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Found 12 results

  1. Since 7.7 I'm getting email alerts several times a day for transfer and expiration day syncs. Can disable these emails? I like having it going but I don't need messages each time it runs.
  2. Hello I am referring to this process on WHMCS user facing for domain transfers (incoming). There is an Authorization Code field that sometimes confuses my clients. The reason being is the domain tld for my region does not need an Auth/EPP code. My questions are: 1. Can I edit the "Help" text that is shown together in that field (on the right in the title area)? If so, please tell me where it is 2. Would it be possible for when a user lands on that page, that the Authorization Code field is hidden by default, and if the tld matches a domain that requires an Authorization Code, then it appears? Thank you
  3. Hello System returns incorrect information about a domain while checking availability for transfer. When I check domains for transfer it says that every domain is 'Available', except the ones that aren't registered at all and says 'Not Available', the response is true in this case. Domain that is transferring to me from another registrar should be 'Available' as well (and it works fine too), but domain that's transferred to me shouldn't be available for transfer on my site again, cuz how can one transfer from myself to myself, right? Not quite sure how CheckAvailability works for transfer, when it's for register, it uses WHOIS and gets response from it, but when it comes to Transfer, I'm not sure how system works, my theory is that it checks 'tbldomains' table in database to see if domain has 'Active' status in database and avoid double transfer, but it needs to use WHOIS as well to check if domain is registered at all and is available for transfer. Again, not sure if my theory is correct, it's just my guess. WHOIS works fine when it comes to registration and it was working fine for Transfer as well until now, I've not made any changes but somehow CheckAvailability for Transfer stopped working properly. Couldn't find any detailed documentation, any help would be much appreciated!
  4. I'm getting this error when attempting to transfer a .com.au domain (we use enom): The client is an existing client. I noticed there were a few extra fields in the place new order/domain transfer screen, One field that was required was "Registrant ID". Never seen that before. Help please? Order Accept Encountered ProblemsA new registrant contact is required by one or more domains in the list. Please provide the parameters, or use PreConfig
  5. Hello we have lastly a lot of fake domain transfer orders even with our master domain name, when they order any hosting plan and system redirect them to domain choose page they proceed with the transfer option they setting our master domain and systems output result is that "Your domain is eligible for transfer" this is happening also with other domains even these domain are only registered or even are registered with a hosting plan! The problem must be somewhere in .js files We still use 7.4.2 version Thank you in advance
  6. Hello I need to add bulk domain transfer, I've searched it and found out that WHMCS removed bulk domain transfer in version 7.0. Registrar has a method that generates one EPP Code for all user's domains and user can transfer them all at a time. I know it's removed but maybe there's any other way of doing it without downgrading to version 6.0
  7. Hello I'd like to know how domain transfer checker works in WHMCS, I need to add domain transfer to WHMCS and bought a domain: eferferf.pvt.ge when I click Transfer Domain from client side and enter this domain, it says that domain is unavailable, not sure how it works, does it check entered domain on registrar servers ? or does it check in WHMCS database ? it causes problem and I can't go to next page where I have to enter EPP Code. Can someone, please, explain how this domain transfer checker works in WHMCS ?
  8. What is the absolute best way to do this? I wish to transfer whmcs to subfolder from root. I keep reading this is an easy thing to do. There is alot of posts about migrating but nothing about Softaculous. • First I backup my entire server. • Next I create a subfolder in public_html called "whmcs" • Than I move all WHMCS files into new subfolder • Also, I navigate to Softaculous Script install and edit installation details (add the "/whmcs") • Navigate to data folder and open up each file and update accordingly (add the "/whmcs") Also, I'm cross-referencing this reply as well from the WHMCS forums • Should I expect to have to have WHMCS License reissued? • Will I have to log into PHPmyAdmin at all?
  9. I have a pretty specific use-case and I'm not sure if it's possible. A client has a hosting package with us, but no domains. When setup, it was hosting only, and they now have two web sites with the domain and an addon domain set in cpanel. Now they want to move the two domains to us. .co.uk domains are free to transfer to another registrar (using the IPS_TAG not an EPP) but WHMCS seems to want to renew them for an extra year. I simple want to transfer the two .co.uk domains over to our registrar (we're using ENOM) and have them applied in the client's account, linked up to the hosting/registrar modules correctly. This shouldn't cost them any money because it's a free transfer and we don't want to renew the period just yet. Is this technically possible? If not, and there are other workaround like transferring to ENOM manually then adding the domains after or something like that then please let me know and/or link me to some relevant documentation. So far I've not been able to find what I wanted. Many thanks
  10. Hi, I'm beta testing our lovely new WHMCS installation and so far it's going very well and I'm LOVING WHMCS. I thought I'd try my first "REAL" account with a new customer (who has the patience to allow me to muck about for a while!). Their account requires a .co.uk domain to be transferred. So, I selected transfer domain in the cart process, it added it to their account, billed for it etc and then the hosting account setup (with Heart) failed with an error about the domain not being available for transfer. Now, this is fine and correct as the IPSTAG wasn't changed. I did this on purpose as I'm sure that a lot of customers won't know they need to do this. But outwardly, to the customer there's no sign that anything has gone wrong. The account setup failed and is now sitting there doing nothing. I tried letting the CHRON job run to see if it sent any reminders about pending domain transfers, but nothing. I then set the IPSTAG and ran the CHRON job again when I saw it had taken effect, hoping that it might pick this up and complete the setup but nothing. So, my question(s): What should the proper process be to allow customers to transfer domains when buying hosting, and is the process supposed to be automated? It's going to be a pain to have to manually check each account setup and hand-hold the domain transfer. I suspect that if I go to the services setting in my control panel for the user's account and issue a CREATE command that it'll go ahead and complete the setup , but I really don't want to have to do this manually - I might miss one and cause delay and disappointment to my lovely customers! The process seems to be smooth for .COM domains, as the system set up an account with a reference domain, presumably waiting for the domain purchase... it remains to be seen how things go with a LIVE domain purchase though. Thanks in advance! Andy
  11. Hello all, Anyone based in the UK, when transferring a .co.uk domain into your ENOM account...do you get charged? Also, do you get charged for transferring in a .com? Just wondering if we have an issue or not....I cannot find any information about the exact prices charged by WHMCS Domains. I know I can look in the ENOM TLD Pricing, however, that for instance says we would be charged for all transfers in...but for .co.uk TLD we don't. I have tested and if I go to our ENOM account and order a transfer for either a .co.uk or .com it says cost os $0.00, however after transfer the cost goes to $9.75 for the .com and stays at $0.00 for the .co.uk..... Anyone know anything about this?
  12. I have the following issue. When someone orders and pays for an .com domain transfer and the transfer takes too long for whatever reason the system generates a 'renewal invoice'. When I look at such domains in the system, they often have due dates like 00/00/0000 or something like 01/01/2000. This changes ofcourse after the domain transferred and the system syncs it with the registry. But if it does not transfer, WHMCS apparently thinks the domain is past due and generates an invoice after a couple of days. How do I solve this? It sees when a domain is not transferred, so it should be able to not generate a renewal invoice despite the due date. Thanks!
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