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  1. stormy

    Will invoice numbering reset at midnight?

    Done, thanks! And Happy New Year to all of us crazies that work every day!!! 😄
  2. stormy

    Will invoice numbering reset at midnight?

    Ok - it gets worse. It seems that the NUMBER variable got reset on December 31st at the automation time, and the YEAR variable got reset today at the automation time. So now I have seven invoices from 2018 that have duplicate numbers and are out of series. And all my 2019 invoices start on number 9. Every invoice from yesterday and today needs to be manually corrected and resent.
  3. stormy

    Will invoice numbering reset at midnight?

    So did I - and it never worked for me either! 😄 Unfortunately it didn't work correctly. I have the format set as "D{YEAR}-{NUMBER}". At midnight the NUMBER variable got reset but the YEAR did not! The year got reset at 10:00 when the automation run. So - shall I fill a bug report or open a ticket?
  4. stormy

    Will invoice numbering reset at midnight?

    My invoice automation runs at 10:00 am, so probably no luck! 😄
  5. I have my EU VAT Addon configured with "Auto Reset Numbering" set annually. Now that the cron runs every 5 minutes, will it finally reset the invoice numbering at 0:00 January 1st? (which is the only correct behaviour) Or will it still reset them at the time the automations run, as usual? This is no use, because customers can generate invoices before this happens, which would need to be manually corrected one by one, as well as the "next invoice" number once that is done. We'll see tonight...
  6. Ah, I didn't look at the "ClientAreaFooterOutput" part. By the way, I've added to this hook another useful snippet to filter question marks from knowledgebase searches: jQuery('#kbsearch').submit(function() { var search = jQuery('#kbsearch input[name="search"]').val(); search = search.replace(/\?/g, ""); search = search.replace(/\¿/g, ""); jQuery('#kbsearch input[name="search"]').val(search); return true; }); Customers will frequently use question marks and they get less search results because they are used in the actual search.
  7. Not if you use external forms that post to the domain search. So this is the better option overall!!!
  8. There's another reason for using the hook instead of modifying the template!
  9. Awesome! Is there any advantage of the hook over editing the template? Besides not needing to edit the template, of course 🙂
  10. Put this code in the bottom of domainregister.tpl to get rid of any extraneous stuff that customers will type into a domain search: "www.", slashes, https, spaces, etc. By the way, this also solves a bug I've reported, where searching for a domain with "www.", like "www.thedomainiwant.com" will return "www.com is unavailable". <script> jQuery('#frmDomainChecker').submit(function() { var domain = jQuery('input[name="domain"]').val(); domain = domain.replace("www.", ""); domain = domain.replace("http://", ""); domain = domain.replace("https://", ""); domain = domain.replace(" ", ""); domain = domain.replace("/", ""); domain = domain.toLowerCase(); jQuery('input[name="domain"]').val(domain); return true; }); </script>
  11. Please read carefully if you use monthly and yearly pricing for your products. Unless the price is the same no matter what the cycle (i.e. no discounts for yearly billing), most of your upgrade orders will have wrong pricing. I've been trying unsuccessfully for WHMCS to recognize this as a bug. I thought I'd bring it up for discussion to see what everyone thinks. I encourage you to create a test user and try it on your install. It's a lot easier to see it with your own eyes than reading my explanation. I just had to refund 20 bucks to a customer due to this. Quick summary: -Upgrading from Monthly to Yearly: the customer is charged LESS than he owes.-Upgrading from Yearly to Monthly: the customer is charged MORE than he owes. Any upgrade that changes the billing cycle will have a wrong amount, unless the "price per day" of the cycles is exactly the same. How to test: 1. Create two products: one with monthly billing and another one with yearly billing. Put the due dates a month and a year in the future, minus a couple days. So this is equivalent to a customer placing an order a couple days ago. 2. Now let's see what happens when this customer wants to upgrade his plan. Login as the customer and go to the Yearly product. Go to the upgrades page. 3. In the upgrades page, choose an upgrade package. The Monthly billing cycle will already be preselected for you. Continue. 4. In the next page you will see a wrong price, which is higher than the customer should pay. Why? Because the amount is calculated using the monthly price! WHMCS will figure out the price per day of the monthly product and multiply it per 363. The due date never changes. 5. Go back, and choose the same product and Yearly billing instead: you will get the correct price, which is lower. 6. Now test the same with the Monthly product, and upgrade it to Yearly: the price is wrong again, but this time is lower than what they'd pay if they stay at Yearly. Thoughts?
  12. stormy

    TinyMCE formats everything when I copy/paste

    Yes, but I still lose the formatting. I.e: if I decide that I want to switch the order of a paragraph, or move a few sentences that already have bold and links, it's either lose the links and bolding or fix the extra formatting. And I still have to endure the small grey type. 😢
  13. stormy

    TinyMCE formats everything when I copy/paste

    That's what I do. It's kinda tiring to be cutting/pasting stuff from a KB article just to reorder a paragraph and having to either lose all the formatting or opening the HTML view to strip the colors and background. Wow I didn't know this was such a contemptious issue. Ok, I'll have to skip it altogether then.
  14. I'm having trouble with TinyMCE on WHMCS 7.6.1 (I used to be on WHMCS 6.3.1 until recently). First, the gray text is kinda hard to read, any way to modify that? And then, whenever I copy/paste text, formatting (color and background) is applied to it. i.e. if I copy/paste from the client area, white background is added to my paste. And if I copy/paste inside TinyMCE itself, grey type is applied to my copy/paste.
  15. Wow that is one pretty looking pricing table!!! Mine has the grace/redemption periods as well as the fees. Very neat!

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