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  1. You can get all information you need from invoice ID. For example... SELECT t1.userid, t1.relid AS hostingid FROM tblinvoiceitems AS t1 LEFT JOIN tblhosting AS t2 ON t1.relid = t2.id WHERE t1.invoiceid = '917' AND t1.type = "Hosting" AND t2.packageid IN ("4", "5", "6") I'm selecting from invoice "917" all "Hosting" items with package ID equal to 4, 5 or 6 (eg. VPS silver, VPS gold, VPS platinum). This way I can get an array that looks like follows: Array ( [userID] => 18 [hostingID] => Array ( [0] => 117 [1] => 118 [2] => 120 ) )
  2. With javascript / jQuery in AdminAreaHeaderOutput. See the example below: <?php add_hook('AdminAreaHeaderOutput', 1, function($vars) { if ($vars['filename'] == 'configgeneral') { $output .= '<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#tab1").prepend("<div class=\"alert alert-info\"><h4><strong>I\'m sexy...</strong></h4><p>And I know it!</p></div>"); }); </script>'; return $output; } }); Result: Use the same approach to add your href next to server names.
  3. Kian

    redirection after the payment

    Use this hook point. You'll need to use invoiceid parameter to perform a query to look for your product ID 5 and 6. You'll need to join tblinvoiceitems with tblhosting. Once done, you can perform your redirect. Here you can find all details about hooks.
  4. We're now at version 2.2.72 and I'm starting to hate European Union 😑 Crazy Europe Monaco is not an EU Member State but it's part of France territory for VAT purposes therefore it works like an Intra-EU country. As if it wasn't enough it uses French VAT numbers that start with FR prefix even though its country code is MC. VIES wants VAT Numbers with FR prefix but Italian Revenue Agency wants MC for electronic invoicing. Isle of Man is another country, place, territory, planet, star, universe, TV series (I don't care anymore) that loves to complicate things. It's a tax haven blacklisted (or gray listed) by EU and a territory of UK that is going to leave EU (how? when?). What about Greece? Its ISO code is GR but loves to call himself EL. Austria? AT? Nope, ATU. San Marino? Let's just say that they love to "talk" with Italian Revenue Agency of a specific italian city! Cyprus British overseas territory? I stop here. Apart from my rant, the good news is that the latest version of BX handles Monaco and Isle of Man properly. All other stuff like Greece and Austria were already supported. I perfectly understand why WHMCS doesn't want to deal with billing. Wise choice! 👍
  5. @Ithiel I have a question for you. Let's ignore for a moment ABN and just focus on RCTI. At the end of the day, isn't RCTI just a credit note? Right now I issue a credit note when I need to: Refund a payment Reverse an invoice Give money to a customer for any reason By issuing a credit note I'm stating that a certain amount has been credited to customer. I'm starting to think that we can use it also for commissions. Let me show you an example. Thanks to Mike (sales agent), Sara pays you 1000 euro. Few weeks later Mike sends a withdrawal request since he wants his 20%. From WHMCS you issue a credit note of 200 euro. The credit note has the following content: Detailed description (eg. 20% of 1000 euro paid by Sara for Dedicated Server XXL) Written agreement (eg. The recipient and the supplier declare that this agreement relates to the above supplies...) Tax depends on what ABN says I could override "Credit note #120" with "Recipient Created tax Invoice #120" or "RCTI #120" just for credit notes involving commissions (I can detect them) I can automatically issue the RCTI every 28 days if there's at least a commission to pay To me RCTI looks exactly like a credit note with few more details (ABC, Written agreement...). Am I wrong? Nice, this way I can ask questions to two people 😁
  6. Obviously you can't create an account that already exists on WHM. Read this article.
  7. Kian

    bugs in latest version

    It keeps your brain young 🙂
  8. I'll let you know if I manage to find it. In the meantime I found an old txt I wrote in 2010. It lists all parameters that were available at that time. The script was based on this PHP class released by cPanel. cPanel: ftpaccounts perlversion dedicatedip hostname operatingsystem sendmailpath autoresponders perlpath emailforwarders bandwidthusage emailfilters mailinglists diskusage phpversion sqldatabases apacheversion kernelversion shorthostname parkeddomains cpanelbuild theme addondomains cpanelrevision mysqldiskusage mysqlversion subdomains postgresdiskusage sharedip hostingpackage emailaccounts LVE (average, max, limit): cpu vmem pmem ep io vmemf (faults) pmemf (faults) epf (faults)
  9. Kian

    WHMCS Deletion.

    Wait. I thought you wanted to "Delete Clients". Are you sure you want to empty all the tables that contain clients data (all clients)? If so, you can run that query.
  10. What if... I register all domains using a generic email like for example domains@mycompany.com. This way I receive all emails from Namecheap. With a cron that runs every 5 minutes I download received emails and re-send them to the real owner (we know who's the owner of every domain from WHMCS). The only exception is for the "spam" that Namecheap sends. As soon as the script detects the spam it kills the email or removes the spam before sending the email. Is it against the rules?
  11. Kian

    SendEmail API and cc address

    As far as I know it's not possible. SendEmail uses IDs/RelIDs to send emails so there's no way to specify an address. The good news is that you can freely send emails with CC, BCC and even with different SMTP credentials by directly including vendor/phpMailer class (I can't remember the right path atm). It's the same that WHMCS uses to send email.
  12. Yep, it's the typical shady situation.
  13. Yes and no. As you probably already know, every TLD has its own rules. For example NicIT (.it domains) forces Registrars to provide a "drop-time" service to end-users so that they know when domains expire. It doesn't matter if the domain has been sold by a Reseller. Registrars must send expiration notices otherwise they would be responsibile for Resellers refusing or forgetting to send reminders to end-users. From my experience 99% of Registrars don't know anything about it but the remaining 1% (the biggest ones) strictly follow the rules. In my opinion companies like Namecheap prefer to send expiration notices to everyone since they don't want to waste time reading Terms & Conditions of hundreds of TLDs and manage them separately. What sucks is that they send misleading notifications with spam included 👎 At least some Registrars like Internetbs allows you to customize email notifications so that they include your name and no reference to Internetbs. It would be relatively easy to implement for Namecheap but obviously they clearly don't want and we all know why 😛
  14. Kian

    WHMCS Deletion.

    "Delete Client" deletes WHMCS data leaving all products/services, domains and addons intact.
  15. OPcache and ionCube are not good friends since encoded files cannot be cached. As far as I know the only option you have is to get rid of OPcache.

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