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  1. There was the same issue with my WHMCS so first I checked WHMCS System Health Status. Cronjob was showing as warning so I found that cronjob is actually skip it when cronjob time on the panel / server does not match with your WHMCS cronjob set time. Go to WHMCS Admin >> Setup >> Automation Setting. Make sure that Scheduling time and your server cronjob time is same. Manually run cronjob and check WHMCS Health Status. Cronjob should be shown in green status. (On your server, Time of cronjob should be same as WHMCS cronjob time you set in Automation settings)
  2. Hello, I have this code, It works with WHMCS 7.10.0 but not working with WHMCS 7.10.2 I even tried to use print_r($new); but its showing nothing. 😦 Solved!! I was using wrong db.
  3. Onwed license price dropped to $49. Use coupon: WHMCSisGood Get it at $35 Coupon valid till July 4. Benefit of Owned license: - Source code. - No license check. - Install it on up-to three WHMCS installations(Must be owned by you).
  4. v2.1 Released! This release is different from all our earlier versions, and upgrading is not the same as our earlier process. - We updated all existing articles because many articles were outdated. - Removed some Softaculous articles which were removed by Softaculous. - Softaculous article renamed from OpenBlog to Pubvana. - Softaculous article renamed from Kliqqi to Plikli. Articles removed: (Related to Softaculous) 1. Ghost 2. ocPortal 3. jCore - Some images are also removed. Most of the images are updated. - The proofreader checked all articles. - Articles on Android is now based on Android 10, and Apple articles on iOS 13. - Images are far bigger than earlier images. No, any new article added because we needed to update our outdated articles and images. Total Articles: 347
  5. We need feedback of our customers for v2.1 Please suggest us new topics and Ideas. We want to start working on v2.1. Received only 1 suggestion by customer via ticket/etc. ;/
  6. Instead of pin, etc I simply ask customers to login and then open a ticket. Maybe this is not so secure?
  7. Showing Forbidden error, Maybe you are blocking visitors from other country?
  8. Welcome to the WHMCS Community community. You can ask your question and get answer within 24 hours. Some developers are so active in this community like Brian and many more. African nature and greenery is so good. 😉
  9. v2.0 Released - Total 343 Articles (OMG!!) 56 New Articles Added 18 Articles on WHM 38 New Articles on DirectAdmin Control Panel. New Feature Request Section. (Link available on our KB site) Blog (For providing details about update, etc). 50+ Positive Reviews by our customers on WHMCS Marketplace!
  10. Thank you so so much. Now I can export Product Date and Client Date with other options 😀😊
  11. I want to display datecreated in WHMCS Report. I am using this code and modified it. My Modified code: <?php if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); $reportdata["title"] = "Services"; $filterfields = array("datecreated"=>"datecreated","id"=>"ID","userid"=>"User ID","clientname"=>"Client Name","orderid"=>"Order ID","packageid"=>"Product ID","packagename"=>"Product Name","server"=>"Server ID","domain"=>"Domain Name","dedicatedip"=>"Dedicated IP","assignedips"=>"Assigned IPs","firstpaymentamount"=>"First Payment Amount","amount"=>"Recurring Amount","billingcycle"=>"Billing Cycle","nextduedate"=>"Next Due Date","paymentmethod"=>"Payment Method","domainstatus"=>"Status","username"=>"Username","password"=>"Password","notes"=>"Notes","subscriptionid"=>"Subscription ID","suspendreason"=>"Suspend Reason"); $reportdata["description"] = $reportdata["headertext"] = ''; $incfields = $whmcs->get_req_var('incfields'); $filterfield = $whmcs->get_req_var('filterfield'); $filtertype = $whmcs->get_req_var('filtertype'); $filterq = $whmcs->get_req_var('filterq'); if (!is_array($incfields)) $incfields = array(); if (!is_array($filterfield)) $filterfield = array(); if (!is_array($filtertype)) $filtertype = array(); if (!is_array($filterq)) $filterq = array(); if (!