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  1. Hello, our ISPAPI SSL Module just got a major upgrade. The Addon was completely rewritten and now offers more flexibility and an improved user experience. The product import and pricing sync has been designed to match the WHMCS TLD sync functionality, so you should feel right at home. The server module now supports certificate renewals, reissues and revokes. The Client Area functionality was also improved, with more useful information shown to the end user and the ability to automatically generate CSR based on client data. Furthermore, the module is now fully localized in English, German and Italian, with the possibility to expand to other languages via language files. Please note that with the new version 9.x, the minimum requirements have changed to PHP 7.2 or greater and WHMCS 8.0 or greater. More information on the module is available on the WHMCS Marketplace The module is open source and available on GitHub
  2. A landscape layout and an iPad variant of the app would be very helpful!
  3. I solved this by creating the following hook: add_hook('ClientAreaPageViewInvoice', 1, function($vars) { if (isset($_GET['paymentpending'])){ return array( "paymentSuccess" => true, "paymentSuccessAwaitingNotification" => true ); } });
  4. I just so happened to pay an invoice on whmcs.com via PayPal and I actually got that awaiting notification message. However the URL shows &paymentsuccess=true and nothing else, so there must be some other criteria that makes that message appear. Since when adding that variable to viewinvoice.php when the invoice was paid showed the standard paid message, I assume that maybe some variable gets set inside the module_link function if $_GET['paymentsuccess'] is true or something. But which one? Damn...
  5. I know, and this is what I want to show. I coded my own gateway module and need to pass the return url to the gateway, but I need to know which parameter to attach to the URL in order to have the message show.
  6. The viewinvoice.tpl file shows the $LANG.invoicePaymentSuccessAwaitingNotify string if $paymentSuccessAwaitingNotification is true. Similarly it does for paymentsuccess, pendingreview etc. I know the other ones can be triggered by setting a URL parameter. But what is the parameter that sets $paymentSuccessAwaitingNotification to true? I found it nowhere in the documentation.
  7. Sorry, I forgot to follow up. The problem was that the domain had already the SpamExperts MX configured in it. When activating SpamExperts, they need to know to which mail server to relay the mail to, and they take this information from the MX record. However, if you already have SpamExperts as MX, they will not know where to send it to and refuse to configure. So I had to edit the DNS zone and wait over a day to be able to configure properly. I would have preferred a way where it would just configure without a relay and that I could configure it manually, but at least now I know what to do if this happens again.
  8. Same problem here... @davet did you mange to solve it?
  9. Ok I solved it. Looks like the patch set was missing the install folder, so I copied it over from the full install archive. The installer wrongly stated that it detected version 7.3.0 (I had 7.4.0), but still the upgrade to 7.4.1 worked...
  10. I uploaded the patch set for 7.4.0 to 7.4.1 and now I am greeted with a "Down for maintenance" message. Anyone else?
  11. Thanks for your hint, the same thing happened to me in the past. But not this time, Maxmind says "Available Funds $24.89" which should be enough for plenty of fraud checks.
  12. Somehow centralnic is reeeally slow in replying, often resulting in timeout errors in WHMCS. I can do a whois in the server shell, it takes over 20 seconds until a reply comes in... So I guess I will contact CentralNic support anyway, maybe they throttle my IP or something...
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