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  1. thank you for taking time answering me have a great day! Rod
  2. hi thanks a lot for your great help!!! one note, that option only appears when you have 2 step verification thanks!!!
  3. Hi i am with the same issue, did you solve it? thanks!
  4. hi @string, thanks, what do you mean with WAF or IDS? something specific for WHMS or something like mod_sec or CSF? hi @brian!, i understand what you meant about WHMS not being responsible, thats true, but still they are looking bad for WHMCS, wich is a great system. we develop mobile apps, when you upload an app to any store the code is checked, more on apple, they charge an annual membrecy for that to the developers which is fair to make the market secure, which doesn't happen in WHMCS, just an opinion, thanks!
  5. Hi @baffinsabino, yes, that is crazy, did you get any answer from WHMCS about it? i see @WHMCS John answer you about how the pass are stored, but the fact is that there are several case where all servers where compromised through whmcs. they give you any clue? did you figure out what was the module with the vulnerability? thanks for your feedback!
  6. Thank you @baffinsabino for your comment, we dont have any clue of what happens, we have add ons and modules, we will start from a fres whmcs install thanks!
  7. Hi we have the same issue, they gain access to whm and all account and servers wich was in there uploading phising and deleting files was a mayor issue, the account that was not on whm was not compromised, did you have any update on this? how this access? what we should do? thanks!
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