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  1. Hey anyone used the WHMCS2WHMCS Importer and not had the credit card expiration date import correctly? This was on version 4.2.1 to 4.2.1 of WHMCS.
  2. fivebean

    Prorata problems on new orders

    Contact Matt for a patch until 4.0.1
  3. fivebean

    Prorata problems on new orders

    Having the same problem its actually billing people 2 months out. 6/1/2009 - 8/1/2009 I sent in a support ticket so we'll see what happens.
  4. fivebean

    HyperVM - IP Retrieval

    Create a custom textbox field on the product and give it the name "IP Addresses" without the quotes and then it will populate with the IP address.
  5. fivebean

    Recommend some Live Help application

    Another interesting one that is free http://www.hab.la for the basic version.
  6. fivebean

    Recommend some Live Help application

    I'm currently testing out http://www.websitealive.com its web based which is good for me as I use a Mac and Linux. It comes with a 10 day trial and its easy to use and works rather well.
  7. I am also seeing this problem.
  8. fivebean

    Paypal IPN setup

    I have the same problem on my paypal account. However, someplace I found information on using the following URL for IPN. I haven't tested it all the way yet. https://yourdomain/whmcs/modules/gateways/paypal.php

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