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    Some domains get auto-invoiced, others are not

    I just had this too. Noticed some domains didn't receive notices -- all belonging to same client. All domains due to expire this month, some in 5 days, and no invoice generated. No reminders sent either. Only one client. He received notices 3 months ago for a previous domain. No idea what is wrong. I'll live with it. Due and expire dates all look correct so... hmm. I've also had the occasional product/service not being invoiced also. Last time this happened, I had to cancel the product/service and re-create it. Some data corruption going on somewhere it seems. I've lived with these glitches here and there. Looking forward to the new WHMCS when it's released. Not to make this in any way a vent, but if cPanel didn't sign on, then I would have moved on. It has been quite embarrassing at times with clients.
  2. kurieuo

    Export Transactions in v5.2.4

    Hi all I added this as a Feature Request a few months ago. If you are having the same issue, can you please vote to move it up? https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/date-range-filtering-for-transaction-export I wish I could put all my votes on this - Mrs K
  3. kurieuo

    Export Transactions in v5.2.4

    Thanks Joelie! I missed your reply back in July but came here again coz I'm doing my monthly reporting and came across this issue again. I was unable to filter dates to 3 month date range though. Entering 3 date filters had the effect of only showing the last filters data. e.g. my filters were set up like so: Filter 1 -> Date -> Containing -> 2013-07 Filter 2 -> Date -> Containing -> 2013-08 Filter 3 -> Date -> Containing -> 2013-09 But only the Sept 2013 data was returned, not July and August. I am using 5.2.10 (latest version) and am disappointed that a proper date range filter hasn't been added to the transactions export yet
  4. kurieuo

    Export Transactions in v5.2.4

    Hi Joelie Can you tell me how you exported the transactions based on date range? I can't figure it out... every kind of date I tried doesn't give me any transaction data (I am actually using 5.2.5). I ended up using going to Billing > Transaction List where I can easily do a date based search and then copy and pasted the data to Excel to clean up Cheers - Mrs K
  5. kurieuo

    help with SQL to retrieve Transaction Data?

    UPDATE: Looks like I just need to update my WHMCS install to get the report I need: http://requests.whmcs.com/responses/add-client-name-column-back-to-transaction-export For future reference, is there a DB table/column listing somewhere on this site? That would make it easier to work out where I can pull report data from... otherwise do I have to log into PHPMyAdmin to view the tables/columns there? Thanks!
  6. Hi all I want to pull out client names, amounts and payment methods from WHMCS to use with my accounting software. This data used to be in the Transaction Export CSV (was there last time I used it) but now is not - boo Anyway -- I am attempting to create a custom report for this, but got stuck when it came to the querying the DB to pull it all out (the most important bit, yeah I have no idea which tables/columns I need to query... and I'm rusty on programming... So, I am hoping someone here can give me a hand? These are the columns I want out of the DB: Date Client Name Invoice ID Amount In Fees Amount Out Payment Method Here is WHMCS docs I was referring to: http://docs.whmcs.com/Reports but I didn't get much further than renaming my PHP file and choosing my tableheadings... the next part took way too much brain-power to decipher without comments Hopefully this is super easy for someone and they can point me in the right direction... Thanks! - Mrs K
  7. Thanks for your replies... yikes - now I wonder whether I should keep our records in the cloud... I wanted to just trust Xero and hopefully its insurance policy. That said, I don't think I will have any data that they can use to access my accounts (I plan to do manual CSV uploads rather than bank linkups), so maybe that should be alright... Slim: Since you didn't integrate WHMCS and Xero - how do you reconcile your payments received against your invoices? Manually? Or leave it to your bookkeeper? Cheers
  8. re: searches for "clientarea.php" ... maybe this unique filename could be optionally renamed in the WHMCS config, similar to how we can rename the whmcs/admin/ directory to something else if we desire. Cheers - Mrs K
  9. Hi Chris Yes, please move this to the feature request system. It does seem more appropriate there. Thanks - Mrs K
  10. Hi I find that I get a few visits to my website using the query "powered by whmcompletesolution" - for example: "powered by whmcompletesolution" "quality" inurl:cart cart.php whmcompletesolution clientarea.php "powered by whmcompletesolution" intext:" powered by whmcompletesolution "+ inurl:cart.php? intext:"powered by whmcompletesolution" intext:powered by whmcompletesolution inurl:".*/*/submitticket.php" intext:powered by whmcompletesolution inurl:cart.php?a=view inurl:"cart.php?a" intext:"powered by whmcompletesolution" inurl:"cart.php?a=" intext:"powered by whmcompletesolution" inurl:submitticket.php "powered by whmcompletesolution" ... These are either people looking for samples of WHMCS sites or looking for sites using WHMCS that they can try hack into. WHMCS team: are you aware of this? We don't mind promoting WHMCS as our billing system so that's why we didn't get the non-branded version, but just dislike that it attracts this sort of traffic. So I was thinking... maybe if the "powered by whmcompletesolution" bit were an image rather than text, maybe it would be harder for hackers to find WHMCS sites. I guess, they could use Google image search to find the sites still... d'oh... or how about if the powered by was written with javascript? Anyone else have ideas? - Mrs K
  11. Hi fellow Aussies I am looking for an accounting package to help me track my business transactions for tax purposes. (Right now I am using a suped-up Excel spreadsheet What I want to do is hook in my bank accounts (credit union account, 2 x credit card accounts, paypal account, loan account) and my WHMCS invoices/transactions logs, then reconcile the income with invoices and identify all business/personal expenses. Mostly to help me do the quarterly BAS statements efficiently. Right now it's taking me maybe 2 days to download all transactions and sort. I want to do less and automate more. I've seen threads recommending Xero, etc. but some are years old, and not specifically from Aussie users. So I'd love to hear directly from some Aussie WHMCS users to know what is working for them. Thanks in advance! Mrs K
  12. kurieuo

    Australian Merchant Facilities

    I use Commonwealth Bank's Evolve: http://www.commbank.com.au/business/merchant-services/payment-options/payments-and-orders.html Not technically a mechant gateway though I guess, as it is not hooked up via WHMCS. Customers submit their credit card numbers and then I enter it into the Commonwealth website. A little bit manual, but I don't get many credit card transactions... most pay direct debit.
  13. Just upgraded WHMCS and using a "vanilla" customisation after several years using my own templates -- it's just too much of a maintenance headache. Which means I'm now trying to use a vanilla WHMCS and template. Anyone know if it is possible to hide the "Product Addons" during the order process without resorting to editing a template file? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I have just come across a strange issue. In May (at least this is the first I came across it), it seems invoices were generated for domains due to expire in Feb 2012. Only, on the invoices sent out, the periods are from July 2011 to July 2013. I have no idea where it pulled this date from, as the WHMCS database has the correct expiry date of Feb 2012. A little concerned there is some strange bug here, but I'm sure others would have reported it??
  15. kurieuo

    DistributeIT - Hacked

    FYI update: "Distribute.IT and Click 'n Go customers and assets has been acquired by Netregistry Group - the largest domain group in Australia." http://distributeit.com.au/ - Mrs K

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