$print) { $reportdata["description"] = "This report can be used to generate a custom export of services by applying up to 5 filters. CSV Export is available via the download link at the bottom of the page."; $reportdata["headertext"] = '<form method="post" action="reports.php?report='.$report.'"> <table class="form" width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="3"> <tr><td width="20%" class="fieldlabel">Fields to Include</td><td class="fieldarea"><table width="100%"><tr>'; $i=0; foreach ($filterfields AS $k=>$v) { $reportdata["headertext"] .= '<td width="20%"><input type="checkbox" name="incfields[]" value="'.$k.'" id="fd'.$k.'"'; if (in_array($k,$incfields)) $reportdata["headertext"] .= ' checked'; $reportdata["headertext"] .= ' /> <label for="fd'.$k.'">'.$v.'</label></td>'; $i++; if (($i%5)==0) $reportdata["headertext"] .= '</tr><tr>'; } $reportdata["headertext"] .= '</tr></table></td></tr>'; for ( $i = 1; $i <= 5; $i ++ ) { $reportdata["headertext"] .= '<tr><td width="20%" class="fieldlabel">Filter '.$i.'</td><td class="fieldarea"><select name="filterfield['.$i.']"><option value="">None</option>'; foreach ($filterfields AS $k=>$v) { $reportdata["headertext"] .= '<option value="'.$k.'"'; if (isset($filterfield[$i]) && $filterfield[$i]==$k) $reportdata["headertext"] .= ' selected'; $reportdata["headertext"] .= '>'.$v.'</option>'; } $reportdata["headertext"] .= '</select> <select name="filtertype['.$i.']"><option>Exact Match</option><option value="like"'; if (isset($filtertype[$i]) && $filtertype[$i]=="like") $reportdata["headertext"] .= ' selected'; $reportdata["headertext"] .= '>Containing</option></select> <input type="text" name="filterq['.$i.']" size="30" value="'.(isset($filterq[$i])?$filterq[$i]:'').'" /></td></tr>'; } $reportdata["headertext"] .= '</table> <p align="center"><input type="submit" value="Filter" /></p> </form>'; } if (count($incfields)) { $filters = array(); foreach ($filterfield as $i => $val) { if ($val && array_key_exists($val, $filterfields)) { if ($val == 'clientname') { $val = "(SELECT CONCAT(firstname,' ',lastname) FROM tblclients WHERE id=tblhosting.userid)"; } $filters[] = ($filtertype[$i]=="like") ? $val . " LIKE '%" . db_escape_string($filterq[$i]) . "%'" : $val . "='" . db_escape_string($filterq[$i]) . "'"; } } $fieldlist = array(); foreach ($incfields AS $fieldname) { if (array_key_exists($fieldname,$filterfields)) { $reportdata["tableheadings"][] = $filterfields[$fieldname]; if ($fieldname=="clientname") $fieldname = "(SELECT CONCAT(firstname,' ',lastname, datecreated) FROM tblclients WHERE id=tblhosting.userid)"; if ($fieldname=="packagename") $fieldname = "(SELECT `name` FROM `tblproducts` WHERE `tblproducts`.`id`=`tblhosting`.`packageid`)"; if ($fieldname=="datecreated") $fieldname = "(SELECT `datecreated` FROM `tblclients` WHERE `tblclients`.`id`=`tblhosting`.`packageid`)"; $fieldlist[] = $fieldname; } } $result = select_query("tblhosting", implode(',', $fieldlist), implode(' AND ', $filters)); while ($data = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) { if (isset($data['paymentmethod'])) $data['paymentmethod'] = $gateways->getDisplayName($data['paymentmethod']); if (isset($data['password'])) $data['password']=decrypt($data['password']); $reportdata["tablevalues"][] = $data; } } Output is unexpected: (Datecreated data should be shown in datecreated fieled)
  12. Hello, I want something like: Other Country Invoice format: #CompanyName-Number. India Invoice format: #India-Number(Must be separate from Other country's invoice number) Example Invoice No: #Dewlance-1 #Dewlance-2 Indian Invoice Example: #India-1 #India-2 Any Idea? This is required in India ;/ Thanks.
  13. Does it means it will show result of all customer's doman with their current nameserver they are using?
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