementById("customfield4").value.trim(); var text14=document.getElementById("customfield5").value.trim(); var text15=document.getElementById("customfield6").value.trim(); var text16=document.getElementById("customfield8").value.trim(); var option=document.getElementById("country"); var option2=document.getElementById("state"); option2=option2.options[option2.selectedIndex].value option=option.options[option.selectedIndex].value if (text !='' && option !=0 && option2 !=0) { document.getElementById("completeorder").style.display = 'block'; document.getElementById("continue").style.display= 'block'; } else { document.getElementById("completeorder").style.display= 'none'; document.getElementById("continue").style.display= 'none'; document.getElementByClassName("cart").style.display= 'none'; } }
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