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  1. Thank you for the quick fix John. To be fair, it was a genuine bug and nothing malicious - and was fixed quickly. Was simply a case of my support expiry date being before the originally planned release date for 8.3.
  2. I have an owned license, which still has a current Support & Updates subscription. I am aware I will need to switch to monthly billing when this period ends. Having updated to 8.3, I can now no longer access my installation as I'm getting the following error: RENEWAL REQUIRED You are using an Owned License for which the support & updates validity period expired before this release. To use this version of WHMCS, you must purchase a new license key. Do you have a fix for this bug or is it intended to make us have to upgrade early?
  3. Hi, Same issue here - I'm having to make the FTP accounts manually.
  4. In our case it turned out to be a security header issue due to the way Stripe handles connections to avoid data hitting your server. If you have some additional security headers set, I'd suggest looking there for a solution.
  5. @pjs32 DId you ever manage to find a fix for this? I have the same issue and WHMCS support were unable to resolve it.
  6. I'm having this same issue all over the site - looks dreadful 😞
  7. We really like PayPoint (formerly SecPay) - we've been using them for about 8 years and they've been really good, very reasonable pricing too.
  8. Hello I've been using Secpay for years, but all of a sudden it's stopped working - with the error: CURL Error couldn't connect to host It's definitely not the firewall, and PayPoint/Secpay assure me they are not blocking me and there is no fault at their end. Anyone have any ideas, it's a real pain Thanks Phil
  9. Hello My charset is, and always has been, set to utf-8 and I get the stuck on loading with new tickets problem too. Thanks Phil
  10. Hello, I'm considering switching to SagePay from SecPay, but with sagepay they have three options - Form, Direct and Server. I really want to use Server, but I don't know if this is supported by the Payment Gateway module in WHMCS? If anyone can clarify this for me, I'd be very grateful. Thanks Philip
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