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  1. Ve a Configuración General --> Dominios: Marca las casillas de Opciones de Registro de Dominios y prueba de nuevo
  2. For security reasons the password field is always masked. You should modify your template by adding the link to reset their password. Once your clients have received the email, delete the link from the template.
  3. Desde el panel admin sí puedes cambiar la moneda para el cliente, sin embargo los valores te quedarán con los de la moneda anterior. Por ejemplo. ARS tenía un valor de 1000, al cambiarlo a Dólares quedarán esos 1000 pero con el signo $. Será un desastre.
  4. This is a stupid question but... Are you filling that form correctly? You have to type the ".com" part in order to continue.
  5. Hello, In order to free some space we decided to prune all attachments. Issue is it reports 44 attachments using 0 space on disk. We checked the folder and there are no attachments. The folder is empty. How can we set the attachment count back to 0? Thanks for your great help. Regards,
  6. Hello, We are no longer offering the ability to use customized Nameservers for our VPS servers and are looking for a solution on how to remove the fields from the order form. The problem is while hiding the options the fields will remain hidden when ordering a dedicated server, also. Any way to achieve this? Thanks in advance for your great help.
  7. Well I found out how to do it. Set up -->Applicaton Links.
  8. Hello, I have seen some customers' cPanels that have an integrated block of WHMCS options like Open a Support Ticket, View Invoices, Register a new domain, etc. The block looks like the rest of the block options in cPanel Email, Domains, Stats, Files, etc. Is there a plug in to achieve this or how is it made. If this question does not belong here please move it accordingly. Thanks for all the help. Regards, Fernando
  9. I had the same issue. WHMCS configures de account on the server BUT you have to manually go to WHM --> Resellers--> Reseler Center and from there provide Reseller's rights to the account. Regards,
  10. Setup --> Automation Settings --> Billing Settings Invoice Generation, allí colocas el número de días anticipados que quieres que la factura se genere.
  11. What he wants to do is pass a custom field through URL into the Ajax form... Not having the customer fill a custom field in the Ajax form. :?
  12. Has anyone found the solution to the domain registration / transfer only? I tried to add it... no success
  13. Read post #100 on this thread, nice solution he posted there!
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