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  1. Why don't you use the new one on submitticket ? planned ? It's so easy to use the new one, i don't understand it's not a default standard on the version 6
  2. I'm interested in the Domain Integration part, but the price for this addon is completly crazy... 700$ for the module 150$ for annual fee after the first year (more expensive like the main script used : WHMCS)... 26$/month to use it if you have more than 5 server.
  3. Today i discover the exploit and the "fix" in the blog, how is it possible whmcs don't send an email to all customer to report the problem. Because you don't have the fix ? I prefer disable all whmcs install instead of having all of my business ruined... This month we had 5 security patch ! Hey guys, what are you doing seriously ! Sure cPanel will appreciate this quality of work...
  4. J'aime bcp les templates de chez YooTheme, tjs très sympa J'activerai le slideshow en un tout petit peu plus rapide. Logo ? Je suppose qu'il va venir. Sur cette page : le détail d'une offre : http://www.g-heberg.eu/?page_id=33 Je retirerais les commentaires. Le calendrier aura une utilité ? Pourquoi phpBB alors que tu semblais bcp apprécier vBulletin ? Cordialement, Olivier
  5. Just receive the answer from support, so it's possible (for those who are interested). You just need to pay the difference.
  6. As the support don't have the time to answer to my ticket, someone could do it here ? So is it possible to switch from single site licence to multiple site licence for livehelp ? If yes, how can i do it ? Thank you. Regards, Olivier
  7. Voici la traduction du gestionnaire de projet v1.1 <?php /* ****************************************** WHMCS - Project Management Addon Last Updated: 15th March 2012 Language File: French Version: 1.0 ****************************************** */ # Client Area $_ADDONLANG['projectsoverview'] = "Aperçu des Projets"; $_ADDONLANG['projectsoverviewdesc'] = "Vérifiez le statut de vos projets avec nous ici"; $_ADDONLANG['projectdetails'] = "Détails Projet"; $_ADDONLANG['title'] = "Titre"; $_ADDONLANG['created'] = "Créé"; $_ADDONLANG['duedate'] = "Date Fin Projet"; $_ADDONLANG['status'] = "Statut"; $_ADDONLANG['lastmodified'] = "Dernière Modification"; $_ADDONLANG['assignedto'] = "Assigné A"; $_ADDONLANG['totaltime'] = "Durée Total"; $_ADDONLANG['tasks'] = "Tâches"; $_ADDONLANG['taskdetail'] = "Détail Tâche"; $_ADDONLANG['inprogress'] = "En Cours"; $_ADDONLANG['completed'] = "Terminé"; $_ADDONLANG['starttime'] = "Date Début"; $_ADDONLANG['stoptime'] = "Date Fin"; $_ADDONLANG['duration'] = "Durée"; $_ADDONLANG['hours'] = "Heures"; $_ADDONLANG['addtask'] = "Ajouter Tâche"; $_ADDONLANG['add'] = "Ajouter"; $_ADDONLANG['total'] = "Total"; $_ADDONLANG['associatedtickets'] = "Tickets Associés"; $_ADDONLANG['associatedinvoices'] = "Factures Associées"; $_ADDONLANG['timetracking'] = "Suivi du Temps"; $_ADDONLANG['showhidetimelogs'] = "Afficher/Cacher Détails Journaux de durée"; $_ADDONLANG['fileuploads'] = "Fichier(s)/Envoi(s)"; $_ADDONLANG['upload'] = "Envoyer"; $_ADDONLANG['addfile'] = "Ajouter Fichier"; $_ADDONLANG['none'] = "Aucun"; $_ADDONLANG['projectguidance'] = "Si vous désirez nous contacter à propos de votre projet, SVP faites-le via un de vos tickets associés existants listés en-haut à droite, ou en créant un nouveau <a