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  1. Why should WHMCS build an expenses module? If they get too far from their core, it just slows down future features when we have way more that need to be tackled. For instance, with cPanel (and maybe others), why do we need to create a hosting account so that users can manage DNS records. We shouldn't especially with the new cPanel pricing model. WHMCS at its core should know when a domain only customer or admin creates a hosting account that the proper cPanel API's are used to create the new hosting account. This is a WAY higher priority IMHO than an expenses module since they exist now. There is NO third party module for DNS management that does what I just described. Not even Modules Garden DNS manager does this. Big gap in the WHMC/cPanel market features.
  2. @zitu4life https://www.whmcstech.com/whmcs-tech-expense-manager.html https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3645 https://www.easywhmcs.com/addons/expenses
  3. That's typically handled by cPanel/WHM and other server management systems. I know ModulesGarden (and a couple other vendors) have DNS modules you could look at to automate this.
  4. We purchased an expenses module from a third party a while back so something exists for that.
  5. @Remitur, good point and this would need to be a module vs using the Rules feature in WHMCS from what I'm thinking? Or would the two be used together?
  6. Here's the link. Its still under moderation so, give it a few days ;) https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/addticketreply-api-function-addition Thanks for all the great suggestions
  7. Great thinking and yes, it would create a looping reply when you checked for [merged] in the subject. I added this as a feature request but, I know it could be years or never for an API to get added ;)
  8. Maybe this could be handled via an API trigger?
  9. I don't know of a setting or a way to do this but, maybe someone has done this or knows of a way. We get a LOT of customers who never read the headings in our emails discussing tickets, replies and avoiding duplicate ticket numbers. Any to the question.. Anyone of a way that when you merge two tickets that a templated email could be sent or some other way to auto-repond when two tickets are merged by the admin. We seem to have to use the pre-defined replies a lot for this and this one feature could remove a headache.
  10. From what we can tell, their support group doesn't even know they developed a module and support has been poor on this module. We're looking into ResellerClub and ResellerClub modules for this.
  11. We've seen that in the past where switching does that but, we haven't switched to a client session in months. The autosave is the only thing keeping us sane with the short session times.
  12. Thanks John. Fortunately, we're on a stable 100mb Comcast connection and the IP we have is the same one since day 1 of the install. I understand what your saying about an IP change because cPanel for security reasons does something similar by logging you out. As for the session IP check, we've never had that enabled and this problem persists. Good news is, if we do change IP's via VPN or mobile connect, WHMCS does force us to re-login on the admin side.
  13. Its random for us. Can be 2 minutes or 5 minutes but, its guaranteed to happen. The whole refresh thing I guess is getting long in the tooth with us. None of our other web based systems do this.
  14. Oh yeah! Thats the first thing that gets checked when logging in. It never kicks us out of the admin so, I'm assuming that the remember me check worked.
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