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    Best domain reseller?

    Yup! They've been a huge improvement so far. eNom's pricing on some specialty domains is slightly better. But for .com, .org and .net Hexonet is far better and they respond to support emails very quickly.
  2. Zed

    Best domain reseller?

    Well, it looks like going with resell.biz is out of the question. They just posed an absurd request on my end. After I filled out their application as thoroughly as I could, 4 days later they sent back this request: Hello, We have received your request to sign up for a domain reseller account with resell.biz. While processing this, your account was flagged as potential fraud .To reduce instances of such fraud we request that you send in the following verification details. For verification, Please provide a photo copy of 2 forms of verification. This needs to be 2 photo ID's (drivers license, passport, etc.) As well as an image of you holding one of the id's you send in. Please make sure the images are light enough to read. The information we request is used for verification only. 1. A photo Id of you drivers license 2. A photo ID of your passport or another photo id 3. An image of you holding your drivers license for example https://www.abdn.ac.uk/news/images/196PASSPORT16x9.jpg Please send them as attachments to a reply to this email. We look forward to hearing from you and doing business. While I'm happy to verify my corporation, there's no way I'm handing that personal information over to an international company. I'm amazed they think that is a necessary request. None of those details are attached to my company name anyways.
  3. Zed

    Best domain reseller?

    Thanks Vivyrelaxe, The problem with Hexonet is that they don't integrate with WHMCS very well. There's a lot of unsupported features in their platform: https://docs.whmcs.com/HexoNet -Zed
  4. Zed

    Best domain reseller?

    Thanks Vinc1402! I'm looking into them too. I'm going back and forth between resell.biz and opensrs.com right now. Both seem like strong platforms that are maintaining reasonable prices -even better than eNom's old prices. -Ed
  5. Greetings WHMCS fans, Like many eNom resellers, I just received an email informing me they will be raising the price of their .com domains upwards of 40% unless you can do at least $100k worth of business per year. I'm not sticking around for that. Does anyone have advice on another good domain reseller they've used with WHMCS in the past? I always appreciated how well eNom integrated with WHMCS and would like to duplicate that integration if possible. Right now resellerclub (or logicboxes) seems to be my best bet. Please let me know your thoughts, -Ed

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