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  1. @WGS It seems you moved from copying contents to paying money trying to hurt our website with negative SEO. Nicely done ๐Ÿ‘ I've got two words for you: Stop wasting money. It doesn't work as I know how to deal with negative SEO Do you want me to post details? ๐Ÿ˜›
  2. For sure it doesn't stop PayPal. But the thing is that from time to time Subscription IDs disappear without any human intervention. I suspect there's something in WHMCS that triggers the deletion automatically but I can't find anything.
  3. Nah, one day I will release it. It's just that atm I have other (boring) priorities.
  4. Is there a function or event in WHMCS that deletes existing subscription IDs? I'm asking this because from time to time I see PayPal sending automatic payments but the product/service in question doesn't have any "Subscription ID". This field is empty but for sure it wasn't in past. Whut? ๐Ÿคจ
  5. As far as I know there's no ready-to-use solution but it's doable. Last year I created and used a one-click signup & order page for myself and for a couple of customers. All it takes is name and email. Optionally you can subscribe to newsletter. When you press the yellow button (purchase), the script creates the order and redirects the visitor to the newly issued invoice. The visitor can pay the invoice and browse clientarea since the script performs automatic login. After X number of days I force the customer to provide me full details (address, city, country etc.). It can be adapted to work with anything (quotes, tickets...). I was planning to release it for free and open source but this system is based on AutoAuth that will be removed in v8.1 ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ In other words I should make it work also with Single Sign-On (as if it wasn't already difficult enough) . Right now I don't want to. Maybe next year.
  6. 100% agree. For me April 30th 2021 is the the right date for upgrade. No hurry.
  7. With these rules: RewriteRule ^register$ ./cart.php?a=add&domain=register [L] RewriteRule ^transfer$ ./cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer [L] You should get example.com/register and example.com/transfer but be aware of the following: Visitors can register from register.php. Make sure you're not rewriting this page as register already It's just a quick link, something can be dictated over the phone. There's no SEO involved here As soon as you click any link on the page you're back to the old cart.php?a=add&domain=register style. There's a way to make it work with /register, /transfer or even /hosting-linux-silver but it takes too much efforts with laughable improvements from an SEO perspective (SEO-Friendly URLs are a minor ranking factor... they are almost worthless)
  8. Kian


    Disable hook points one by one till WHMCS runs smoothly.
  9. On 10/10/2019 Mike, one of your customers, orders a domain for 10 euro. WHMCS generates Proforma #500. Mike decides to pay it creating recurring subscription with PayPal. Proforma #500 becomes Invoice #100 of 10/10/2019. 11 months later, on 10/09/2019, Mike realizes that the domain is expirying next month then he immediately places an order for renewal. He forgot there was the recurring subscription. WHMCS generates Proforma #2500. Mark sends the payment. Proforma #2500 becomes Invoice #150 of 10/09/2019 and here comes the problem. A month later, PayPal automatically sends the payment (the recurring subscription). There's nothing to pay as the domain has been renewed already so WHMCS "elegantly" adds the transaction to the "closest" invoice. That's how Invoice #150 of 10/09/2019 (10 euro) becomes Invoice #150 of 10/10/2019 (20 euro) ๐Ÿ˜ต Lot of fun. That is absolutely wrong on so many levels especially if you're issuing electronic invoices. And I'm just talking about recurring subscriptions. It can happen in other ways. This story can repeat forever as long as overpayments keep occurring. I've seen a lot of systems with invoices moving from 2012 to 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017... ๐Ÿฅถ Yes, invoices can even change fiscal year. Imagine your face when you issue more than 15k invoices per year. As if it wasn't enough complicated, we have taxes but that's another funny story.
  10. You're missing my point. Is it normal in the Netherland (or any other country) to have invoices moving from one date to another even changing fiscal year? Is it normal to add transactions, change dates and alter amounts on invoices that have been accounted months/years ago? I don't think so. Invoices are something official, you can't play with them especially with things like electronic invoicing. Side note. As for gift cards, it depends. In some countries single-purpose gift cards must include taxes hence the problem extends to add funds invoices.
  11. That's the point. Add funds invoices issued by WHMCS are not correct. Let's say I add 100 euro of funds. WHMCS issues an invoice with 100 euro an no VAT. In "civilized" countries this is illegal as you're not charging VAT for a payment you are receiving. Add funds must include VAT. Always. VAT-free invoices exist but they're for things like special tax districts, reverse-charge, VIES, split payment etc. That said, overpayments, being a sort of "add funds", are also incorrect. Not only it is terribly incorrect but having invoices that change their dates based on overpayments is a nightmare for any accountant. How can an invoice issued in 2019 move to 2020? Not to mention that changes to existing invoices are not allowed. But WHMCS freely adds transactions, it changes dates and even fiscal year... how is it considered "normal"? Converting overpayments into credit is perfectly fine as long as you don't cause billing errors and break laws.
  12. I'm saying that in many countries you are required by law to issue invoices for overpayment immediatelly or within a certain period of time. You can't just use credit balance adjustment and wait for subsequent invoices for a number of reasons: If the overpayment occurs X days later when the proforma already turned into an invoice, WHMCS overwrites its date messing up invoice sequential numbering. An invoice from 2019 could easily end up in 2020, 2021, 2022 etc. as long as the overpayment still occurs The fact that WHMCS "moves" invoices puts you at risk of making mistakes on your taxes Overpayments must include taxes as soon as you receive money. You can't postpone it, not even for 1 day. Imagine what happens with VAT rate changes over the years (example: you receive the overpayment in 2020 when VAT rate is 20% and the resulting credit is applied on invoices of 2021 with VAT rate 21% ๐Ÿคจ) That's boring.
  13. ... invoice fraud is just around the corner as you're getting the overpayment without issuing a customer invoice ๐Ÿ‘ I'm just saying it. Sadly you need more than AddTransaction.
  14. Securing WHMCS We're pleased to announce we're working on releasing our second free module for WHMCS. In case you missed the first, it's named Plesk Checker. It lets you quickly identify problems in the integration between WHMCS and Plesk. This time we want to open source a script we used internally for years to help our customers to fix compromised installations of WHMCS. Here is the dashboard (click to enlarge). Watchdog Features The script performs file system integrity checks to detect: Compromised files that could potentially threaten your core install (eg. malwares, files with injections) Intruders. Unknown files that require your attention as they could be legitimate scripts of backdoors Missing files that could cause unexpected errors Anomalous and suspicious files buried deep within directories You can inspect all findings to take the appropriate actions but the module can also be configured to automatically deal with such files. The module verifies checksums of all .php files and performs checks every X hours. When a compromised file is detected, optionally the module can automatically take any of the following actions. Neutralize file so that it can't be used to harm your system (quarantine) Send notifications to selected administrators Watchdog Settings All settings can be changed from the following simple and intuitive interface. Please keep in mind that the module is not ready for use as we're still working on it. It won't take much time since we're "converting" a stand-alone script to make it work as a WHMCS Addon module. Get Involved! Follow the project on Github to send suggestions and be the first to use it once it will be ready for use! Follow Us on Github Looking for other free scripts? Take a look at our huge collection of Action Hooks and Reports for WHMCS.
  15. As you probably know WHMCS v8 no longer provides statistics on top of the page about pending orders, overdue invoices and tickets awaiting reply. This action hook adds them back to interface as you can see from the following screenshot. This badge is fully responsive and appears if there's at least one pending order, overdue invoice or ticket awaiting reply. If there's nothing to show it disappears. To avoid any possibility of confusion, the hook automatically detects if you're running v8. Get the Code ยป
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