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  1. arctic-ice-cool

    Anyone running Nginx? PHP-FPM 7.0

    I've just checked as it's been a while since I did it, it's placed directly between the server directive within /etc/nginx/nginx.conf - a straight copy and paste. The difference in performance is incredible. Our system has gone from appearing like a slow wordpress website on an overly busy server to appearing like it's static html pages! It's running on a server with under quarter of the resources we had to throw at apache too! If anyone needs any direct help with this, I can arrange for one of our tech guys to either set it up for you on a server or offer assistance. Just send me a private message.
  2. arctic-ice-cool

    PHP-FPM 7.x Nginx Knowledgebase rewrite problem

    Hello, I got it working today after many hours of testing different things. All seemed to fall in place at once though lol
  3. arctic-ice-cool

    Anyone running Nginx? PHP-FPM 7.0

    After spending all morning troubleshooting this, I finally settled on the below in my nginx.conf which appears to be working flawlessly. # WHMCS CONFIG location ~ /account/announcements/?(.*)$ { rewrite ^/(.*)$ /account/index.php?rp=/announcements/$1; } location ~ /account/downloads/?(.*)$ { rewrite ^/(.*)$ /account/index.php?rp=/downloads/$1; } location ~ /account/knowledgebase/?(.*)$ { rewrite ^/(.*)$ /account/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/$1; } # END WHMCS CONFIG Will update if I have any problems. Working fine October 2017 with WHMCS 7.3
  4. I thought before moving over to Nginx that enough people were using it there would be a configuration available. Using an online converter for the config as offered by WHMCS Support led to the Knowledgebase not working. If anyone has WHMCS 7.3 running on NGINX with PHP-FPM 7.0 and could share the config, that would be fantastic? Thanks.
  5. arctic-ice-cool

    PHP-FPM 7.x Nginx Knowledgebase rewrite problem

    Hi, did you ever find a resolve to this issue? I am having the same problem now.
  6. arctic-ice-cool

    3dsecure and Authorize.net

    Hello, A valid question, with no answer - why is this module not using 3dsecure? Thanks
  7. arctic-ice-cool

    New gTLDs Whois Server

    Isn't that this thread?
  8. arctic-ice-cool

    New gTLDs Whois Server

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm currently looking for WHOIS server information for WHMCS on the following TLDs, any assistance / pointing to a resourceful place for these would be beneficial: .accountants .actor .army .attorney .audio .bar .bayern .beer .best .bid .bio .blackfriday .capital .care .cash .ceo .christmas .church .city .claims .clinic .consulting .cooking .country .credit .creditcard .dance .deals .democrat .dental .desi .digital .direct .discount .domains .engineering .exchange .fail .finance .financial .fishing .fitness .fund .furniture .global .gratis .gripe .guide .haus .healthcare .hiphop .horse .host .immobilien .insure .investments .jetzt .juegos .kaufen .kiwi .lawyer .lease .life .limited .loans .london .market .media .mortgage .nagoya .navy .nyc .okinawa .partners .photo .pictures .place .plumbing .press .pub .red .reisen .republican .rest .reviews .rich .rocks .rodeo .schule .scot .soy .surf .surgery .tattoo .tax .tokyo .town .toys .trade .university .vegas .vet .vodka .voting .webcam .website .wtf .xyz .yokohama .co.com .idv.tw .de.com .law.pro .med.pro .cpa.pro .ru.com .aaa.pro .aca.pro .acct.pro .eng.pro .avocat.pro .bar.pro .jur.pro .recht.pro .pe .com.pe .net.pe .org.pe .nom.pe .com.es .nom.es .org.es .ar.com .jpn.com .gr.com .us.org Thanks in advance
  9. Hello Whenever any of my clients attempt to change their cPanel password through the account section of WHMCS it comes up with the attached screenshot problem: "The password you entered is not strong enough - please enter a more complex password" Please note I have confirmed this is not due to a WHM setting, or the WHMCS security setting, and also is nothing to do with the authentication with the cPanel server. It appears to be since I upgraded to the latest version of WHMCS 2 days ago. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  10. Thanks Easyhosting! Authorise.net emulator? How does that work? Is there a WHMCS gateway module?
  11. Sorry I meant not charge a $100 sign up fee. I'm fine with the monthly service fees. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello, I'm currently investigating a Payment merchant account which does not charge a monthly fee; and allows you to process CC payments through WHMCS without navigating the client to a third party URL (such as PayPal, 2checkout etc) The only suitable one I can find at the moment is PayPal Payments Pro - and I was hoping for an alternative as I can't justify a sign-up fee of ~$100 before the account is even created. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  13. arctic-ice-cool

    How to auto delete unpaid invoices ?

    Great idea, how easy is it to do this? Thanks for your help.
  14. arctic-ice-cool

    API: Creating ticket with file attachment supported?

    I would also like to know how to do this, if it possible via API? Thanks
  15. arctic-ice-cool

    2 Companies 1 Billing System

    You could have a centralised domain name with WHMCS running on, and just link to a different template, such as http://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs/?systpl=scndCmpany That's what I do for having the same company, but on different domain names (such as .co.uk with a different style website & obviously different currency to .com). Thanks

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