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    cron jobs for domains

    Thanks I'll give it a try.
  2. I just updated to 7.6 and the update worked GREAT no problems to update. (Love this new auto update by the way) But now I get cron jobs for Domain Synchronisation Cron Report every 4 hours. How do I stop these I do not need them or at least make them run once in a 24 hour period if I can't stop these completely. (I still want my normal cron job running like invoice and what not) But look at the times of these reports every 4 hours since I updated Domain Synchronisation Cron Report for 12-08-2018 16:35:02 Domain Synchronisation Cron Report for 12-08-2018 20:35:02 Domain Synchronisation Cron Report for 13-08-2018 00:35:01 Domain Synchronisation Cron Report for 13-08-2018 03:00:38 Domain Synchronisation Cron Report for 13-08-2018 07:00:01 Domain Synchronisation Cron Report for 13-08-2018 11:00:39 Domain Synchronisation Cron Report for 13-08-2018 15:00:01 Domain Synchronisation Cron Report for 13-08-2018 19:00:43
  3. WOW no one reads LOL Mine is on a different VPS as a root reseller. It is NOT on the same VPS as my clients who are having this problem. AGAIN I'LL SAY IT MY WHMCS IS ON MY OWN VPS WHICH IS NOT ON A SHARED SERVER IT IS ALL BY IT'S SELF. Sorry for the caps but I do not know how to make this any clearer since it seems some people are not reading the whole post. So easyhost you would simply tell YOUR client to drop YOUR service and move to a $5 VPS and loose your client? bear had the best answer "Manually update" but still figured I was on a shared server. But thanks for the replies never the less.
  4. crshep

    paid invoices

    Ok my email was already in the BCC area. But I did remove it becasue I was getting 2 emails of everything being sent. So I figured if I removed that one I wuld ONLY get one copy. But when I did that I noticed a few days later I wasn't getting anything. (Except for that one email) So last night night I added my email back to the BCC area and now again this morning I had double the emails of everything. I'll go though the WHMCS admin area with a fine tooth comb to make sure I didn't add anything or make any other changes just to make sure. But thanks for the help
  5. crshep

    paid invoices

    My email was already there.
  6. crshep

    paid invoices

    Aw ok thanks just never had to do that before. Just like all these emails stopped coming to me also. Welcome Order Confirmation <---- Only email I get. Customer Invoice Invoice Payment Confirmation Account Information All were send to my account as a Bc before not the ONLY emails I get are order confirmation Paypal received payments. So was wondering why all the above just stopped? But thanks for your answer about " Invoice Payment Confirmation "
  7. When a client paid their invoice I would get a email from paypal and the invoice being paid as root. Now all I get is the email form paypal no invoice showing paid. I would like to get a copy of these paid invoice's like I used to since I take the payment and invoice and file them in my other program OFF of WHMCS. ( Just to have a copy) So where could I look or what do I need to do to get these again. They STOPPED after I updated to 7.4.1 Thanks Crshep
  8. It's sure nice how everyone reads in full and puts their 2 cents in but nothing to do with the question. :O) Also so when a client asked about WHMCS then we should all tell them yes go get a VPS so you can run you it. So now a client has to have at least 2 VPS to run their business and we loose a client becasue they want to do the same business we we doing. Just sit back and think about that for a minute. A NEW person to this business...... In my opionion looks like WHMCS is limiting their client base Not ever person who wants to use WHMCS but is new to this business is going to run out and get a new VPS they will just use another billing system.
  9. It's not me I have my own VPS which runs my WHMCS. It is clients on MY other vps I use for hosting who are having the problems. Since they are having problems it sure is hard to reseller the WHMCS to be used. But thanks for the answer Nate and I understand the reason just sucks is all.
  10. Ok next question. Why would WHMCS program or what ever it is called to force the use of allow_url_fopen when most hosting providers won't allow it on a shared server which is what WHMCS is mostly on if it is a security issue for shared servers? Just wondering is all.
  11. I received this from the hosting provider =============== Please note that like all hosting providers these days, allow_url_fopen is disabled server-wide as this is considered a huge security risk. You may want to get in touch with the application developer to see if there is a workaround for this. =============== So is there a work around?
  12. crshep


    Humm maybe I'l do a fresh install never thought of that. But yea I'm one to say hay it works great now don't mess with it. LOL Thanks for all your help and input
  13. crshep


    Well it's NOT at the bottom of mine. But I do see it if I change to blend like you said. I also tried Original but once I click home it says " Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. " So apparently that one doesn't work. I was going to see the layout on that one. Oh well I'll just keep clicking around to get what I need done until the next update and maybe they will make is easier again.
  14. crshep


    No I do not see that on mine. and as far as the widgets you showed me again that option is not on mine either

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