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  1. Thanks. There's another thing that drives me nuts too. Two of my clients always seem to have auto-responses set up as to when they'll be back in their office. So they open a ticket via email, then shortly after their auto response comes through. I'd like to remove that as well. Maybe a time limit set on the reply.... not sure how it could be done.
  2. I've done some searching around and haven't found an answer. Sometimes my customers are using these stupid free email services that add a signature to their emails. Many of them are formatted or just plain spammy - I've included a picture of one example. How can I block or remove all client signatures from email replies to tickets or any ticket created with email? Thanks for the help.
  3. tldagent

    Send Message Error - 5.3.10

    I've had this problem for years... Why isn't something as elementary as this fixed?
  4. Thank you very much. I tried to get back earlier and looks like the site was having DNS issues.
  5. Hi all. OK, I have an issue that has probably been encountered before but need some help. I have a client who opens tickets from one of their many email addresses. They're complaining that they can't see their tickets. Anyway, I've added their new email address as a sub-account of the main account. I want all the tickets that are labeled "Not a Registered Client" to be assigned to their account. How do I assign support ticket from "Not a Registered Client" to a client? What is the process for this? Do I need to create a sub-account or is there another way? Many thanks in advance for the tips.
  6. tldagent

    Send Message Error - 5.3.10

    I had the same problem with WHMCS 6.1 and it's definitely a bug. If I just type out the message it throws the error. If I copy what I've typed, then hold shift key and paste it over what I just typed, it will send. It's definitely a bug.
  7. I'd like to customize the sprite.png image but cannot find the psd file to edit. Can someone please direct me to an editable version of this image? Much appreciated.
  8. Scratch that. I've found the answer in the WIKI located here: http://wiki.whmcs.com/Importing_Data#Manual_Client_Entry Here's how to add manually: You may close this ticket.
  9. I have a client who's webmaster had their domain at Enom. They pushed it into my Enom account and now I'm trying to figure out how to import into the WHMCS Client account for management and renewal. Any insight on this? How do I import this domain into client's account within WHMCS. Thanks!
  10. Wanted to let the WHMCS community know we have a limited $20.00 off Holiday Coupon Code for new customers or additional licenses. The coupon code: 2011HOLIDAY J!WHMCS fully integrates WHMCS into the Joomla framework and syncs users with Joomla as they login. It's complete visual and user integration and now works with Joomla 1.7 and WHMCS 5. With the purchase of the new license on our new licensing structure, you will get access to Integrator 3 when it's released the early part of this year. Integrator 3 or I3 is a stand alone product that integrates WHMCS into both the Joomla and Wordpress framework and multiples of each. The price of this new software will be substantially higher so now is a good time to take advantage of J!WHMCS pricing with the ability to migrate to I3 when it's released. Additionally, let us know you found us on this thread and we'll install it and set it up on your website for FREE! If you'd like to take a look at some sample integrations we have quite a few images on our facebook page. Installation takes 15-20 minutes normally and your site doesn't need to be offline to do it. Some of the neat features of JWHMCS are: Integrates Visually, WHMCS into the Joomla framework. Syncs users in Joomla or creates an account for them in Joomla as they login. We provide a Client Login Module and Client Menu module Works with SSL Utilizes MooTools and jQuery Sub-Account Integration Securely Authenticate users across both platforms. Works with WHMCS 5 and Joomla 1.7 (Latest Versions). Automatic Installation Interview Doesn't edit or change any WHMCS or Joomla core files or templates. Upgrades are as easy as reinstalling Joomla component and going back through the interview. It will update to the latest JWHMCS files automatically. Integrates with nearly any Joomla template and you can change templates on the fly without reinstalling. 2000+ active installations currently. Requirements are: PHP5 ionCube Loader 4.0+ Curl Support w/SSL MySQL 5+ Joomla 1.5.15+ WHMCS 4.5.2+ Important Reading: Before Installing Canonical URLs If you have any Questions, feel free to ask. Our Holiday coupon code will run through December 31st unless sold out earlier. Thanks for reading.
  11. tldagent

    WHMCS + JWHMCS + RT Modulus = Broken JS!

