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  1. Well I found out how to do it. Set up -->Applicaton Links.
  2. Hello, I have seen some customers' cPanels that have an integrated block of WHMCS options like Open a Support Ticket, View Invoices, Register a new domain, etc. The block looks like the rest of the block options in cPanel Email, Domains, Stats, Files, etc. Is there a plug in to achieve this or how is it made. If this question does not belong here please move it accordingly. Thanks for all the help. Regards, Fernando
  3. I had the same issue. WHMCS configures de account on the server BUT you have to manually go to WHM --> Resellers--> Reseler Center and from there provide Reseller's rights to the account. Regards,
  4. Setup --> Automation Settings --> Billing Settings Invoice Generation, allí colocas el número de días anticipados que quieres que la factura se genere.
  5. What he wants to do is pass a custom field through URL into the Ajax form... Not having the customer fill a custom field in the Ajax form. :?
  6. Has anyone found the solution to the domain registration / transfer only? I tried to add it... no success
  7. Read post #100 on this thread, nice solution he posted there!
  8. @ServWise.com Have you been able to pass the correct lang values to the pdf invoice? This is the part where I got stuck!! I think already have all files edited and working on Version 4.3.1, Admin area looks like a war zone, though... hehe
  9. From the "Product / Services -->Edit Product / Service --> Links Tab" you can get the direct link to use the new Ajax order form as well as other options. Regards, Fernando
  10. When customer changes language, it's annoying! I got various complaints from customers stating that when trying to make a purchase, if they switch languages, their cart gets emptied and had to start the process all over again. I use Direct Shopping Cart Links and have my products hidded from the list since I haven't had the time to implement the "multilanguage product description mod". I have descriptions within my site and the customer just clicks the "Buy now" or "Compre ahora" button. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks for your help. Regards, Fernando
  11. Ohhh, that's nice. Thanks for your help. Regards, Fernando
  12. I didn't see this one when I enabled 2CheckOut. I had to visit the Payment Gateways page to enable Paypal and noticed these two new fields in the 2Checkout window: API Username API Password I went to my 2CheckOut panel and cannot find the information to enter here. Is this necessary? How do I enable it? What is it for? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards, Fernando
  13. If you edited in any way the email templates, then most surely reason is you are missing a { or a } somewhere. I would recommend you check which templates are giving you this problem and re-do them.
  14. You have to import and assign domains manually to the client.
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