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  1. <?php $licensekey = file_get_contents('license.txt'); ?>
  2. If it is for an item such as hosting they can dispute normally however it will always be in the host's favor
  3. Hello, Sorry but you are wrong I have dealt with PayPal several times as both the buyer and the host and they define items such as Hosting and VPS's as a VIRTUAL Item and personally i agree with them. But that is good for the host as it means disputes are in our favor.
  4. Not meaning to be rude but that is fairly obvious i mean i need a script to do so, it should not be that hard just a small modification of the above already made.
  5. I would also love to use this.... for example I could create ordersharedhosting.php in my website template that will use a form to specify any fields like domain, custom fields etc. i think the API should be able to do this but i'm not sure how.
  6. WOW!!!!!! I will SO try this out
  7. I'm very sorry for digging a dead thread but i love this code very much and use it myself with a tiny change (http://gyazo.com/711771cbb938597e50cc15545a2258db.png) I was wondering if anyone can help me change it so that it will say "You currently have ___ Open support tickets"
  8. I know i saw a bit of jQuery/PHP or something that said in an errorbox div "There are _____ open network issues." Perhaps someone can do a little code for us that will say the following "There are ____ Open issues on our server network." even better would be if you could make me one that checks the servers a client is on such as.... "There are ____ Open issues on our server network, We have determined ___ of these issues may pertain to your account(s)." Would also love a code that could do the same for network issues in other status's but i'm sure if you make the above i can modify it for that EDIT: Nevermind, had some friends helping me look and we finally found it @ http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=26901
  9. while i do agree with you i do think it would be a GREAT addon module to force SPECIFIC admin roles to do this while allowing others (Full admin and others specified) to get in without it
  10. I agree with you and will honestly say anyone who wants a QUALITY product, go with bdigitalstudios ... My product is a quick and simple solution that is made for those you need a quick record and cant afford the extra $... from what I have read however... Yes I would highly recommend bdigitalstudios I have decided to quit doing business with her, and yes I agree there is no reason to pursue this here.
  11. Please read before replying... I did NOT copy his script... our intros seem to be AMAZINGLY similar, all i can asume is that my promo righter may have copied it (thats why i offered to remove it [and still do]) and even if i HAD copied it, I make no money off it as mine is free.
  12. whatever I am done here, will staff please close this.
  13. umm There is no reason to be rude, I honestly have no clue how the heck that happened.
  14. oh im sorry, would you like me to change it? I will do so right away if you like. EDIT: Wow that is very similar, how did that happen?
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