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  1. Hey Sparky, I have purchased you products many times before over the years. Would you be willing to add a line of PHP text into a existing payment module in the correct place. I can send you more info if you can do this for me for a fee. Just let me know.




  2. ======================================================================== Hostmy1stweb.com - ADDON Payment Gateway Module for WHMCS. Copyright 1999 - 2016 All Rights Reserved. ======================================================================== Release Version: v1.9 Release Type: Update Release Release Date: 7th January 2016 PLEASE READ ALL THE ENCLOSED INSTRUCTIONS Support: https://hostmy1stweb.com/billing/whmcs/supporttickets.php Documentation: http://www.hostmy1stweb.com/billing/whmcs/knowledgebase.php Client Area: https://hostmy1stweb.com/billing/whmcs/clientarea.php ======================================================================== [This revesion v1.9 fixes the known issue of of the module not working with the PHP Database 5.6 and above] ======================================================================== ======================================================================== [ CONTENTS ] ======================================================================== 1. Beanstream Module 2. Beanstream folder with the file [local] inside 2. EULA 3. READ ME ======================================================================== [ MODULE AND SERVER REQUIREMENTS ] ======================================================================== 1. WHMCS v6.1 or newer 2. PHP Version 5.5.30.x or later 3. MySQL Version 5.6.x or later 4. Curl Support (with SSL) v7.19.7 or higher 5. GD Image Library 6. Ioncube Loaders Support ========================================================================
  3. Hello, We are also having the API error of [user not permitted from this IP address - 4] and we have specifically contacted Enom to insure both of our IP's have been white listed for use in there system. So what is the Enom addon module calling as a URL to place the order... according to Enom it should be "http://reseller.enom.com] and not [http://enom.com]. We don't have access to that URL, all we have access to is the WHMCS's [system Module Debug Log]. Please advise as we are waiting on a Domain Name purchase for a client today! Regards.
  4. Hello, did you ever get an answer to your question of "Is the add-on supposed to send the customer to Stripe credit card update page instead?" If so could you please share. Regards.
  5. Hello, Is this a addon module for WHMCS or what? And is the cost a one-time purchase or something else? Thanks, Robert
  6. Hello, About 6 months ago we reported the automation features of WHMCS nightly Cron job is processing Hooks more than once. This was reported and confirmed as a Bug by the staff however the issue still continues and all our Hooks get processed two times per Cron run for many months. We were told this would be fixed shortly, but this issue still continues today. We did a search in the Bug area but could no longer find our old Bug post? Regards, Rdavis
  7. Although our initial discounted offer is no longer available anymore our Beanstream & MES/Trident WHMCS addon Payment Gateway Module is still available for leased by a yearly payment. Along with your valid licenses lease you get one year of online support and any upgrades should they become available. All WHMCS addon modules we lease will stop working when the license lease period has expired if not renewed for another years period. See our modules at: http://www.hostmy1stweb.com/gateways.htm We support many current satisfied users in both payment gateways. Regards, Hostmy1stweb
  8. Hello, After installing patch v5212 to v5213 the ability to use the 'Whois" from the clients profile stoped working and says "Invalid Token", so we uploaded the previous version in v5212 [whois.php] size 7,828 and now the whois works once again.
  9. Hi Robert, Apologies for the confusion. I've been able to replicate this issue on my end as well, and do find this to be an issue within the software. I've opened case #3075 with our developers in order to have this resolved for future releases. Unfortunately, I cannot provide an estimated time for completion for this. However, once we resolve cases and push features they are available at our change log, here: http://changelog.whmcs.com/ In the meantime you can disable the automatic updating of exchange rates and prices under Setup > Automation Settings then manually enter the currency rate manually via visiting this url and copying the rates into your WHMCS currency section via Setup > Payments > Currencies : http://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml and optionally you can also manually update your product prices by clicking "Update Product Prices" on the Setup > Payments > Currencies page. Please refer to the relevant documentation at http://docs.whmcs.com/Currencies I apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this. If you notice any bugs in future, please use our new bug reporting tool at http://bugs.whmcs.com Regards, Ivica Customer Support
  10. After upgrade to v5.2.7 yesterday our clients can no longer download files from our WHMCS. Just as soon as they click the download link they are immediately sent to a log in screen.
  11. Hello Kgerber thanks for your question, A1. Yes, this payment module is tested in WHMCS up to V5.2.5 as we too are using it every day! A2. Specifically, for security reasons we are no longer allowed to confirm or deny what gateway works with what Bank. However you can contact your own Bank as a client/merchant and find out what processor they are using. Then contact the processor and ask what gateway they are using. As noted, this module ONLY uses the MES or Trident gateway. A3. We are not aware of "Orbital Payment Gateway". Sorry. Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Regards, Hostmy1stweb
  12. I just got passed a link via a PM to this as I was going to bed. http://localhost.re/p/solusvm-11303-vulnerabilities Its quite serious, but SolusVM has already posted a fix. Read below: ===================================================== PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY. THIS INFORMATION IS RELEVANT TO ALL VERSIONS OF SOLUSVM, INCLUDING BETA VERSIONS. A security update has now been released for the Stable and Beta versions of SolusVM. We advise you to make this update as soon as possible. To run the update you can either do it from within the SolusVM admin area or from CLI on the master server. To preform the update from CLI the commands differ depending on the version of SolusVM you are running. ================== Stable version: /scripts/upcp Beta version: /scripts/upcp-beta ================== Once the update is complete you will have the patched system. We have included the original instructions in this email that were given when the exploit was announced and before we released the patched updates. If you feel the need to remove the originally exploited file after the update you can do the following: ================== Instructions: You will need root SSH access to your master server. You are then required to delete the following file: /usr/local/solusvm/www/centralbackup.php Example: rm –f /usr/local/solusvm/www/centralbackup.php ================== Due to this exploit we are conducting a full audit of the SolusVM client area code. The audit is already underway and any updates, if needed will be released in quick succession. A full explanation of this exploit will be released in due course. We will also be reviewing the release status of version 1.14 due to the advanced security features it already contains. Thank you for your continued support and apologies for any inconvenience caused. Regards, Soluslabs Security Team
  13. Hi everyone, We check with SolusVM and received this notice below: Dear Client, Please be informed that the WHMCS latest version breaks our modules. You will get the "Unauthorized error" in most of the solusvm button in WHMCS latest version. So you need to upgrade the WHMCS-SOLUSVM module to 3.16. We have fixed most of the issues with the WHMCS latest version in our recent module with the download located here http://docs.solusvm.com/v2/Default.h...stallation.htm Thanks.
  14. Thank you for your great questions, we look forward to supplying your product needs. Regards!
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