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  1. Filed as case #CORE-10369, hopely it will be fixed in the next releases. -- Oto Tortorella TTservers.it TeleType.it Via XXV Aprile, 14 83031 Ariano Irpino /AV N 41.15292 E 15.08486
  2. Hello there, I found that, in my WHMCS installation, domain expiration notifications are not sent if the domain name has the "Disable Auto Renew" flag not set, has the "Recurring Amount" equal to 0 and has already been included in a proforma invoice not yet payed. I do believe that the domain expiration notifications should be always sent, in this conditions too, in order to comply to the minimum requirements set out by ICANN for Expiration Reminder Notices and also to press the customer to pay the invoice. Could you confirm this behaviour? Thanks -- Oto Tortorella TTservers.it TeleType.it Via XXV Aprile, 14 83031 Ariano Irpino /AV N 41.15292 E 15.08486
  3. Thank you for the answer, sentq. I've got the support answer too. Here it is: 1. To achieve this, you'd format the label line like this: 'label' => Lang::trans('registerdomain'), Relevant documentation: http://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Area_Navigation_Menus_Cheatsheet#Adding_an_Additional_Child_Menu_Item 2. The product categories are not available as variables on every page within WHMCS. To view all available template variables you will just need to enter {debug} into any template file and then load it in your browser. Once loaded you will get a popup showing what template variables are available on that particular page. Not all variables are available on every page, and if the variable you wish to use isn't there, then you would need to obtain this yourself. http://docs.whmcs.com/Hooks:ClientAreaPage can be used to create your own smarty variables to use on the client area pages. More information: http://docs.whmcs.com/Templates_and_Custom_PHP_Logic ---- I believe that the right way to get the the prouduct groups info, working into the hook "ClientAreaNavbars", is to query the DB, as pointed by sentq. Isn't it?
  4. I'm customizing the client area menu and I've got two questions. i'm working into the hook "ClientAreaNavbars" 1. How can I use the language system to translate the menu label? 2. How can I get the prouduct goups info? Basically, name and cart URL. Any Idea? I've also opened a ticket, I'll post the answer here if I get one. Thank You -- Oto Tortorella TTservers.it
  5. I agree with that. No extra invoice should be issued, just set as paid the ones selected. Oto Tortorella
  6. I've found an exception in the user name generation process, it strips away all numbers in the domain name. So that, the username for domain4all.com will be 'domainal' and not 'domain4a'. The "OpenSRS Login Converter" do not takes that into consideration. Oto Tortorella P.S. I still feel that this way of generating credentials for domain managing is a security issue even though the domain locking is a good protection.
  7. Hi, I feel that this way of generate passwords and user names is a great security issue! Especially when WHMCS is used to manage just a few domain names. What do you think? Oto Tortorella
  8. I'm planning to use Proxmox too. A dedicated module would be great!
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