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  1. leewolz

    What just happen to WHMCS

    I'd vote for it :-)
  2. leewolz

    Bootstrap 4

    There would be much more development of front-end modules in different frameworks and it would make it much more "developer friendly" (like they try to sell it as...) I'm cool with the admin being BS3, it's the website front-end that needs updating!
  3. leewolz

    Bootstrap 4

    Likely when Bootstrap 6 comes out.. 💆‍♂️ I also spent hours doing exactly this, got to exactly where you did too (with the scripts!) and gave up...
  4. Yeah - realised that it might not work now it's changed, cheers for that Brian!
  5. My understanding of this is that while it's not shown in the "everyday" WHOIS database; there is still a case for ID protect to prevent details being shown in the "searchable WHOIS" (to those who have access). It may still be required for some customers; although they are probably shady ones at that.
  6. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for - but figured it might be helpful, on this page: https://docs.whmcs.com/Tax/VAT under "Automatic VAT Number Validation" - if you set the field up and make it a required field they will need to fill it in when that shows as part of the signup process. Hope that helps anyway! 👍
  7. leewolz

    Paypal Subscriptions Changes

    We have also received the same email; having spoken to PayPal this morning it suggests that this mostly effects "modifying" PP subscriptions (eg, the amount of the subscription), which you can't do with WHMCS anyway. Instead of uplifting subscription amounts (which you can do via PayPal, 30% at time) inline with price rises your business makes; customers now need to cancel their sub and re-sub for the new price as of 24th April. This is a huge annoyance if you plan on changing your pricing in future; which no-doubt every hosting company will do at some point; but I totally understand PayPal's reasoning for it. It would be good if WHMCS can get in touch with PayPal and find out how they can (as an automation system for the majority of the industry) make "uplifts" and the whole process easier on customers.
  8. Hi Chad, In your orderforms under the `complete.tpl` file you should see the following line: {if $ispaid} <!-- Enter any HTML code which should be displayed when a user has completed checkout here --> <!-- Common uses of this include conversion and affiliate tracking scripts --> {/if} We have ours in there. I am not sure about the tracking type - we have ours set to 'page load' since that should only be loaded when it's paid, however someone else may confirm. Hope that helps anyway 🙂
  9. leewolz

    Domain Renewals

    Thanks Brian! You seem to be the saviour of everybody's problems on here; so do appreciate you having a look into this 🙂 I asked WHMCS to log it as a bug but they told me it was the "intended design" of the software 🙄
  10. leewolz

    Domain Renewals

    Hello all! We decided it would be a great idea (after many requests by customers) to offer 10-year domain registrations/renewals. However, this has proven to be a problem with WHMCS. I have seen a feature request for this from about 4 years ago, but in true style, this has not been implemented yet... I have raised it with WHMCS today, however they basically told me to remove the 10 year option from my billing system. However, this does not resolve the problem if a customer registers a domain for 2 years for example, and then renews for 10 years. Has anyone found a solution which can be implemented in the templates for this? I am aware of an old javascript/php smarty tag solution on GitHub however this is not working with the current version of WHMCS. Really, I am looking to add the 'disabled' tag to dropdown items which would take the domain over the 10 year limit imposed by the registry; so these cannot be selected by a customer. Any advice? Has anyone else ran into this issue?
  11. New to the community but a long time member of the feature requests board........... Still waiting. Ha..
  12. I definitely think there's a feature request there for a global toggle to turn off "MarketConnect" to "declutter" the advertising and other features relating to it throughout the entire admin/client portal.
  13. As above, this would depend highly on the package offering and the specification of the packages. If it's a simple upgrade in terms of quotas and resources though you may not need to setup multiple services. Especially when you are just starting out it might be wise to offer "standard" features, just an increase in quota across the packages, this way you will keep your outgoing costs low while building your company, further on down the line you could add in 'business' grade hosting, with less contended servers. If you go ahead with separating the packages across multiple servers it will require a migration of their data over to the new server. It's relatively straight forward to do this, but could be added manual work for you which in the start-up era of your business is unnecessary and your time could be better spent elsewhere.
  14. Yes, we have been voting on the feature request for this with hope they will implement it for all; afterall it would make sense for those with permission to login to the client area to be able to secure it with 2FA. I think a further step would be to enforce 2FA for contacts/sub-accounts if the main account holder has 2FA enabled themselves.
  15. leewolz

    extending invoice generation

    I am not aware of anything that does this automatically - in the past have always used a calculator/spreadsheet to work it out. Would be interested to hear if any others have seen something similar?

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