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  1. I am now getting the following errors: PHP Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '../../../init.php' in worldpayfuturepay.php on line 0 Our init.php is only 2 levels up from the worldpayfuturepay.php, not 3 Please advise urgently. - - - Updated - - - I realise my mistake now, I did not place the file in the callbacks folder.
  2. We opened a ticket as we have exactly the same issue, it only applies to new agreements, all old agreements are still being collected, the case number is: #4061
  3. I'm using 4.4.2 and my registrar lock button is missing on the admin side as well as the client side, is this the same issue?
  4. Here is an update of the code which fixes a lot of the above bugs, again - this may work for some of you and not for others, I am using it successfully at the moment but you are using this at your own risk, as with everything backup first! opensrsexisting.zip
  5. Thanks Eric, I just got to the same conclusion and was about to post here when I noticed you already found the error, yes it looks like opensrs change the api format slightly, for anyone using this code please implement the fix: Change the following code in namspinner.tpl From: $lookups = $spinnerresults->body->data_block->dt_assoc->item[4]->dt_assoc->item->dt_assoc->item[4]->dt_array->item; To: $lookups = $spinnerresults->body->data_block->dt_assoc->item[5]->dt_assoc->item->dt_assoc->item[4]->dt_array->item; Thanks to efisher for the fix.
  6. http://www.register-domain-names.com/index.php, put a string in DOMAIN WIZARD
  7. Upgrade was fine, only one problem so far with opensrs integration, but I iopened a ticket and the staff fixed it immediately.
  8. My bad, sorry, this is a rar archive not a zip, please rename to .rar, it seems .rar files are not in the allowed file types to upload.
  9. Sorry, I should have given instructions, my bad. 1. Create a new file in the whmcs root directory specifying namespinner as the template name - see the whmcs docs on creating pages, this doesnt really do anything, just displays the template. 2. Create a form with a textfield called searchstr, with the form action pointing to the new namespinner.php page you created. 3. Modify the namespinner.tpl page and put in your own opensrs reseller details. Sequence - Form posts searchstr value to namespinner.php (which doesnt do anything, only displays the template) namespinner template file gets the posted search string and uses the opensrs domain_suggest api method to return the results. If anything is unclear just let me know.
  10. There is a need to be able to set the tax exempt status of a client based on very complicated tax rules, the main thread about it is here There is a thread describing the new features of version 4 with this: "Optional VAT Number Validation Action Hook for verifying supplied VAT number is valid and setting tax exempt status on client for order" Can anyone tell me anything about this functionality as I cannot find it in the docs or the forums?
  11. I have developed a namespinner for opensrs, feel free to use / modify it. namespinner.zip
  12. The opensrs module that ships with whmcs is very good, but if you have existing opensrs users you have a slight problem using the module as the normal module stores the domain username & password when it registers the domain - opensrs is unusual as it requires a different username / password combo for each domain, you cant just use the reseller details and there is nowhere to put an existing opensrs domain username & password (if you know them). I have created a module to allow integration with opensrs using the subscription field to store the username & password for the domain as I have no use of this field. The module uses the open source opensrs-php library which is the same libary used by whmcs within the normal opensrs module. Features supported: Get / save Nameservers Get / save Registrar lock Get / save Contact details Get EPP Code Renew NOT Implemented: Register - you should use the normal opensrs module for new domains All the DNS / Email Forwarding functionality Transfer The code is provided as is, dont blame me if it messes your system up, backup everything first. Install instructions: Create a new directory in your modules/registars directory called opensrsexisting and put the files in there. Put your live / test api keys in the config section Modify an existing domain - one which you have the opensrs domain username & password, put it into the subscription id field in the following format: username/password Bill Chalmers opensrsexisting.zip
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