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  1. New to the community but a long time member of the feature requests board........... Still waiting. Ha..
  2. I definitely think there's a feature request there for a global toggle to turn off "MarketConnect" to "declutter" the advertising and other features relating to it throughout the entire admin/client portal.
  3. As above, this would depend highly on the package offering and the specification of the packages. If it's a simple upgrade in terms of quotas and resources though you may not need to setup multiple services. Especially when you are just starting out it might be wise to offer "standard" features, just an increase in quota across the packages, this way you will keep your outgoing costs low while building your company, further on down the line you could add in 'business' grade hosting, with less contended servers. If you go ahead with separating the packages across multiple servers it will require a migration of their data over to the new server. It's relatively straight forward to do this, but could be added manual work for you which in the start-up era of your business is unnecessary and your time could be better spent elsewhere.
  4. Yes, we have been voting on the feature request for this with hope they will implement it for all; afterall it would make sense for those with permission to login to the client area to be able to secure it with 2FA. I think a further step would be to enforce 2FA for contacts/sub-accounts if the main account holder has 2FA enabled themselves.
  5. leewolz

    extending invoice generation

    I am not aware of anything that does this automatically - in the past have always used a calculator/spreadsheet to work it out. Would be interested to hear if any others have seen something similar?
  6. leewolz


    It's good to hear that movements are being made towards GDPR by WHMCS. Am also following the feature request. Does WHMCS have any more public information on this yet with regards to a release date etc? Do you expect this to be in place in time?

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