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  1. I have WHMCS v6.3, As this was provided by my hosting company I can only update trough Softaculous but no longer see update 6.3.1 since v7 come out. Because of that I'm not sure if updating to 6.3.1 would fix my problem. PROBLEM: All of the sudden one of the crons stopped working (Domain Sync) and I have also stopped receiving emails with this cron. All other crons working without problem. I can see in Activity logs: "Domain Sync Cron: Starting" but nothing is happening after. How can I trace root of the problem?
  2. Hello everyone, we have a very strange issue, ill do my best to describe it. The thing is, our cron.php is not working, everything it should do is not happening. We already have searched for logs, but we´re not able to find them. The only thing we have found out is, that there is the following mysql error: "mysql error to many connections" It would be very nice if someone could tell us where to begin with searching for the issue. Thanks
  3. I just updated from v5 to v6 last week and I found that for the past week no cron was running. I turned on emails in cron and this is what I found today as the response: <style>.genericError { border: 1px dashed #CC0000; font-family: Tahoma; background-color: #FBEEEB; padding: 10px; color: #CC0000; }</style> <div class="genericError"> <strong>Critical Error</strong><br /> Could not connect to the database. </div> My paths to cron are correct and I can run cron from SSH, so any idea what the database connect error means and how to fix it?
  4. What is the different between crons/crons.php and admin/crons.php? I have them both running, and now im getting duplicate line items in invoices. Trying to figure if it's connected. Are they both necessary?
  5. Does the quota increase typically upgrade immediately? How do I offer "upgrade" disk space for shared hosting client? Is it better to offer disk space as "product addon"? I thought I had this all correct, I even scoured the documentation. One thing that isnt clear, is the "Group Name"...does that have to match "Disk Space". It looked as though if the configurable option "Disk Space" isn't being used than the server wouldn't automatically upgrade space. Anyhoos... Setup > Configurable Option Groups I created a group name called "SSD Space" and assigned it to my Hosting Products. I added a new configurable option called "Disk Space" using option type "Radio" and created some options, like: 3072MB|3GB 5120MB|5GB 10240MB|10GB After punching in some prices I created a promo code to do some testing. Ooo and also, I made sure my Products/Services "upgrades" tab had the "Configurable Options" Checkbox "Tick this box to allow Upgrading/Downgrading of configurable options" Under Utilities > Log > System Activity Log I see that cron jobs are being complete. -- misc Client Profile > Products / Services > Disk Space displays correctly but..... displays incorrect quota size order form template = Order Form Template setup > automation > Update Usage Statistics = checked in the WHM admin area, the List Accounts > Quota table column doesn't display updated request. I referred to this post, for some guidance, it was helpful. http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?107438-Cannot-upgrade-downgrade-config-option-from-customer-portal&highlight=configurable+option+upgrade+after+order - - - Updated - - - btw, I don't have a new / separate package in WHM that is duplicated with only the disk space customized. do i need to duplicate each package, and then tweak the disk space option?
  6. Hello, My support tickets are not imported since I updated to v6.x. The cron returns a PHP fatal error. Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28576]: (nginx) CMD (php -q /srv/whmcs/production/private/crons/pipe.php) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28576]: (nginx) CMD (php -q /srv/whmcs/production/private/crons/cron.php escalations) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28577]: (nginx) CMD (php -q /srv/whmcs/production/private/crons/pop.php) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (POP Import Log) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (Date: 24/11/2015 05:45:01) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (---) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function PhpImap\imap_search() in /srv/whmcs/production/public/vendor/php-imap/php-imap/src/PhpImap/Mailbox.php on line 174) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (Host: pop.gmail.com<br>Email: support@brivelt.nl<br>) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (Fatal error: Call to undefined function PhpImap\imap_search() in /srv/whmcs/production/public/vendor/php-imap/php-imap/src/PhpImap/Mailbox.php on line 174) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28574]: (nginx) CMDOUT (This file cannot be accessed directly) Any help would be appreciated. -Brian
  7. WHMCS v6.0.2 Ticket Importing using POP3 Import (Requires IMAP installed on server) */5 * * * * php -q /home/abv/public_html/ebill/crons/pop.php In my CPanel i have only 1 cron job: php -q /home/abv/public_html/ebill/admin/cron.php (Once a day) So my question is, to be able to import emails more frequently that are sent to support departments, should i add new cron job in CPanel using this command > */5 * * * * php -q /home/abv/public_html/ebill/crons/pop.php What does that */5 means ? Every 5min cron ? Is it smart and okey to use 2 cron jobs ?
