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  1. Having this issue, When I "add billable item" and set it to "Add to User's Next Invoice" when it is added their is no tax added. When I "add billable item" and click invoice now the tax is applied... Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance, Mike E. Dot Inc.
  2. Hi guys, We have customers that pay multiple invoices with 1 cheque. In version 5.x.x it would allow me to enter "cheque# 123" on multiple invoices in the add payment tab. Now I am getting: Validation Error A unique transaction ID is required. Is there a way to fix that as I really don't want the customer confused by merging invoices and then when they reference invoices 1,2,3,4 i have to troubleshoot and figure out it was merged to invoice 7 because i can only enter 1 "unique transaction ID" per customer. I assume same error would happen if i typed in "cash" Let me know what you guys think. Cheers, Mike Economopoulos Dot Internet Solutions Inc.
  3. dotinc

    Why does the admin section look broken?

    Yes did all that.
  4. I have changed the permissions as described in the "upgrading" instructions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. http://www.dotinc.net/whmcs/WHMCS44error.png
  5. Just a quick question, if someone can answer that would be great. I need to change the size and oomph-ness of the UNPAID stamp on customer's invoices. That is automatically generated from the first day the invoice is issued. Am I doing something wrong? Is that on everyone's first invoice? or do i have my terms set wrong? Thanks in Advance. -Mike E.
  6. dotinc

    Need help with Paypal integration

    Thank you Chris that saved me a lot of mental anguish! Cheers! Mike
  7. dotinc

    Need help with Paypal integration

    I think it has to do with your system setting it to CDN instead of CAD... Is there somewhere I can change that ? My PayPal accepts both CAD and USD... Currency Total CAD (Primary) $x.xx CAD USD $x.xx USD thanks again.
  8. We are getting the error: This recipient does not accept payments denominated in WS_Error_XClick_Pref_Foreign_Currency. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept this currency. I think it is because in WHMCS it is set to CDN and paypal wants it in CAD. Where do I change that please? Anyone else have this issue? Thanks in Advance!
  9. dotinc

    first payment - recurring payment...

    Worst case would have been that I would need to go in and change the Next Due Date to 08/01/2010 (monthly) or 10/01/2010 (Quarterly). Well here goes something... Thanks Again. -Mike
  10. Hey guys, Looking through the forum and Documentation but I must be blind because someone must have come across this and got it answered, but I am on a time crunch now...(me begging) What I need to do is start billing all my customers that I have imported into WHMCS on July 1st. 2010 I have it setup that: Registration date is 07/01/2010 Next Due Date is 07/01/2010. First Payment Amount is $10.00 Recurring Payment Amount is $10.00 Will this give me a $10.00 invoice 07/01/2010 and then $10.00 invoices starting 08/01/2010 and so one... Thanks in Advance! Mike Dot Internet Solutions Inc. Toronto, ON - We felt the quake today...
  11. My question: We are based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have customers that pay 5% GST (Canada) and 8% PST(Ontario). Some customers have a PST exempt certificate that they submit to us. And some services are not charged PST. How do we account for the above situations? Thanks. Mike Economopoulos Dot Internet Solutions Inc.
  12. dotinc


    We too are interested in this feature...
  13. Is there a way of setting up a user as a helpdesk user? i.e. User A is an Administrator User B is the manager at the company. Need to have user B only submit tickets and see replies to them. No access to invoice information. Cheers, Mike Economopoulos Dot Internet Solutions Inc.

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