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  1. I only trust two people to do anything on our WHMCS: WHMCS and sparky
  2. Hi Guys, Got a problem here and dont have a clue what it is! I am on Version: 4.3.1 and when I go into the products and service set up the last tab was called links and this has all the link URL to that product. However I have gone in tonight and this tab has gone, I have looked on the demo to make sure I have not lost it but it is on that! Any clues at to what the issue is? Cheers Jim
  3. Send an email to support WHMCS have an addon that can be used to set up Heart Internet on whmcs
  4. Hi Guys, Try this..... Go to products and services and find the product you are testing, go into the and head to the module table (this is the cpanel set up bit) look at the bottom and make sure its set to either: Automatically setup the product as soon as an order is placed Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received Then click save and try it again and it should work. Cheers Jim
  5. I would like to 2nd this Matt and the team give great service and it is nice to know that if you need help the team over at WHMCS are only a click away. If you are looking for a solution to your billing for your hosting stop looking you found it! and as that merkat would say......... Simples !
  6. Hi Easyhost, Thanks for your post. We have found that if you add the following to your invoice email: By paying this invoice you are agreeing to our T & C and we are also going to be putting on our checkout the fact that if you pay for the order you will be bound by our T & C with a link to them. We have had it confirmed that by doing this is withiin the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 act. Hope this helps. Cheers Jim
  7. We have the very same problems it has not been working since the 19th of this month.
  8. Hello All Can anyone point me in the right area here, We are trying to find out before we start if there is anyplace we can do to get knowledge base articles for our WHMCS knowledge base? Regards Jim
  9. Hi All, I am keen to find out if there is such a company based within the UK that provides the same services as the likes of total support and bobcares. Does anyone happen to know of any? Regards Jim
  10. Hi Dave, I use these on my WHMCS and they are free hope this helps: http://dryicons.com/free-icons/
  11. Hello All, I am looking to set up a checkout option to pay by invoice but only for current clients and do not want to offer this to new clients how is the best way to offer pay by invoice to current clients only on the checkout page? Regards Jim
  12. Yes but that does not put the padlock in the address bar like the other SSL pages
  13. Hello All, I have made a custom page but I need to have this page as HTTPS can anyone help with a code that will make the custom page show as HTTPS like the way it does when you say go to the cart or log in page. Regards Jim
  14. I have got this working on my website but wanted to find out how can I change it so that the clients website addrress shows rather then the clients email address?
  15. Hello All, Can anyone help me please? I need to add two items to the quick navigation area on the portal template what I need to confirm is do I edit the footer tpl and php? Many Thanks Jim
  16. Hello All, Hope we are well? I wanted to find out when you add a new network issue does this sent a email out to all the clients to advise them? and if not how can I set this up to do that? Regards Jim
  17. I am trying to get my client area page not to show the right hand menu/nav bar so I take it this will do that? and if so where would I put this on the page?
  18. Hello All I am just getting my head around the templates! but what I wanted to know what this how do you go about adding your own text into the templates? Cheers Jim
  19. Hi Sparky, just wanted to say the client area template is great money well spent thank you!
  20. Hello Sorry to sound thick here but I have an option on my check out page asking my customers where they found us, and I would like to run a report each month that shows me where people are finding my site so that I know what is working and what is not. How is the best way to do this? Regards Jim
  21. Hi There, I may have picked this up wrong but I think I have had the very same problem. WHMCS system was taking the orders and whm was not setting up the account it turns out the problem is the way I set up my hosting plans. What got me was the X3 style of Cpanel you need to make sure if you have a cpanel style that you have the font in the same side as your WHM. To get round this I just coypied the details from my WHM to my WHMC and bingo it worked. Hopes this helps? Regards Jim
  22. Hello All , I am sorry if there is a post here about this but I could not find one! What I am trying to do is offer a affiliate payment on configurable options also, What I have is a Globalsign module where the customer orders say a one year domainSSL and then has the option to upgrade to 2,3,4 and 5 years. I am trying to set this up as follows: A order for one year SSL would pay £££ but for each upgraded year the customer upgraded this would increase the payout to the affiliate. So it would work like this: 1 year SSL order = £10 but upgrade to a 2 year = £20 3 year =£30 and so on... Any help would be great. Many thanks Jim
  23. Hi Spakry, Hope your well? Is the PDF invoice easy to set up?
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