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Found 10 results

  1. hello i have installed whmcs 8.6.1 and the latest lagom templates but i get this error on change order theme .incompatible requerd jquery 1.12 but the theme only provides version 1.12.4 Anyone can halp me please
  2. I have active accounts that I do not want to be suspended and then deleted, how can I configure that and where should I do it
  3. Hello, i am trying to add bank transfer details but having some problem. I am unable to add space after text below attaching screenshot for understanding. My issue- https://prnt.sc/1x5pccy i found one website using same theme without this problem - https://prnt.sc/1x5p7zo here is how i have added details to whmcs admin area- https://prnt.sc/1x5pjhz
  4. this is a snippet of my quote/contract script it seems to know the recurring but not the onetime, it shows the "unit price" but no the "total price I need to have the one time and payments show up in the contract the 2 hooks you need to add in //term is the call // 1 displays the number of months [term: 1] [recur:36] <?php $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR.'/assets/img/rwclogo.png', 63,10,75,'c'); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',11); $pdf->Cell(175,40,"CONTRACT FOR $subject ONLINE MARKETING SERVICES",25,1,'C'); $total_onetime = 0; $total_recur = array(); foreach ($lineitems AS $item) { $description = $item["description"]; # find term $matches = array(); preg_match('/\[term:(.*?)\]/i', $description, $matches); if (empty($matches)) { $term = ''; } else { $term = strtolower(trim($matches[1])); $description = str_replace($matches[0], '', $description); } # find recur $matches = array(); preg_match('/\[recur:(.*?)\]/i', $description, $matches); if (empty($matches)) { $recur = ''; } else { $recur = strtolower(trim($matches[1])); $description = trim(str_replace($matches[0], '', $description)); } # get unit price and total price $matches = array(); preg_match('/\d+\.\d+/', $item['unitprice'], $matches); $item_unitprice = (float)$matches[0]; $matches = array(); preg_match('/\d+\.\d+/', $item['total'], $matches); $item_total = (float)$matches[0]; # add onetime and recurring totals if ($recur == '') { $total_onetime += $item_total; } else { if (!array_key_exists($recur, $total_recur)) { $total_recur[$recur] = 0; } $total_recur[$recur] += $item_total; } } $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); if ($total_onetime > 0) { } foreach (array('monthly', 'quarterly', 'semi-annually', 'annually', 'biennially') as $recur) { if (isset($total_recur[$recur]) && $total_recur[$recur] > 0) { } unset($total_recur[$recur]); } # any remaining recurs foreach ($total_recur as $recur => $amount) { } #========================================================================== # determine weather to show the ONE TIME payment or not #if ( $total_onetime < 100 ) { #$ot_show = false; #} #else { #$ot_show = true; #} #========================================================================== # determines weather or not to split the initial payment in half #if ( $total_onetime >= 10000 ) { #$bulk = $total_onetime / 2; #$addtl_payment_msg = 'and the second half of $' .$bulk. ', will be due within 60 days. '; #} else { #$bulk = $total_onetime; #$addtl_payment_msg = ''; } #========================================================================== #calculate One time payment using monthly pymts as a varible #========================================================================== #$otpp = ( $total_recur[$recur] * $recur ); #$ots = ( $otpp * .1); #$ots = round( $ots, 2, PHP_ROUND_HALF_UP ); #$otp = $otpp - ($otpp * .1); #$otp = round( $otp, 2, PHP_ROUND_HALF_UP ); #========================================================================== #calculate One time payment and monthly payment to come up with a total #$totalot = ( $total_recur[$recur] * $recur + $bulk ); #$totalot10 = ( $totalot - $ots ); #========================================================================== $pdf->SetDrawColor(255); $pdf->SetFillColor(255); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); $pdf->Cell(170,5,"Authorization:",0,0,'L'); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9,C); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5," This document defines the TERMS AND CONDITIONS (T&C) of our working relationship. All projects or services (“the work”) that AGENCY (or “we”) RWC ME 04401 may be contracted to produce or provide for CLIENT ($clientsdetails[companyname]) will be subject to and you the undersigned agree to the following: The CLIENT authorizes the AGENCY access CLIENT's current website, webhost, and all digital materials to transfer as needed from the CLIENT for the purposes of completeing the work on the domain $subject. The CLIENT authorizes use of CLIENT's logo and all brand identification in the creation of the website. The CLIENT understands they are entering into a$pdf->Cell $recur month contract with THE AGENCY. The Agency will only begin work after CLIENT’s approval of the project authorization to proceed,(ATP) and the terms and conditions,(T&C) and after receipt of payment of the initial invoice $".$total_onetime. ". Your signature/execution of the ATP and the T&C will constitute an AGREEMENT between us. "); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); $pdf->Cell(170,5,"Description of the work:",0,0,'L'); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9,L); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,"$notes",0,1,'C'); if ($proposal) { $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); $pdf->Cell(170,5,"Installment Plan:",0,0,'L'); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9,L); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,$proposal ); } $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); $pdf->Cell(170,5,"Approvals:",0,0,'L'); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9,L); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5," $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); $pdf->Cell(170,5,"Additions and Alterations:",0,0,'L'); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9,C); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5," "); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); $pdf->Cell(170,5,"Payments:",0,0,'L'); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9,L); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,"The AGENCY is providing Online Marketing Services in advance of total payment. The CLIENT will have an initial down payment of $" . $bulk . ". that is due at the signing of this contract, " .