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  1. Thx Brian. Yes that could be it, the existence of an order for the invoice that is created. I am gonna test this first thing tomorrow :-)
  2. Hi, How can I tell for sure in the hook InvoiceCreation if the hook is running from automation(generate invoices/cron) or from a customers who is ordering stuff manually ? thx Michel
  3. Well. Looks like this is not default behaviour. I put this in viewcart.tpl in orderforms.tpl and that give the default gateway that is in the client profile: {if $client->defaultgateway ne ''} {assign var = "selectedgateway" value = $client->defaultgateway} {/if}
  4. Hi, In the client details there is the default payment method but when the client creates an order then de first payment method in the cart.php is selected and not the default from the client. Am i Missing something simple ? thx Michel
  5. Hi, When an invoice is created AND I approved the customer for monthly payments then I want every invoiceline create for him to go to Billable items and delete the invoice and I will create one monthly invoice for him from billable items. With the hook InvoiceCreation I am able to manage that, process the order, move the invoicelines to billable items and then process the order and delete the invoice and remove the link from the order. All works but when placing a manual order the final redirect goes to "cart.php?a=complete" and that produces the error on the screen "Invoice not found" and that is of course true 😉 Any idea how to skip this error in this case ? thx Michel
  6. Hi, We have added {assign billingcycle "annually"}, which does indeed make sure 'annually' gets selected by default. We use configurable options with our hostingproducts, and even thought 'annually' is selected, the prices shown in the dropdown menu of the configurable options are not correct, the dropdown menus show the 'quaterly' prices. You can see this in the screenshot 10GB should show €15, not €3,75. Only when i click on 'annually' again it shows the correct prices. Does anyone know a fix for this? Thanks!
  7. I see this happening too and manually errors occor because of this, forgetting to select registrar results in order accepted and domain not registered. This is kind of weird behaviour in my opnion. Why manually select registrar ?
  8. Hi! When domains that are invoiced but not paid yet then then the domains is removed from the invoice (Removed Domain Renewal Line Item - Invoice ID: ) and the status changed to expired. I do not want it to be removed from the invoice, where can I change that ? I already disabled "Domain Grace and Redemption Fees" in general settings/domains. And in fact its weird to remove that invoice line because the customer already received that invoice. Anyone ? thx Michel
  9. Thx for all thoughts and replies. Its clear to me there is not out-of-the-box validation 😉 I think I have to add another question like 'Use of subdomain of yourself' with the proper validation (check if it resolves and only give a warning in my case).
  10. Hi, I want to be able to accept subdomains with 'use your own domain' for ordering a hosting product. But it appears that its not possible, domain invalid. Any idea how to skip this validation ? thx Michel
  11. Hi, I have hooks to auto accept order after a payment and a hook to auto accept and process/provision order when a certain payment method is chosen. Both works good. What I also want is when I press the AcceptOrder button in the admin area that the order is processed completely even if there is no payment. Can't find a solution for that yet. Any tips ? thx Michel
  12. I was afraid of this answer 😉 .... javascript is not my thing 😞 thanks anyway!
  13. Hi, I want to do something simple but I only find complex solutions, must be looking in the wrong direction 😉 I want to add a button to the admin clientservice page. And when button is pressed I want to execute a custom function on that selected service. Is there some sample code for this ? Help would be appriciated! Michel.
  14. Thx! This helped me to get rid of the category's!!
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