href=\"submitticket.php\">ici</a>."; # Admin Area $_ADDONLANG['stdhourlyrate'] = "Taux Horaire Standard"; $_ADDONLANG['stdhourlyratedesc'] = "Taux horaire par défaut utilisé lors de la création des factures"; $_ADDONLANG['createdproject'] = "Projet Créé"; $_ADDONLANG['create'] = "Créer"; $_ADDONLANG['cancel'] = "Annuler"; $_ADDONLANG['date'] = "Date"; $_ADDONLANG['daysleft'] = "Jours Restants"; $_ADDONLANG['none'] = "Aucun"; $_ADDONLANG['projectname'] = "Nom du Projet"; $_ADDONLANG['taskname'] = "Nom Tâche"; $_ADDONLANG['projectprogress'] = "Progrès"; $_ADDONLANG['ticketnumberhash'] = "Ticket #"; $_ADDONLANG['invoicenumberhash'] = "Facture #"; $_ADDONLANG['home'] = "Accueil"; $_ADDONLANG['viewreports'] = "Voir Rapports"; $_ADDONLANG['viewstafflogs'] = "Voir Journaux Staff"; $_ADDONLANG['viewactivitylogs'] = "Voir Journaux Activité"; $_ADDONLANG['settings'] = "Réglages"; $_ADDONLANG['help'] = "Aide"; $_ADDONLANG['createnewproject'] = "Créer Nouveau Projet"; $_ADDONLANG['browseprojects'] = "Parcourir Projets"; $_ADDONLANG['browsetasks'] = "Parcourir Tâches"; $_ADDONLANG['incomplete'] = "Incomplet"; $_ADDONLANG['myincomplete'] = "Mes Incomplets"; $_ADDONLANG['viewall'] = "Voir Tout"; $_ADDONLANG['assignedtome'] = "Assigné à moi-même"; $_ADDONLANG['duein7days'] = "Dû endéans les 7 jours"; $_ADDONLANG['closed'] = "Fermé"; $_ADDONLANG['search'] = "Recherche..."; $_ADDONLANG['due'] = "Dû"; $_ADDONLANG['noduedate'] = "Pas de date dûe définie"; $_ADDONLANG['duein'] = "Dû dans"; $_ADDONLANG['days'] = "Jours"; $_ADDONLANG['daysago'] = "jour(s) passé(s)"; $_ADDONLANG['tasknotes'] = "Notes Tâche"; $_ADDONLANG['notasks'] = "Aucune Tâche encore existante"; $_ADDONLANG['youmustenterticketnumber'] = "Vous devez entrer un numéro de ticket"; $_ADDONLANG['ticketnumberenterednotfound'] = "Le numéro de ticket que vosu avez entré n'a pas pu être trouvé"; $_ADDONLANG['ticketnumberalreadyassociated'] = "Le numéro de ticket est déjà associé à ce projet"; $_ADDONLANG['addedticketassociation'] = "Le ticket ajouté a été associé au ticket #"; $_ADDONLANG['youmustenterinvoicenumber'] = "Vous devez entrer un numéro de facture"; $_ADDONLANG['invoicenumberenterednotfound'] = "Le numéro de facture que vosu avez spécifié n'a pas pu être trouvé"; $_ADDONLANG['invoicenumberalreadyassociated'] = "Ce numéro de facture est déjà associé à ce projet"; $_ADDONLANG['addedinvoiceassociation'] = "La facture ajoutée a été associée à la facture #"; $_ADDONLANG['newmsgposted'] = "Nouveau Message Posté"; $_ADDONLANG['startedtimerfortask'] = "Démarré le Chrono pour la tâche "; $_ADDONLANG['stoppedtimerfortask'] = "Arrêté le Chrono pour la tâche "; $_ADDONLANG['startedtimerat'] = "Démarré à "; $_ADDONLANG['stoppedtimerat'] = "Arrêté à "; $_ADDONLANG['addedtask'] = "Tâche Ajoutée "; $_ADDONLANG['tracktime'] = "Mesurer le Temps"; $_ADDONLANG['deletedtask'] = "Tâche Effacée"; $_ADDONLANG['deletedticketrelationship'] = "Supprimer la relation avec le ticket #"; $_ADDONLANG['titlechangedfrom'] = "Titre changé pour "; $_ADDONLANG['assignedclientchangedfrom'] = "Client assigné changé pour "; $_ADDONLANG['assignedadminchangedfrom'] = "Admin assigné changé pour "; $_ADDONLANG['creationdatechangedfrom'] = "Date de création changée pour "; $_ADDONLANG['duedatechangedfrom'] = "Date dûe changée pour "; $_ADDONLANG['addednewrelatedticket'] = "Nouveau ticket relatif ajouté #"; $_ADDONLANG['savenotes'] = "Sauver