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  1. ShaunR

    Modules Autoloader

    Ughhh! One of those days. Scratch all of that, it works just fine. For whatever reason i forgot to add new
  2. ShaunR

    Modules Autoloader

    I think with v7 a autoloader was added that allowed modules to autoload from the lib directory. Does this autoloader not allow loading of libs from other modules? For example, I have a addon module called addonModule with a lib called AddonLib. I want to access that AddonLib from a serverModule. I did the following but am getting and error. #AddonLib namespace WHMCS\Module\Addon\AddonModule class AddonLib {} #ServerModule use WHMCS\Module\Addon\AddonModule\AddonLib; $addonLib = AddonLib(); #Error Error: Call to undefined function WHMCS\Module\Addon\AddonModule\AddonLib() in /home/dev/public_html/modules/servers/servermodule/servermodule.php:29 Stack trace: #0 /home/dev/public_html/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Module/AbstractModule.php(0): servermodule_ConfigOptions(Array) #1 /home/dev/public_html/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Module/Server.php(0): WHMCS\Module\AbstractModule->call('ConfigOptions', Array) #2 /home/dev/public_html/admin/configproducts.php(0): WHMCS\Module\Server->call('ConfigOptions', Array) #3 {main}
  3. ShaunR

    Sorting ClientAlerts?

    Anybody else who would like to see ClientAlerts sorted by severity, showing the worst first, please upvote and comment on this request... https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/sort-template-variable-clientalerts-by-severity
  4. ShaunR

    Sorting ClientAlerts?

    WHMCS can you guys shed some light on if any type of sorting is done to $ClientAlerts? I'm curious as to why alerts with a higher severity are not being shown first.
  5. ShaunR

    Sorting ClientAlerts?

    I'm looking for a simple way to get the worst severity from the template variable $ClientAlerts. Any idea's on how I can do this without a looping over the collection and comparing each severity with the others? https://docs.whmcs.com/classes/7.4/WHMCS/User/Alert.html https://laravel.com/docs/5.2/collections
  6. Templates-six now checks for a logo and displays it. I would like to see the login page for the admin interface and the admin interface do the same! Current login.tpl code <a href="login.php"> <img src="{$BASE_PATH_IMG}/whmcs.png" alt="WHMCS" /> </a> Modified Code <a href="login.php"> {if $assetLogoPath} <img src="{$BASE_PATH_IMG}/adminloginlogo.png" alt="{$companyname}"> {else} <img src="{$BASE_PATH_IMG}/whmcs.png" alt="WHMCS" /> {/if} </a> This code would also require that you set the template variable {$comanyname} Same would need to be done for the admin blend template. I know this is not the right place to request this, but your requests.whmcs.com is bloated. This would make upgrades less work as we won't have to go in a manually modify these files every single time.
  7. I keep being told soon but have yet to see anything. I guess my real question is, are there any real/major changes when it comes to developing addon modules that is worth waiting for the new docs/examples?
  8. ShaunR

    Spammer using leaked whmcs db

    I'm posting the same message because i was asked too. I did not store this database with the intent to use it to spam. The only reason it was named emails.txt was because that was the name used in the url (for example wget http://domain.com/whmcs/emails.txt). I originally downloaded this file to see if what they guy was saying was true and to see if my email address was also in that list. It's my own fault for not removing it then and now i'm doing what i can to try and make this right.
  9. ShaunR

    Spammer using leaked whmcs db

    First let me say how sorry I am to everybody who received an unsolicited email from me today! It was never my intent to spam you and i'm really embarrassed and sorry. An explanation of how it happened Today I finally got around to sending an email blast to all the contacts i had in my system notifying them that i had released my first addon. A while back before the WHMCS leak was a top story a guy had come into IRC claiming that all the email addresses from the WHMCS database were online. He pasted the link into the channel and I downloaded the list, curious to see if what he was saying was true. It was and the file was named emails.txt. A week or so ago I created my email database from my list of contacts, can you guess what I named it... emails.txt! and not only that but my bash history shows when I dumped my contacts to emails.txt that I appended to this file. At the time I did not even know I still had this downloaded email database, in fact using emails.txt for the name was by coincidence. When I started my mailer script this morning I though it was odd that it was taking so long to complete but I had to run out and left it running. I came home tonight to find my email box full of angry people. Once I had finally realized what had happened I stopped the MTA and cleared the mail queue, I also removed that emails.txt file to make sure this would never happen again! I know that many of you probably wont believe me, but i'm truly sorry and this was by accident. I just sent a similar email to Aaron at WHMCS apologizing to him and Matt as well.
  10. ShaunR

    Intellisearch sort order

    You would do a multi-order on that... order by status, and then id If your only going to sort by ID then at the very least the results should be reversed, this way your always seeing the latest invoice, client, product first where as now i'm seeing old cclients, invoices, products first.
  11. I'm going to classify this as a bug. The Intellisearch does not sort clients or products properly based on there status. Products show cancelled products first and active last for example. The Intellisearch results should sort products by Pending, Active, Suspended, Cancelled, Terminated, Fraud. It should sort clients by Active, Inactive, Closed. Invoices should be sorted by Unpaid, Paid, Cancelled, Refunded, Collections.
  12. 12 days now with no response! At the very least a WHMCS staff member should give me some type of update.
  13. Matt, I've had a ticket open for 10 days now with no response, i'm not normally one to go public on a forum about it but i'm starting to get irritated at the lack of response. My two tickets have been merged which means somebody has looked at them but for some reason nobody is giving me any response or update! I'm trying to be patient. The API function for GenInvoices looks to be broken in 5.1.2, the function creates invoices like it should but fails to return the invoice id that was created. I need this fixed asap! PHP Code $result = localAPI( 'GenInvoices', array('userid' => $_SESSION['uid'], 'serviceids' => $invoiceproductids), 1); Output Result array(2) { ["result"]=> string(7) "success" ["numcreated"]=> string(0) "" } I'm assuming the key/value pair of numcreated should be the invoiceid that was just created, but it's empty.
  14. ShaunR

    WHMCS Abuse Monitor

    what type of abuse are you wanting to monitor?

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