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  1. Glad to hear it. Yeah I reached out to a bunch of resellers and chose hexonet based on their responsive and their prices. They have been great so far - a million times better than enom for sure.
  2. Because WHMCS gets a hefty commission when you sign up for an eNom reseller through their link. You effectively become a sub-reseller of WHMCS. I have found Hexonet to be 100x better. They will match or beat any prices from eNom and their WHMCS module is updated very often. Their support is also much better. They also let you refill with credit card with no additional fees, whereas eNom charges some insane 5% which you have to tack on to all your prices.
  3. WHM/cPanel just had an enormous price increase, and I would no longer consider them a reliable partner to start a web hosting company with. You may want to look at DirectAdmin instead.
  4. Tons of people are asking for this feature to be removed - or at least giving us the option to do so. We are all employing hacks or workarounds to remove this (completely pointless) feature, but we would greatly appreciate the option to simply remove it properly. WHMCS has not responded to any of the inquiries regarding this and I have no idea why. Bringing this issue up again so it is not forgotten.
  5. Great idea Dennis!
  6. Yes you can do an internal push. Ironically we originally pushed our domains OUT of our WHMCS sub-reseller account so we could get their platinum status. Now with their new requirements it does in fact make sense to push them back.
  7. Are there transfer verification emails sent out by eNom? Is there any way to disable these and just have the transfers processed automatically? We would notify our clients and let them know, and then we could just disable the enom "renew" function and transfer them all manually as they come up for renewal...
  8. Is anyone still using eNom? How are people dealing with their constant price increases? They have become as unreliable a partner as cPanel. We got yet another email last night about price increases - unfortunately we still have a ton of domains with them and are kind of stuck. Does anyone have advice on how to transfer out en masse? ie some strategy for transferring out on renewal? Now in addition to the annual spend requirements, they have minimum registration requirements - ie you have to spend $x per year AND register x new domains to maintain your status. We have moved all our new registrations to Hexonet a few years ago because their prices are WAY better, so we register 0 new domains with eNom. I'm trying to rid ourselves of partners I consider unreliable like cPanel and eNom to not have to dread every email that comes from them and just waiting for the next price increase. As an aside, I highly recommend everyone reach out to Hexonet - their prices are dramatically better than even eNom's "Platinum Plus" tier, and they are very flexible. Support has been excellent (they reply in minutes, vs weeks from eNom), and their WHMCS integration is also much better.
  9. Is WHMCS ever going to reply to the massive demand there is to remove this annoying "feature"?
  10. To be honest this is more of a WHMCS bug than a necessary customization. The way they show pricing by default is very counter intuitive
  11. On our website - like that I would imagine of every web hosting company - we show the prices based on the cheapest possible payment term. ie it's cheaper on annual terms vs monthly terms. Yet on the whmcs built-in product page, it only shows the HIGHEST possible price - ie the monthly term. Clients always email us at this point and say "wait a minute - I thought it was xxx per year". Why can't the shopping cart page show something like "from xxx per month", with the price based on the lowest possible price. Or at least indicate to clients that they will have the option to choose pricing terms on the following page somehow. As it is, the way pricing is displayed is very confusing. Edit: our way around this confusion is to include in the product description that "the price is xxx on annual terms or yyy on monthly terms", just so clients don't get confused and email us, but this is really just an ugly hack.
  12. The built-in WHMCS Marketplace prices are atrocious and should not even be considered. We switched to GoGetSSL ourselves and could not be happier. Prices are excellent and their support is great (always reply within 5 minutes).
  13. We have a client on a reseller plan. The invoice for the renewal of this plan was generated on dec 23, 2019, and due on jan 6, 2020. The client never paid the invoice, and eventually the account was terminated. On Jan 21, 2020 (today), the system generated a usage-based invoice. Since the reseller account was not over the number of included sub-accounts, the invoice total was 0, and the client got an invoice payment confirmation for the 0 amount. The invoice is marked as paid. This seems like another bug. This is obviously very confusing to the client to get an invoice payment confirmation email after the account has already been terminated.
  14. FYI this has been acknowledged as a bug, CORE-14191, which should be fixed in the next release. Considering the severity of this issue (like the last few payment-related issues we have posted), I'm surprised it has gone unnoticed...
  15. When a new or old client - with no payment methods on file - attempts to pay an invoice, they get the following error: The following errors occurred:Invalid Payment Method Selection This error *only* occurs when they set the "save my credit card details" option to "no". When they set the option to "yes" (ie save the credit card), then they payment goes through fine. If they pay with an existing credit card on file it also works fine. We are using the default invoice payment template (from six) with no changes. We are using our own credit card payment module. Any ideas what could be causing this? Is this a bug?
  16. Removing the 1 year option is definitely not ideal, as some clients will want to drop it back down.
  17. When a client adds a domain name to their shopping cart (new registration), it's added with a default of 1 year. They do have an option of increasing the number of years manually in the shopping cart. In older versions of WHMCS we modified the shopping cart template to make the default number of years to 2 - that way most clients would leave it at 2, instead of manually dropping it down to 1. Any ideas what hook would we use to accomplish this?
  18. It will take some time, but cPanel's greed will cost them. The industry will move on to other options - it already is.
  19. We have the same issue - when a client logs in to the WHMCS client area it shows that on the homepage that they have x number of "overdue" invoices, where in fact they are just unpaid invoices that are not yet due. These invoices have no payments against them. It seems to simply be using the wrong language string. This is a fairly major issue as now all of our clients log in and panic assuming they have an overdue invoice that will result in service suspension, where this is in fact not the case.
  20. FYI WHMCS has confirmed this is a bug: Thank you for following up. The initial issue (the validation of the CVV field) has been confirmed and opened as case #CORE-13710 with our development team for further investigation and correction. In the meantime, the fix provided in the community thread should be sufficient to work around it.
  21. Is it possible that our own custom gateway is "requiring" the CVV for some reason? If so, how do we remove this requirement. Our payment module is very simple and I don't see any documentation in your gateway module development docs to indicate how to make the CVV an optional field. This seems to be a similar issue to the one described here:
  22. We're using our own custom gateway, but the issue also occurs when using a built in gateway like offline payment. The issue isnt with the gateway itself, it's with the javascript.
  23. None of our existing clients were able to checkout since we upgraded to 7.8 - even after switching back to the standard six theme and standard_cart. Eventually we realized that even though the client was using their "existing card" and filling in the existing card CVV field on the checkout page, WHMCS would not let them click Complete Order because it was trying to verify the CVV in the "enter new card" section. We fixed this by editing templates/orderforms/standard_cart/js/scripts.js and moving this verification: if (!jQuery.payment.validateCardCVC(checkoutForm.find('#inputCardCVV').val(), cardType)) { checkoutForm.find('#inputCardCVV').showInputError(); submit = false; } Inside the if (newOrExisting === 'new') { conditional. This solved the issue. You then have to re-minify it and modify the scripts.min.js accordingly Considering this should affect everyone, I'm surprised no one else has pointed it out yet...
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