Note"; $_ADDONLANG['savechanges'] = "Sauver Changements"; $_ADDONLANG['savenotesfailed'] = "Echec de sauvegarde de Note. SVP réessayez!"; $_ADDONLANG['notesupdated'] = "Note Mis à Jour"; $_ADDONLANG['projectmarkedcompleted'] = "LE projet a été marqué comme Terminé"; $_ADDONLANG['updatedproject'] = "Mise à Jour Projet: "; $_ADDONLANG['statuschangedfrom'] = "Statut Changé pour "; $_ADDONLANG['to'] = "à"; $_ADDONLANG['on'] = "le"; $_ADDONLANG['addedattachment'] = "Pièce jointe ajoutée"; $_ADDONLANG['deletedproject'] = "Projet Effacé"; $_ADDONLANG['deletedattachment'] = "Pièce jointe Effacée"; $_ADDONLANG['addedquickinvoice'] = "Facture Répide Ajoutée - Facture ID:"; $_ADDONLANG['description'] = "Description"; $_ADDONLANG['rate'] = "Tarif/Heure"; $_ADDONLANG['amount'] = "Montant"; $_ADDONLANG['hours'] = "Heures"; $_ADDONLANG['generatenow'] = "Générer Maintenant"; $_ADDONLANG['createdtimebasedinvoice'] = "Facture basée sur le timing créée - Facture ID:"; $_ADDONLANG['viewingproject'] = "Viewing Project"; $_ADDONLANG['projectidnotfound'] = "Projet ID Non Trouvé"; $_ADDONLANG['newproject'] = "Nouveau Projet"; $_ADDONLANG['noticketassociatepermissions'] = "Vous n'avez pas la permission pour associer un ticket à ce projet"; $_ADDONLANG['youmustbeanadmintodeletetask'] = "Vous devez être un admin pour effacer cette tâche"; $_ADDONLANG['youmustbeanadmintodeletemsg'] = "Vous devez être un admin pour effacer ce message du staff"; $_ADDONLANG['youmustbeanadmintodeleteticket'] = "Vous devez être un admin pour effacerce ticket"; $_ADDONLANG['confirmdeletetimer'] = "Êtes-vous sûr de vouloir effacer cette période de temps?"; $_ADDONLANG['confirmdeletetask'] = "Êtes-vous sûr de vouloir effacer cette tâche?"; $_ADDONLANG['confirmdeletestaffmsg'] = "Êtes-vous sûr de vouloir effacer ce message du staff?"; $_ADDONLANG['confirmdeleteattachment'] = "Êtes-vous sûr de vouloir effacer cette pièce jointe?"; $_ADDONLANG['confirmdeleteproject'] = "Êtes-vous sûr de vouloir effacer ce projet?"; $_ADDONLANG['edit'] = "Editer"; $_ADDONLANG['save'] = "Sauver"; $_ADDONLANG['savedas'] = "Sauver comme"; $_ADDONLANG['saving'] = "Sauvegarde en cours..."; $_ADDONLANG['changessaved'] = "Changements Sauvegardés avec Succès!"; $_ADDONLANG['associatedclient'] = "Client Associé"; $_ADDONLANG['projecttasks'] = "Tâches du Projet"; $_ADDONLANG['staff'] = "Membre du Staff"; $_ADDONLANG['start'] = "Démarrer"; $_ADDONLANG['stop'] = "Arrêter"; $_ADDONLANG['endtimer'] = "Fin du Timer"; $_ADDONLANG['inprogress'] = "En Cours"; $_ADDONLANG['time'] = "Temps"; $_ADDONLANG['updating'] = "Mise à Jour..."; $_ADDONLANG['newtask'] = "Nouvelle Tâche"; $_ADDONLANG['associatedtickets'] = "Ticket(s) Associé(s)"; $_ADDONLANG['validating'] = "Validation..."; $_ADDONLANG['subject'] = "Sujet"; $_ADDONLANG['lastupdated'] = "Dernière Mise à Jour"; $_ADDONLANG['noassociatedticketsfound'] = "Pas de Ticket Associé Trouvé"; $_ADDONLANG['noassociatedinvoicesfound'] = "Pas de Facture Associéé Trouvéé"; $_ADDONLANG['associatedinvoices'] = "Facture(s) Associé(s)"; $_ADDONLANG['invoicedate'] = "Date Facture"; $_ADDONLANG['datepaid'] = "Date Paiement"; $_ADDONLANG['paymentmethod'] = "Méthode de Paiement"; $_ADDONLANG['quickinvoice'] = "Facture Rapide"; $_ADDONLANG['associateclienttousefeature'] = "Associer à un client pour utiliser cette fonctionnalité"; $_ADDONLANG['billfortasktimeentries'] = "Facturer