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  1. While a 3rd release isn't the "norm" it's still very new and will require testing on your own development environment. We're not in a hurry to upgrade - perhaps next month for us, unless there's a pressing issue in the meantime which means that needs moving forward.
  2. +1 for this idea too, does it need raising on the feature request boards or is this something you have noted already @WHMCS John ?
  3. Hello John, We closed the ticket as I needed to create a new ticket to upgrade to Priority Support as your lack of response was appalling. Once we upgraded, the response time was literally minutes. The issue was resolved by installing a hotfix provided by your support team, which I noticed (only afterwards) that it's available for download here too.
  4. We have just updated to the latest version of WHMCS (7.8.3) and are now seeing and issue whereby our overnight Cron Job is no longer capturing payments using the WorldPay FuturePay gateway. There are no errors when running the Cron Job manually via the command line with the verbose output and display_errors enabled. We are able to capture payments manually using the same details, however it takes two attempts to do this (the first attempt results in the payment being declined). There are no results being posted to the 'Gateway Log' regarding the payments when the Cron Job runs; however under 'Automation Status' we are seeing multiple "failed" captures (all payments are showing as failed, except the one capture we did manually). There are no "failed" capture attempts in the Gateway Log. We believe this is a bug in the system as we are able to produce the same results on 3 separate installations which all use the WorldPay FuturePay module. Has anybody else had the same issue? I noticed there was a hotfix for other gateways, but this does not appear to cover WorldPay FuturePay. I have opened a ticket with WHMCS approx 2 hours ago regarding this and am yet to receive a response: Ticket #VXY-048403
  5. @WHMCS John if you need help getting it past the proof of concept stage; along with other things (such as Bootstrap 4 etc) I am sure that the community; including myself - would be willing to help.
  6. That's great, how far away is this going to be from a release? Are we talking within the next 6 months or will it be beyond that?
  7. This would be an awesome feature, but I think it's highly unlikely anything like this will be added anytime soon.
  8. Yeah - realised that it might not work now it's changed, cheers for that Brian!
  9. My understanding of this is that while it's not shown in the "everyday" WHOIS database; there is still a case for ID protect to prevent details being shown in the "searchable WHOIS" (to those who have access). It may still be required for some customers; although they are probably shady ones at that.
  10. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for - but figured it might be helpful, on this page: https://docs.whmcs.com/Tax/VAT under "Automatic VAT Number Validation" - if you set the field up and make it a required field they will need to fill it in when that shows as part of the signup process. Hope that helps anyway! 👍
  11. We have also received the same email; having spoken to PayPal this morning it suggests that this mostly effects "modifying" PP subscriptions (eg, the amount of the subscription), which you can't do with WHMCS anyway. Instead of uplifting subscription amounts (which you can do via PayPal, 30% at time) inline with price rises your business makes; customers now need to cancel their sub and re-sub for the new price as of 24th April. This is a huge annoyance if you plan on changing your pricing in future; which no-doubt every hosting company will do at some point; but I totally understand PayPal's reasoning for it. It would be good if WHMCS can get in touch with PayPal and find out how they can (as an automation system for the majority of the industry) make "uplifts" and the whole process easier on customers.
  12. Hi Chad, In your orderforms under the `complete.tpl` file you should see the following line: {if $ispaid} <!-- Enter any HTML code which should be displayed when a user has completed checkout here --> <!-- Common uses of this include conversion and affiliate tracking scripts --> {/if} We have ours in there. I am not sure about the tracking type - we have ours set to 'page load' since that should only be loaded when it's paid, however someone else may confirm. Hope that helps anyway 🙂
  13. Thanks Brian! You seem to be the saviour of everybody's problems on here; so do appreciate you having a look into this 🙂 I asked WHMCS to log it as a bug but they told me it was the "intended design" of the software 🙄
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