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  1. Had to say this but did anyone else noticed when they zoomed in you heard phone "bleeps" and heavy breathing lol.
  2. If I recall correctly, the software makes a call to whmcs every day and everytime you check for a update (I think), If it fails a call, It stays up for x days and then shutdowns, But the client interface is still up. So you can't do anything in the admin interface. This is different then not paying for a license since the server tells the install "invalid license"
  3. Just gonna say, http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=bank+hacked&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 Nothing is 100% secure, Yes they banks have very very high security measures, But that doesn't mean that it can't be bypassed by persistent hackers. Although I do agree, WHMCS could have done something better, Never used Host Gator in the first place. They have horrible reputation. Also does anyone else noticed that whmcs.com redirects to whmcs.com/<randomstring> then back to whmcs.com
  4. From what I understand, They ANSWERED the security questions that Matt put. Not the email account. The guy CHANGED the email account on hostgator, which someone should have noticed that someone just called up to get the password and then changes the email...Hmmmm. Most likely the password from HostGator was the same as Twitter, Or the password was stored in WHMCS for all we know.
  5. Yea I reported the pastebin about 1 hour ago.
  6. Really guys? If they didn't get access from hostgator then they probably would have hacked it either way. You all should blame hostgator a bit more, they gave them the details to the hackers and allowed them to get the password email. They should have not given the password to a number that wasn't Matt number. Either way, whmcs probably would have been hacked either way.
  7. Right now, the permission system (Administrators) is good, But the way the denied permission pages are, it won't allow them if they have a permission within a tab, But not the first tab, Like lets say they have permission to add clients, /clientsadd.php, But can't view clients, /clients.php, They have to go back, hover over the tab, and then click add client. Should the denied page include the same ACP style, and it just shows the denied page where the content that is denied (Like on clients.php it removed the tables of clients and says access denied, and keeps the navbar, sidebar and the rest but on clientsadd.php it stays the same as what is there now)
  8. If you create a Administrator Role, without the "Main Homepage" Permission, They will be unable to navigate through the ACP, Even if they have other permissions like "my account" or anything else. Unless they know the direct link to the files, They are unable to navigate. If you DO give them "Main Homepage" permission, The "A summary of completed orders" image is "broken" but still appears, Shouldn't, If a permission isn't given to the user, That option is hidden from them. Like if they aren't give any support permissions, They still see the "Ticket(s) Awaiting Reply" (But it doesn't show 0 or a number just "Ticket(s) Awaiting Reply") I tested this with a Administration Role with just "access to API" where they have no access to the ACP what so ever. And when given "Main Homepage" it still shows "Ticket(s) Awaiting Reply || 0 Pending Cancellation(s) || 0 To-Do Item(s) Due || 0 Open Network Issue(s)" when there is 1 ticket. But it shows a number in front of all the other item's, But if the ticket is closed, It will show 0. if to-do list is not given, It still shows To-Do List - Manage on the homepage.
  9. NICE!, i was never able to use the solusVM-WHMCS addon since i needed a SolusVM admin, Looks amazing. Too bad it's paid. But for people that use solusvm they'll love it. Nice job.
  10. Hello, I'm wondering if theres a way to make another script thats not WHMCS get the whmcs cookie so the live chat admin shows the WHMCS details just like it does in WHMCS when your logged in. Does anyone know the code i can add into a PHP script? Thanks.
  11. I'm trying to make a free package but with bandwidth overages enable so it bills them, but it won't make the invoices for those overages. Is it cause it's set as a "free" price and whmcs will never generate an invoice for a free type or is there a problem?
  12. I added a Annually Price to a package i had and when i checked the order page it had a totally different number then i put in. Here are a screen shot http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/8923/whmcs1.png http://img709.imageshack.us/img709/3553/whmcs2.png I checked every single setting and couldn't find anything. Is this a bug with PHP or something. Thanks.
  13. Ok thanks oh also one more question does cPanel version matter we are thinking about going from released to current
  14. I'm wondering will WHMCS work with PHP 5.2.13 i heard that it doesn't work with PHP 5.3.x right?
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