$addtl_payment_msg. "Then an ongoing payment of $pdf->Cell $$total_recur[$recur], on a monthly basis for the following$pdf->Cell $recur months, starting from the date of signing this agreement. " ); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,""); $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR.'/assets/img/rwclogo.png', 63,10,75,'c'); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',11); $pdf->Ln(); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); $pdf->Ln(); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9); $pdf->MultiCell(39,5,""); $pdf->Ln(); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); $pdf->SetDrawColor(200); $pdf->SetFillColor(239); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9); $pdf->Cell(10,6,"Qty",1,0,'C','1'); $pdf->Cell(80,6,"Description",1,0,'C','1'); $pdf->Cell(20,6,"Recur",1,0,'C','1'); $pdf->Cell(20,6,"Term",1,0,'C','1'); $pdf->Cell(20,6,"Unit Price",1,0,'C','1'); $pdf->Cell(20,6,"Total",1,0,'C','1'); $pdf->Ln(); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); $total_onetime = 0; $total_recur = array(); foreach ($lineitems AS $item) { $description = $item["description"]; #========================================================================== # find term #========================================================================== $matches = array(); preg_match('/\[term:(.*?)\]/i', $description, $matches); if (empty($matches)) { $term = ''; } else { $term = strtolower(trim($matches[1])); $description = str_replace($matches[0], '', $description); } #========================================================================== # find recur #========================================================================== $matches = array(); preg_match('/\[recur:(.*?)\]/i', $description, $matches); if (empty($matches)) { $recur = ''; } else { $recur = strtolower(trim($matches[1])); $description = trim(str_replace($matches[0], '', $description)); } #========================================================================== # get unit price and total price #========================================================================== $matches = array(); preg_match('/\d+\.\d+/', $item['unitprice'], $matches); $item_unitprice = (float)$matches[0]; $matches = array(); preg_match('/\d+\.\d+/', $item['total'], $matches); $item_total = (float)$matches[0]; #========================================================================== # add onetime and recurring totals #========================================================================== if ($recur == '') { $total_onetime += $item_total; } else { if (!array_key_exists($recur, $total_recur)) { $total_recur[$recur] = 0; } $total_recur[$recur] += $item_total; } #========================================================================== # display line items #========================================================================== $numlines = ceil(strlen($description)/55); $cellheight = $numlines * 8; $pdf->MultiCell(10,$cellheight,$item["qty"],1,'C','',0); $pdf->MultiCell(80,$cellheight,$description,1,'L','',0); $pdf->MultiCell(20,$cellheight,$recur,'1','C','',0); $pdf->MultiCell(20,$cellheight,$term,'1','C','',0); $pdf->MultiCell(20,$cellheight,sprintf('$%.2f',$item_unitprice),1,'C','',0); $pdf->MultiCell(20,$cellheight,sprintf('$%.2f',$item_total),1,'C','',1); } $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); /* $pdf->Cell(145,6,"Subtotal",1,0,'R','1'); $pdf->Cell(25,6,$currencysymbol.$subtotal,1,0,'C','1'); $pdf->Ln(); if ($taxlevel1["rate"]>0) { $pdf->Cell(145,6,$taxlevel1["name"]." @ ".$taxlevel1["rate"]."%",1,0,'R','1'); $pdf->Cell(25,6,$currencysymbol.$tax1,1,0,'C','1'); $pdf->Ln(); } if ($taxlevel2["rate"]>0) { $pdf->Cell(145,6,$taxlevel2["name"]." @ ".$taxlevel2["rate"]."%",1,0,'R','1'); $pdf->Cell(25,6,$currencysymbol.$tax2,1,0,'C','1'); $pdf->Ln(); } $pdf->Cell(145,6,"Total",1,0,'R','1'); $pdf->Cell(25,6,$currencysymbol.$total,1,0,'C','1'); $pdf->Ln(); */ if ($total_onetime > 0) { $pdf->Cell(150,6,'Pre-Pay',1,0,'R',1); $pdf->Cell(20,6,sprintf('$%.2f',$total_onetime),1,0,'C',1); $pdf->Ln(); } foreach (array('monthly', 'quarterly', 'semi-annually', 'annually', 'biennially') as $recur) { if (isset($total_recur[$recur]) && $total_recur[$recur] > 0) { $pdf->Cell(150,6,ucfirst($recur) . ' Monthly Payments',1,0,'R',1); $pdf->Cell(20,6,sprintf('$%.2f',$total_recur[$recur]),1,0,'C',1); $pdf->Ln(); } unset($total_recur[$recur]); } #========================================================================== # any remaining recurs #========================================================================== foreach ($total_recur as $recur => $amount) { $pdf->Cell(150,6,ucfirst($recur) . ' Monthly Payments',1,0,'R',1); $pdf->Cell(20,6,sprintf('$%.2f',$amount),1,0,'C',1); $pdf->Ln(); } $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9,l); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,"
  5. I hope this is the correct area to post this question! I am looking for guidance when setting up game server products in WHMCS, I want the customer to be able to select how much ram and disk space they want when ordering. I’ve tried to read the TCAdmin docs, I’ve spent hours trying to learn by myself and using the docs but I keep coming up short. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Maybe I’m missing something simple; but from where I’m standing right now it seems like a very complex thing to do... TIA!