pour la durée des entrées"; $_ADDONLANG['preparing'] = "En cours de préparation..."; $_ADDONLANG['attachments'] = "Pièces Jointes"; $_ADDONLANG['noattachments'] = "Pas de pièce jointe"; $_ADDONLANG['upload'] = "Envoyer"; $_ADDONLANG['staffmessageboard'] = "Message du Staff"; $_ADDONLANG['addanother'] = "Ajouter une autre"; $_ADDONLANG['postedby'] = "Posté par"; $_ADDONLANG['nomessagespostedyet'] = "Pas encore de Message..."; $_ADDONLANG['activitylog'] = "Journal des Activités"; $_ADDONLANG['logentry'] = "Jounal Entrée"; $_ADDONLANG['adminuser'] = "Utilisateur Admin"; $_ADDONLANG['editedtaskid'] = "ID Tâche Editée"; $_ADDONLANG['editedadminfortimeid'] = "Edité Admin pour ID - "; $_ADDONLANG['editedstarttimefortimeid'] = "Edité Heure de D2but pour ID - "; $_ADDONLANG['editedendtimefortimeid'] = "Edité La Fin de la Durée pour ID - "; $_ADDONLANG['editingtask'] = "Edition Tâche"; $_ADDONLANG['timespent'] = "Temps Passé"; $_ADDONLANG['notimesrecorded'] = "Pas encore d'enregistrement de durée"; $_ADDONLANG['generatenow'] = "Générer Maintenant"; $_ADDONLANG['generatenowandemail'] = "Générer Maintenant et Envoyer Facture Créée par Mail"; $_ADDONLANG['load'] = "Chargement"; $_ADDONLANG['backtoproject'] = "« Retour au Projet"; $_ADDONLANG['loadtasklisttpl'] = "Charger Liste Modèle Tâche"; $_ADDONLANG['savetasklisttpl'] = "Sauver comme Modèle de Tâche"; $_ADDONLANG['tasklisttplname'] = "Nom"; $_ADDONLANG['tasklisttplsnone'] = "Pas de Modèle Existant"; $_ADDONLANG['recentactivity'] = "Activité Récente"; ?> Il suffit de créer un fichier php et de copier/coller le contenu du code dans le fichier et de le mettre en place ici : /www/whmcs/modules/addons/project_management/lang/ Cordialement, Olivier
  8. lol i don't know the relation between facebook and your lack of serious, if it's just the only think you found, it's better for you to go back playing with doll... Seriously you really have about fifty year?
  9. Tell what you want, time will decide who are right...
  10. Totaly agree, i stop here this game, see my last post.
  11. Haaa Maria : See here : http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=167416&highlight=vbfengine So if you have a look to vb.org you could see the reference MicroHellas AND Maria If you look the photo to the right about freelancer, it's your friend Chisteri. By the way, i perfectly know you are the same person, i think this discussion is not productive for you, i wait your news with the law process, see you maria
  12. llllooollll Maria, lying is not a good idea... So if i edit the product-vbfengine to the line 2758 there is the reference MicroHellas. I join the file here. It's a very quick look. You could answer and telling me i modified the file no ? That's true, the only thing i can't change is the paypal ID and the email where i sent the money. This part could be given to your lawyer if you want. I just wait your news about this, just after when the true and result will be knowed, i will send to anyone the document who prove who you are... But the best prove will be your activity here with your customers... The famous Christeri take this business back after your lack of serious. I can list the reference of vB.org if you want, but i suggest stopping this story here to avoid to compromise all your business in WHMCS world... product-vbfengine.zip
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