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  1. Yes, I will consider to make it hook to avoid any manual modifies
  2. Seems there is currency issue. Latestly I have added 3rd currency USD (ID:5) Gateway has Convert to EUR The transaction marked has got currency ID=0 http://prntscr.com/kyxm4l I think should be 5 ID I have whmcs 7.6.1
  3. It works for all WHMCS versions from (6.x to 7.x)
  4. Probably it will work but the problem is with ioncube encoder is still on BETA. Also PHP 7.0 is optimized to run non-encoded code, so php7+whmcs (encoded) does not seems to have significant speed improvement
  5. Example of custom page for ALL WHMCS VERSIONS <?php define("CLIENTAREA",true); define("FORCESSL",true); $openAPI=dirname(__FILE__)."/modules/addons/openAPI/init.php"; if(!file_exists($openAPI)) exit('This addon requires openAPI addon module'); require($openAPI); $api=SMSAPI::getInstance(); $pagetitle=$api->getLang('managesms'); $ca=new WOAClientarea($pagetitle); $ca->setBreadcrump(array('managesms.php'=>'managesms')); $ca->initialize(); $ca->requireLogin(); $userid=$ca->getUserID(); $ca->output("managesms",$smartyvalues);
  6. What is WHMCS openAPI? openAPI is a small framework and gives the ability to developers to create their addons quick and easy with backward compatibility Where I can find this WHMCS API https://github.com/zstergios/WHMCS_OpenAPI How I can use it Just include the "init.php" file in the top of your addon php file. $openAPI=dirname(FILE)."/modules/addons/openAPI/init.php"; if(!file_exists($openAPI)) exit('This addon requires openAPI addon module'); require($openAPI); Where is the documentation There is not documentation for now and we want your contribute to code and in docs! Why is Free It's free and open source and always will be. We believe that we can build together a great framework for WHMCS developers, that minimizes the effort and optimizes the performance of addon code
  7. A known bug in previous versions of WHMCS 5.2.x-6.1.1 (is solved on 6.2.2) is the Tickbox is not being un-ticked if was previously ticked. Create a php hook file at /includes/hooks and place inside <?php if(!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); /* Fix the Additional Domain Field Tickbox UNCheck on Admin Web-expert.gr Stergios Zgouletas */ function fields_AdminClientDomainsTabFieldsSave($vars){ global $CONFIG; list($version,$release)=explode('-',$CONFIG['Version']); if(version_compare($version,'6.2.0')>=0) return; list($sld,$tld)=explode('.',$vars['domain'],2); require (ROOTDIR.'/includes/additionaldomainfields.php'); if(isset($additionaldomainfields[".".$tld])){ foreach($additionaldomainfields[".".$tld] as $idx=>$field){ if($field["Type"] == "tickbox" && !isset($vars['domainfield'][$idx])){ $row=@mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("SELECT id FROM `tbldomainsadditionalfields` WHERE domainid=".(int)$vars['id']." AND name='".$field['Name']."' LIMIT 0,1;"),MYSQL_ASSOC); mysql_query("UPDATE `tbldomainsadditionalfields` SET `value`='' WHERE `id`=".$row['id']." AND `domainid`=".(int)$vars['id'].";"); } } } } add_hook('AdminClientDomainsTabFieldsSave',99, 'fields_AdminClientDomainsTabFieldsSave');
  8. Do you want to change server but you are thinking the nameservers? 2 operations available for easy management! - Mass Update nameservers on selected domains - Match old nameserver and update with new Compatibility: WHMCS 5+& 6+ More information
  9. WHMCS 6.x users (upgraded from WHHMCS 5.X) Go to /includes DELETE these folders (THEY DO NOT EXIST ANYMORE IN NEW VERSION) http://prntscr.com/8hb2p3 fonts smarty jscript Upload the file at: WHMCSROOT/assets/js WHMCS 6.x Older Version: WHMCS 5.3.x
  10. Right, I fixed it but still menus are not loading the translations
  11. A very important feature is missing from WHMCS, the language fallback. It's impossible to able to translate all custom stings to all languages, so best scenario is to load the default string translation, for example "english". This is the hook code of "languageFallback.php", the code seems OK but does not effect the loaded language. Any suggestion? /* Developer: Stergios Zgouletas Web-site: web-expert.gr License: GNU GPL v2 */ if(!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); function languageFallback($vars){ $defaultLanguage='english'; //Fallback Language $currentLanguage=strtolower($vars['language']); //Current Active Language global $_LANG; $current=$_LANG; if($defaultLanguage!=$currentLanguage){ //Load default language file $default=array(); if(file_exists(ROOTDIR.'/lang/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php')){ require(ROOTDIR.'/lang/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php'); $default=$_LANG; } //Load default override language file $defaultOverride=array(); if(file_exists(ROOTDIR.'/lang/overrides/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php')){ require(ROOTDIR.'/lang/overrides/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php'); $defaultOverride=$_LANG; } //Load module's language $module=array(); if(isset($_REQUEST['m']) && !empty($_REQUEST['m']) && file_exists(ROOTDIR.'/modules/addons/'.$_REQUEST['m'].'/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php')){ require(ROOTDIR.'/modules/addons/'.$_REQUEST['m'].'/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php'); $module=$_ADDONLANG; } $_LANG=array_merge($default,$defaultOverride,$module,$current); return array('languageFallback'=>1); } return array('languageFallback'=>0); } add_hook("ClientAreaPage",0,"languageFallback");
  12. Give the ability to your clients/users to make remote domain searches / whois, get your pricing table and your supported tld list with secure API. They can now EASILY integrate their apps /sites with your WHMCS and this can lead to domain registrations. Default Response format is JSON, but it can act as WHOIS Server for other WHMCS. Some Key features 1) NO administrator username or password is required! 2) NO IP White-list for remote API required so it's secured from being use other functions! It uses local API. 3) Request limit per second/minute/hour/day limit 4) Clients can change the IPs of API Key Access from client-area 5) White-label documents for your company to able to brand with your own logo. 6) PHP Examples included and FREE complete working scripts: AJAX Domain Checker: PHP Standalone | Joomla Module 1.5/2.5/3.x 7) Multi-Language Ability to include your own API commands! READ MORE
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