  6. I made my own payment gateway and used this for currency conversion but I have a problem, the amount remains the same after the conversion For example product price is 5$ with usd currency and 4€ for euro currency and in callback i posted 5$ and currency=USD but my account is using euro currency and the result is 5 not 4 please give me solution and thanks ♥ <?php require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../init.php'; require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../includes/gatewayfunctions.php'; require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../includes/invoicefunctions.php'; $gatewayModuleName = basename(__FILE__, '.php'); $gatewayParams = getGatewayVariables($gatewayModuleName); $paymentAmount=5.00; $invoiceId=1; $invoice = WHMCS\Billing\Invoice::find($invoiceId); $userCurrency = getCurrency($invoice->clientId); if ($userCurrency["code"] != "EUR") { $paymentCurrencyID = WHMCS\Database\Capsule::table("tblcurrencies")->where("code", "EUR")->value("id"); if (is_null($paymentCurrencyID)) { logTransaction($gatewayParams['name'], $_POST, "Unsuccessful - Invalid Currency"); exit; } $paymentAmount = convertCurrency($paymentAmount, $paymentCurrencyID, $userCurrency["id"]); //Here the result is the same amount sent } ?>
  7. Hello when i go to select my own domain (testing purpose) it gets stuck at Verifying your domain selection Using template SIX and on 8.0.2 Using ENOM and TLDRS are set up just in case any assistance would be really appreciated!
  8. Hello there This is curious. I could say my WHMCS committed suicide. These things should not happen. My production environment just disappear in 1 second with no chances to stop it. I am trying to keep calm since my WHMCS make a backup everyday and send it to my personal email, and also I was using remote storage amazon S3. I'm crossing my fingers to solve everything soon. I will share my case hope avoiding other in future to prevent from this scenario. Every have faced issues with invoice or order with zero amount. So today I decide to delete some of then , making my WHMCS more clean, now I wish never got that idea. I have a cpanel that my whmcs were installed inside my WHMCS with a free billing cicly , so it will never expired, no invoice from it , and also never account termination . When deleted some invoice and order related with that cpanel, IT AUTOMATICALLY JUST TERMINATE AND DELETED CPANEL. Now i got noting. By this post I hope you take care and reinforce your backup, because a disaster could happen when you will never expect! I am not saying that new future server sinc tool could be related, but I guess those order that i delete was related with order that were create automatically by this new tool future. I could never expect that deleting an order will completely TERMINATE an account with no warning. I will try to replicate this issue in my dev installation, sad to say it happen in my production environment. My advice's: Leave cpanel where WHMCS is installed away as far as possible from your WHMCS software because since WHMCS has automation to terminate cpanel account someday it could deleted his own account. PS: Will submit a ticket since I has license directly from WHMCS and hope some help. I have database backup from today, and also configuration.php. storage were from amazon S3. 😓
  9. hi, i want to know if there is any process or any way to create a Promotion and assign it to specific Affiliate i have generated a promo promocode=TestPromo and i have an affiliate as ?aff=10 Now i want to assign all the user/clients who uses that promo to be assigned to the Affiliate and gets the specified commision. help required immediately please. thanks
  10. hey everyone i really need help so i want to make a login page but its not free to register and you need to buy the premium plan license key to login so you login with the license key you get and you get access to everything but i dont know how so please help me, i did make a login form and a database and a user and it has to be on PHP, so if you want just give me the codes and instructions and i will do it your help is very appreciated
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