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  1. Thanks Danny, I do have reCAPTCHA v2 setup on all my forms, so this was most likely a human that submitted this. And I agree, who ever this Gary Came is he needs to rethink his marketing strategy.
  2. I received this thru my contact form, Has anyone else seen such a thing? I am sure its spam, but would like to see if anyone else has received it. Great example of how NOT to market a product. The reply address is legitimate, gcame@grcomputers.co.uk **** Contact Form: I can end your business I am contacting you from G&R Computers of Stratford-upon-Avon. You may find your website hacked and viruses on your computer very soon unless you purchase antivirus from us for £599.95. This could happen at any time. You can see we sell the best antivirus in the industry search Google for G&R Computers Stratford upon Avon we have nothing but 5* reviews. Anything can happen, especially if you don’t have antivirus, specifically the antivirus we sell. Just see our reviews we are a genuine company, your website and company are at risk. It’s your choice if you don’t use our antivirus the only one that could protect you, your data, website and computers from a virus that could go off at any time unless you decide to purchase antivirus from us. I promise you, a virus could strike at any time like COVID19, for a small fee you can be safe. That or we can do a follow up but to repair the virus and restore data could be up to £12,850 if such a virus was to hit. Prevention is better than cure. Your company, your choice. DECIDE. Gary Came G&R Computers Stratford-upon Avon **** Thanks for any feedback
  3. I have this same issue, uploading the vendor folder did not fix it. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Thanks for a Great CMS system. Makes adding custom menus and pages simple. Tech support is really good as well.
  5. Thanks for the responses I did try the configurable option route but as brian! stated its a fixed amount and cannot be set to a percentage. Dean
  6. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Dean
  7. Hello, I am setting up a product that needs to have a fee calculated on the product total, call it a "Service Fee", it is a percentage. I have tried setting up a tax rule to take care of this but it calculates the fee based on the invoice subtotal, products + setup fee and so on. I need a way to calculate the fee only on the product price and have it added to the invoice. The client can order more than one. How can I do this? Thanks Dean
  8. Thanks for the response bear, I added the code shown in the link you provided but got a white page. I think it has something to do with adding PHP code to a .tpl file. I seem to remember reading somewhere how to do it. Will have to go back and research that. Thanks again...
  9. Hi All, Anyone have an idea how to change the number of announcements show at the bottom of the home page? Currently displays 3 would like to change to 5. Thanks, Dean
  10. Hi, I have a program that I would like to integrate to WHMCS. This system has it's own user signup form. When a new client fills out the form the form action is: form method="POST" action="newuser.php" What I want to do is open the WHMCS database, grab client/server information and "POST" it to the "newuser.php" file. I know how to get the info from the WHMCS database, Just not sure how to pass it to the "newuser.php" once I have it. I believe that this is what the "newuser.php" is looking for: //function to call user creation script function createUser($username, $password, $type, $domain, $machine,$serverurlname,$linkedbuild,$regindex) Any help would be greatly appreciated Dean
  11. Which would explain why YOUR staff and I'm just a Junior Member! Thanks John!
  12. Hi, In my admin section the "Ticket(s) Awaiting Reply" says 1 ticket is waiting a reply. How ever all tickets are currently closed. Any ideas on how to correct this? Thanks, Dean
  13. Thanks For The Feedback, Will be getting into some of the finesse stuff like button styling and other stuff soon. When we started we set ourselves a launch date and really should have given ourselves more time. We wanted the launch to coincide with the wireless network start-up. WHMCS is the back end billing and provisioning for our city wide wireless network and doing a great job of it if I do say so myself! Thanks for the input! Dean
  14. Hi All, After several months of fiddling around we launched our new website. It's a complete WHMCS integration, Hope you like it! http://www.isystemstechnology.com
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