  8. After I updated to ver 6, everything is working fine (invoices processed and emails sent, overdue invoice email reminders, etc.) One (the most important) cron task is not working: Credit Card Payments. Below is an excerpt from my system log on the day invoices should have been charged - you can see for that step it reports "0". I am using a Braintree payment gateway that worked fine prior to the update to WHMCS 6. Is there a more detailed log I can enable to find out what is happening? 2015/11/02 04:00 Cron Job: Sent 0 Reminders System 2015/11/02 04:00 Cron Job: Starting Processing Invoice Reminder Notices System 2015/11/02 04:00 Cron Job: Credit Card Payments Processed (0 Captured, 0 Failed) System 2015/11/02 04:00 Cron Job: Starting Processing Credit Card Charges System 2015/11/02 04:00 Cron Job: Late Invoice Fees added to 0 Invoices System 2015/11/02 04:00 Cron Job: Starting Applying Late Fees System 2015/11/02 04:00 Cron Job: 53 Invoices Created System 2015/11/02 04:00 Email Sent to Fatima Arshad (Customer Invoice) - User ID: 281 System
  9. Can't nail it down for sure, but I think in the recent upgrade from .12 to .13 our domain cron broke. We have it moved per the "further security steps" and has been running fine for years. Tried to manually run the cron (by scheduling it in the hosting control panel) and was not able to get it to run successfully. Moved it back into the main install and ran it manually by visiting the page and still the same issue. Enabled PHP errors in general > other and tried again, with nothing being output but a white page when it loads. WHMCS logs show the domain cron starting, but no steps are taken and it never completes. Anyone else ran into an issue like this?
  10. We recently migrated our WHMCS over to a newer server running Plesk 12. Everything went well except some Timezone issues. We have found that when our crons run for billing and for ticket pop importing the cron kicks off at the RIGHT time however the scripts themselves are executed in the timezone set on the system time of the shared VPS server. This causes all of our tickets to be shown as being brought in 4 hours in the future as well as billing cron timestamps being incorrect. Has anyone else seen this issue or know how specifically to get the cron under your subscription in Plesk or on CentOS to use a specific timezone. Note that we did set the timezone under the Plesk general settings and also attempted to do it under the Plesk subscription however neither seem to make a difference however setting it for the domain itself under PHP settings does work for scripts accessed via the domain (http).
  11. Hello, About 6 months ago we reported the automation features of WHMCS nightly Cron job is processing Hooks more than once. This was reported and confirmed as a Bug by the staff however the issue still continues and all our Hooks get processed two times per Cron run for many months. We were told this would be fixed shortly, but this issue still continues today. We did a search in the Bug area but could no longer find our old Bug post? Regards, Rdavis
  12. I am receiving an email with invalid request error. The email shows this: Cron php -q /home/server/public_html/clientes/admin/cron.php And then the error message: [1011150] Invalid request IP: xxx.xx.xxx.xx Any idea what it could be?
  13. Hi, WHMCS 5.2.16 When the invoice is to be made via cron.php I not receiving any e-mail and will max made ​​two invoice, I run cron.php once again becomes a made ​​two invoice. so it will be many times I have to run the manualet when it is made ​​all invoice then there's e-mail again. Are there others who have experienced the same, and there are some who can help me?
  14. I've reported this bug: Case 3679 along time ago and the issue still persist. I have no way of tracking this case and don't even know if WHMCS had attempted to address this issue.
  15. I’m confused about theWHMCS Crons and what is needed and what is redundant. Unfortunately the docs are not really clear and it would be helpful for me and maybe others to know what is required and what is not. In the WHMCS docs there is a reference to domainsync.php as automatically checking and updating the Status and Expiry date of domains names against the domain registrar. My confusion arises because I see that each registrar also has a cron script in their relevant folders. For example for Enom this is: \whmcs\modules\registrars\enom\enomsync.php The questions I seek the answers to are therefore: Does the domainsync.php script undertake the updating the Status and Expiry date of domains names against the domain registrar? Does it do this for multiple registrars we may be using ? Are the individual cron scripts for each registrar redundant? Finally, there is a general cron script that allows the automation features to run and sends out invoices etc. This is located at /whmcs/admin/cron.php and therefore is it safe to say that users of WHMCS need only the two basic cron scripts; The administrative script /whmcs/admin/cron.php The registrar script whmcs/crons/domainsync.php Is my understanding of this correct ? Trevor
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