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  1. I couldn't find an edit button, sorry to double post. But this issue has been resolved, thanks to the staff. There was an error with the hash, I guess. Thanks!
  2. When logged into WHM, the account isn't created. WHMCS has the customer details, and when doing a test client, they even get a username and password for cPanel, however, neither the username or password work, as WHM hasn't created the account. And this is actually running off a VPS I have. I've set the cron jobs, added the hash, added the servers, added a server group to the package, and yeah, WHM also has packages of the same name as the product.
  3. Hello webhost 4 less, I have already taken a look at this section, and I've had it set to "Automatically setup the product as soon as an order is placed" and the issue continues. I'm starting to pull my hair out! I have my cron jobs setup, I have the hash inserted that WHM kicked back, and I'm able to login with the WHM button. My server information is correct, I've created a group for the product, everything.. But I'm sure there must be some small thing I'm missing. Thanks for trying to help, Jim, it's appreciated. Still trying to figure this out Any luck Kenneth?
  4. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
  5. Hi, I'm currently running on the trial of WHMCS, and I'm going to buy as soon as I can get this working.. but that's the problem, I'm having issues with having accounts created. So I've added a server, a server group, and a shared web hosting product. I've added the user and password of my account. I have the product set to use the server group, and have it set to automatically create an account after order completion. The problem is, whenever i test my order, it goes into pending, even though it should be automatically created. So I go in, and manually check the pending order and accept them, however, an account is still not created. Via the customer area, the package eventually sits to active (after I manually accept it), and there is a username and password sitting there, but neither of them work, or allow access to cPanel. I log into WHMCS, and the such client account isn't even in the system, as if it wasn't created. I'm probably missing something major here, but can i get any help? As soon as I can get this system working, I'm happy to buy it, but I just don't want to purchase and still be digging my hair out.. Thanks! -Nathan
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