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  1. Ok, since this thread is already big enough, I, as a paid WHMCS user, I'm asking a WHMCS representative to comment factually on this situation!
  2. ...yes, that's right... really a stupid idea from WHMCS...
  3. There is a css class "form-field-hidden-on-respond" with "display: none!important" , I "disabeld" it in all css files, but nothing happened...
  4. Yes, just 23 votes, because nowadays 90% "hosting companies" are just junkies who don't care about databasese, and who don't know what is php, css or mysql...
  5. @ brian! Hi Brian, I have a question: Would it be possible to move the first step "Choose a Domain" if ordering a hosting package somewhere between the package and configurable options code (id="productConfigurableOptions") and addons on the second step order page? I find this behavior very annoying and hate it. For me would be more "naturally" to see the ordered package first and choosing of the domain name as second. Many thanks in advance!
  6. @brian! btw did you read my PM? I asked you about some "thing" there... please reply via PM... thanks
  7. That's absolutelly right and I know about this "odd" circle a long time. Now I did it in this way: 1. removed the default affiliate menu item 2. created a new page with an "Activate Affiliate" button/link to Affiliate support departement 3. The customer has to send a request message with his personal and contact details 4. we will create an account for him and it will be sent a welcome message to him with login credentials And by this long "way" just because of the fact you described above. Leaving the option for registration of non customers enabled is a faith with spammers.
  8. Hi @brian! , with your help, this has now been done with a great result. THANK YOU!
  9. No one feels thanked because you had the intention to say “thank you.” I just want to take the time to say "THANK YOU" to all developers who helps WHMCS users to get their WHMCS app tweaked, fixed, customized and are still helping with many tips and things. My special "THANK YOU" get to @brian! who is the most contributor of all code changes and tweaks! Donation sent!
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