    I found this thread and figured since it's unanswered I may be able to provide some helpful information. At the time of this post JWHMCS for Joomla 1.6 was RC5 version. However the problem wasn't that JWHMCS was not compatible, the problem was that your site had Mootools, jQuery, Mootools-more, gantry and fusion javascript libraries being loaded. We discovered that the mootools library had attached an event to the input fields used by the sliders, so when the slider was moved, it triggered an event that caused the input field (slider line) to disappear. We recommended to stop using mootools and in our testing it worked but unfortunately your template is using not just Mootools, but an addon library plus gantry and fusion from RT. It was recommended changing the order form template in WHMCS to a less javascript intensive template to avoid collisions with the javascript libraries in Joomla. Now there may be a way to specify classes of input fields for mootools NOT to bind to, but we're not well versed in Mootools development and could not tell you if there was an easy way to make that happen. That is incorrect. We do our best to support as many templates as possible and have over 2000+ active installations with many different template developers from Joomla including your exact template. However, it's next to impossible to know everything all the time and today's Joomla templates are heavy laden with server intensive javascript and jQuery libraries and sometimes they conflict. So you make adjustments, take a look at the recommendations and if you must, hire a mootools developer to make customizations. Integrations aren't always as simple as we'd like them to be. Even though I wish it were a perfect world, it's not. I think everyone would like all their systems to work together. Look at HostGator, one of the largest, (most successful) hosting companies in the world yet you have a billing system login, and a forum login both separate. Although I'm sure they'd like a single login and sync solution they don't have it because it's not a perfect world with perfect integration. Easy solution would have been: Change the WHMCS Order Form Template Hire a MooTools Developer to customize your solution for you. The slider, contrary to popular belief, is not necessary but with the upgrades we've done to J!WHMCS, many people are using the slider but IMHO, I wouldn't use it if it because it's just another potential conflict.
  12. tldagent

    Pre-sales questions

    Seen your post with no replies so I thought I'd help answer what I can. Absolutely otherwise the system would be useless. WHMCS automates all the above with various modules. To my knowledge Moniker doesn't have an API making this possible as that's not their business model as far as I know. You'd have to ask Moniker if they are going to come up with a reseller API. I know we have several clients that use WHMCS and our product and are in PCI compliant. A. Depending on your Merchant Gateway. Paypal for instance would not keep your clients credit card info. Authorize.net would. B. The secure environment is up to you. WHMCS has an administrative backend and whether that's secure or not is completely on you. There are ways to secure WHMCS just as with any other online software script. We don't keep credit card information on our site, nor do we want to because there's really no reason for us to do it so I cannot answer exactly but I believe you can see the CC number in the admin area. C. WHMCS can run on a secure environment on both dedicated server or shared server. Again, security measures are those you take into consideration as you would with an product. Definitely installing an SSL so you are encrypting information passed is very important. Then securing your server and all the rest is an entirely different subject. You might want to contact your server administrator and read up on securing you server or shared hosting location. We have many customers running off of reseller accounts and security is not something that comes up too often. A. With add-ons and configurable options yes. WHMCS is, (IMHO) the best in it's class. B. I suppose you could have it show up on any site you'd like with linking but WHMCS License is per site. We have a free trial version of our Joomla + WHMCS integrator and while it's free and we don't need any credit card info, they must still pass maxmind fraud protection and provide accurate information... so the answer is YES. Above you asked about passing fraud protection right? How would fraud protection work if you don't collect information? I believe there are modules or add-ons that can do this. Cacti Stats is one that I'm aware of and there are probably many others. Basically it can be set up however you'd like it. You can purchase extensions or modules and really go all out, however, out of the box it provides a great solution for domain registration, web hosting (WHM), and automated billing. There are other great modules such as the Licensing add-on that allows developers to license products and sell those. Lot's of possibilities. I guess I'd suggest going with a trial version and then go from there.
  13. tldagent

    Auto Cancel Invoices

    The automatic canceling of invoices, is this possible? Bump bump!
  14. tldagent

    Auto Cancel Invoices

    Hello all. I've done some searching around the forums and found a few threads on this but the last one in 2009 so I thought I'd like to bring this subject back up. When we have a client that is 60+ days behind on their invoices, WHMCS is set to terminate their subscription. Even though their subscription is terminated, it continues to invoice and send invoice reminders or just the reminders of overdue invoices. What we'd like is that when a client becomes 60+ days overdue, we want to assume, (since the product is already suspended) that they are no longer using it and therefore cancel or terminate the subscription and all relevant overdue invoices so they will not be contacted again about the overdue invoices. Is there any feature or function to do this? I found this module but it's rather old, is there a new one for 4.4 or another way around this so we don't have to so much manual maintenance in the backend of WHMCS and our customers that are no longer using the product or service aren't continually bothered with emails for overdue invoices?
  15. I also don't have any experience with SPBAS but we well a software using the WHMCS Licensing add-on and it works perfectly and I'd highly recommend it. Not to mention if you use Joomla our software can seamlessly integrate WHMCS into the Joomla platform. WHMCS - Highly Recommend!

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