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  1. Sorry I got it wrong, you need two names in the files, one name when the invoice is open and one when the invoice is paid. Cool this idea also had thinking about it before.
  2. Changing/Translating Filename The default filename for invoices is Invoice-xxx. For quotes, this is Quote-xxx. For both, xxx is the ID of the invoice or quote. It may be desirable to change the filenames the clients see or translate into other languages. Achieve this in the same way as any text within WHMCS, by using the Language Files. Look for these strings: $_LANG['invoicefilename'] = "Invoice-"; $_LANG['quotefilename'] = "Quote-";
  3. Hello Matt Excuse me my expired my licence and I can not open the site some days here in Brazil, could activate it until I can open the site whmcs.com Product/Service: Monthly Lease No Branding Thanks Maison
  4. Hello I stopped by to translate for WHMCS to translate the portion of the ticket for my language when I answer a ticket to registered client it generates an invoice with value 0 and sends to the email for client in response from the ticket invoice created and paid the bill! Sorry for the english Thanks Maison
  5. O pessoal brasileiro sumiu, vi esse post a um tempão atrás e nenhuma pessoa respondeu, nem mesmo o famoso Edvan. Obrigado pelo bem vindo
  6. Yes, I spoke with the Register and all is correct! I can only change the NS can not change the DNS Thanks Maison
  7. Hi I've configured the module stargate domain, the NS appears correctly but when configuring the DNS Host Records appears the error below http://zimbahost.srsportal.com/servlet/ManageServiceServletForAPI?orderid=XXXXXXXX&auth-token=&service-name=dns [r6] Error Message: Please provide valid login Credentials.Invalid Login Credentials. If you do not understand the error message above, Please click here to contact our Support Desk >> Thanks Maison
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