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  1. Try not to use product feed on hosting prices table, it makes your site load slower and in blocks,
  2. Hi @brian! I tried to replicate your table feed example and I got this error PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$code' (T_VARIABLE) in /path/datafeed.php on line 13 Is this code valid for php 7.2 ? <?php require("../init.php"); require("../includes/domainfunctions.php"); /* *** USAGE SAMPLES *** <script language="javascript" src="feeds/domainpricing2.php?currency=1"></script> */ $code = '<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" class="domainpricing"><tr><th>TLD</th><th>Min. Years</th><th>Register</th><th>Transfer</th><th>Renew</th></tr>'; if (!is_numeric($currency)) { $currency = array(); } else { $currency = getCurrency('', $currency); } if (!$currency || !is_array($currency) || !isset($currency['id'])) { $currency = getCurrency(); } $freeamt = formatCurrency(0); $tldslist = getTLDList(); foreach ($tldslist AS $tld) { $tldpricing = getTLDPriceList($tld, true); $firstoption = current($tldpricing); $year = key($tldpricing); $transfer = ($firstoption["transfer"] == $freeamt) ? $_LANG['orderfree'] : $firstoption["transfer"]; if ($firstoption["register"] < $firstoption["renew"]) { $code .= sprintf( '<tr><td>%s</td><td>%d</td><td><strike>%s</strike> <font color=red>%s</font></td><td>%s</td><td>%s</td></tr>', htmlspecialchars($tld, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'), $year, htmlspecialchars($firstoption["renew"], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'), htmlspecialchars($firstoption["register"], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'), htmlspecialchars($transfer, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'), htmlspecialchars($firstoption["renew"], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8') ); } else { $code .= sprintf( '<tr><td>%s</td><td>%d</td><td>%s</td><td>%s</td><td>%s</td></tr>', htmlspecialchars($tld, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'), $year, htmlspecialchars($firstoption["register"], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'), htmlspecialchars($transfer, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'), htmlspecialchars($firstoption["renew"], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8') ); } } $code .= '</table>'; echo "document.write('".$code."');";
  3. Hi @Kian I tested your hook and is working for Basic URLs option but is not working for Full Friendly Rewrite option. I get this url when I use on Full Friendly Rewrite https://site.com/knowledgebase/3/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/3/Example-Code-(PHP).html Any chance you can adapt the hook for Full Friendly Rewrite option? thanks,
  4. .... somehow now is working, I just deactivated my custom theme file and reactivated it.... my brain hurts Thanks guys for patience.
  5. Thi is the error: Smarty Error: Syntax error in template "file:/home/xxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/mi.xxxxxxxx.com/templates/lagom/core/pages/viewcart/xxxxxx/viewcart.tpl" on line 2 "{foreach $products as $num => $product}" missing 'item' attribute
  6. I tried every scenario, the code is not working and is breaking the page. Normal page, https://prnt.sc/repaxo, added the code https://prnt.sc/repbgb and this is the output https://prnt.sc/repbs7
  7. Yes, I tried and is not working.
  8. ? i was saying it is not working
  9. I tried and it breaks my page, css + js gone.
  10. Hi brian! I'm trying to do something like op in viewcart but $product.pid is not a variable there I use in configureproductdomain.tpl this "{if $templatefile == 'configureproductdomain' && in_array($productinfo.pid, $prodID)}" and is working because is a simple array, but in viewcard is a multidimensional array and in_array is not working here. How can I get the product pid from viewcart so I cand create an if condition? thanks
  11. my problem was from lagom code in the file, I created the overwrite file and solved the problem. Don't know if this applies to you if you don't use lagom theme
  12. Hi, I trying to display a notification on configuredomains.tpl page if the client order a .de domain I managed to get it working but because I use foreach the message is displayed multiple times if the client has multiple domains with that extension {if $domains} {foreach $domains as $num => $domain} {if strpos($domain.domain, '.de') !== false} code {/if} {/foreach} {/if} Since I have no programming experience I don't know how to store the domains in a variable/string so I can get rid of foreach Any tips are appreciated.
  13. Yea, you are right, the code is good. The problem was solved by removing the extra code that comes with my teme. https://prnt.sc/r642b9 Thanks man.
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