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    Client Account Login Notification Hook

    I know this topic is a bit old, but I was looking to add an option to this hook that if an admin does a login as a client, it would not send the email notification. This is handy if you need to troubleshoot something on the client side of whmcs. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Kevin K

    Hook no longer working with 7.1

    Well it should be using the support ticket reply email template. I tried changing the messagename variable to Support Ticket Reply and it had no affect.
  3. I have this hook that was working for years, but now that I upgraded to 7.1, it is no longer working. This hook emails all staff on support staff replies. I have tried changing several things, with no luck. The email is not being sent to all staff members like it should be. I keep getting the error: [result] => error [message] => Email Template not found ) ; I was hoping someone could point out what might be wrong. The hook: if (!defined('WHMCS')) die('This file cannot be accessed directly'); // Convert ticket id to tid function id_to_tid($id) { $table = "tbltickets"; $fields = "tid"; $where = array("id"=>$id); $result = select_query($table,$fields,$where); $data = mysql_fetch_array($result); return $data['tid']; } function admin_reply_notification_hook_admin_reply($vars) { $command = 'sendadminemail'; $adminuser = 'admin'; $values['messagename'] = 'Support Ticket Response'; $values['mergefields'] = array( 'ticket_id' => $vars['ticketid'], 'ticket_tid' => id_to_tid($vars['ticketid']), 'admin' => $vars['admin'], 'ticket_department' => $vars['deptname'], 'ticket_subject' => $vars['subject'], 'ticket_priority' => $vars['priority'], 'ticket_message' => nl2br($vars['message'])); $values['type'] = 'support'; $values['deptid'] = $vars['deptid']; $results = localAPI($command,$values,$adminuser); logActivity($vars['admin'] . ' attempted to notify admins of reply to ticket #'.$vars['ticketid'].' '); } add_hook('TicketAdminReply',1,'admin_reply_notification_hook_admin_reply'); The Activity Error Log: (I replaced some of the output to protect details. All info is correct though in the output) "Staff Memeber Name" attempted to notify admins of reply to ticket #11111; result: Array ( [result] => error [message] => Email Template not found ) ; values: Array ( [messagename] => Support Ticket Response [mergefields] => Array ( [ticket_id] => 11111 [ticket_tid] => 1111111 [admin] => "Staff Memeber Name" [ticket_department] => Billing [ticket_subject] => test [ticket_priority] => Medium [ticket_message] => Hello Client, <br /> <br /> test123 ) [type] => support [deptid] => 3 )
  4. Kevin K

    Server Status Modification

    That is our site you are referring to. That is not part of the template, but some custom modifications that we did with some PHP coding.
  5. I assume he was referring to the 5.1.4 patch. Same here, domains can't be added to the cart after applying the 5.1.4 patch. Also seems transactions are not being recorded from what I have been reading.
  6. Kevin K

    reply-to header in in email for support tickets

    I would be interested to know if this is possible too. I am using LiveChatInc and forwarding offline messages to our sales department, but it registers the ticket as the senders address and does not pick up the reply-to address. This causes problems as you can imagine as it will send the response to the from address and not the reply-to address.
  7. Kevin K

    Invalid Token

    I am having the same issue as well. Very annoying to say the least. This needs to be fixed...
  8. Kevin K

    Configurable Options + Promo Codes

    I would like to know the same thing. This causes many problems and since we can't use addons instead because it does not match the billing cycle during the order, the only option is configurable options, but leaves us with this other problem.
  9. I am looking for a bit a custom solution for scheduling credit to be applied to a customers account. These are some of the features it would need: Be an admin addon module Able to set a date for the credit to be applied. If it could use the calender feature to select the date, that would be a plus box to enter amount Dropdown to select the client that will receive the credit. Option to add another client would be an added bonus, but not a necessity The last part is it would need to check the clients account on that date to check if the client has paid all invoices and is still active. If the client is not in an active state and has not paid all invoices to date, the credit would not be applied. Maybe an option to check these variables would be a good thing to make it more versatile. I am not sure if this would help others, but it something we have been looking for.
  10. Kevin K

    Email support tickets are not HTML

    I am seeing this very same problem. I sure hope that they fix this soon.
  11. Kevin K

    Hook Needed For Simple Notifications.

    Nevermind I don't need this anymore. This thread can be closed.
  12. Kevin K

    Hook Needed For Simple Notifications.

    I know what hooks are, but I could use some help putting one together. I am not much of a php coder. It might not even be a hook I need for this. Anything I could use would be great.
  13. I am looking for a simple hook that will send a simple short message when a new ticket is created or replied to and then if a new order is placed. Now I know that that this happens by default, but what I would like is an additional short notice that I can send to a separate txt email address like 1111111111@vtext.com which would forward as a txt message on my cell phone. I need this to be a short message so that it does not send the whole email on regular notifications since this is going to end up coming in as a text on my phone and there is a 140 or 160 character limit. I would like the message to edited separately for each scenario - new ticket, support response, new order. Any help with this would be appreciated. Not sure if this would have to be 3 small hooks or if it could be done on 1 hook. Let me know your thoughts.
  14. Kevin K

    "Complete" Free Trials Mod :)

    Is it possible to have it send emails and take action such as suspending only on the days you set. It seems to be running these commands once it hits this day that is set for each object and then keeps running it each time the cron runs until it hits the next command. For example if I have the first notice set for 5 days and then the second notice set for 8 days, during that 6th and 7th day it sends that first warning again when the cron runs. The same goes for the suspend account, if I have it set for 15 days and then to file cancellation after 20, it will attempt to still suspend on day 16, 17, 18, and 19. Is this just me or how the script is running? If this could be fixed the script would be perfect!

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