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  1. Anyone using zlib output compression with WHMCS? I know the Acronis plugin specifically requests this to be turned off so wondering if this has problems with other modules etc. Is anyone using this successfully?
  2. The choose a domain section part of the order form on standard cart is not functioning properly on iPad. Tested it with several sites running WHMCS. Can anyone else confirm issue? Not sure if its related to iOS 13 beta.
  3. Default six theme and using Safari, definitely an issue it doesn't work properly you can test it on Safari on iPad.
  4. Thanks, I think adding the text to the template is good. The free domain variable of the code is not working with the latest WHMCS.
  5. working fine with the latest WHMCS. Is it possible to insert the language code into a universal file so it works with all the languages?
  6. Has anyone been able to create something for Cloudlinux stats inside WHMCS cPanel integration where disk space resource and bandwidth resources show < which are kind of pointless with today's industry norms. Is it possible to display the INODES, Processes, CPU and Memory usage?
  7. Is there a guide on moving WHMCS from subdomain to primary domain with PayPal & Stripe instructions etc? We want to move our whmcs install from my.domain.com to just domain.com while keeping our site in the root as well.
  8. Thank you for that script Chris, that's exactly what I was looking for. Is there going to be any conflict if our site is running in HTML in the same directory?
  9. Is there a way to modify the knowlegebase URL from /knowlegebase to /help or /kb? Thanks!
  10. Kian I'd love to get hands on your code if possible from the backups 😋 this would be useful for everyone if its not too much to ask! 🙂
  11. But doesn't it show client information in the chat operator window if the client is logged in?
  12. Is this chat integrated into WHMCS to allow you to verify customers whether they are signed into their accounts or not? @WHMCS and @cPanel need to work together to provide some sort of WHMCS integrated authenticated chat support for customers only !
  13. Is it possible to allow end user to change their own cpanel username or primary domain from WHMCS? Any addons?
  14. How can we integrate the domain checker like the way it is displayed on here WHMCS's demo http://demo.whmcs.com/ Instead of http://demo.whmcs.com/feeds/domainchecker.php basically without the drop down select for domain tld extentions the integration code available from inside is the same thing
  15. Thanks, any tweak for the integration method? Taking out the select option renders it useless.
  16. Trying to use the {if $pid eq #} (replacing the # with the PID of the product/plan) but it does not seem to be working on the order form, {if $pid eq '22'} Custom Text here. {/if} If I change the code to {if $pid neq '22'} Custom Text here. {/if} The custom text shows up for all pids, even product id 22. Tried to use in order form template files ordersummary.tpl and configureproduct.tpl didn't work for either.
  17. So the customer on checkout has to login to the client area and then pay? It won't take credit card details on the checkout page with this plugin?
  18. Does this work with recurring payments?
  19. WN-Ali

    Free Domain showing as charged

    The price should change @ checkout, the system is flawed with the way it works.
  20. Who has ditched kayako's ticketing system to just use the built-in helpdesk in WHMCS and provide their users a simpler one login experience so they do not have to keep going back and forth between kayako and whmcs. For the admins/support staff, it helps you view client details in one place as well for faster support.
  21. Which one has a better integration with WHMCS? And do either of them check for active accounts vs cancelled accounts in WHMCS's database - not just for the client to be active but the product itself which the commission was given for should be active?
  22. WN-Ali

    Who's using iDevaffiliate and WHMCS

    If anyone is using that, does it deal with cancellations and active orders to count the commission? For e.g. if a referred customer cancels the account before the commission delay days (90 days), their commission is removed from idevaffiliate automatically? Does it also check for IP addresses of incoming orders for the referrals with the referee to prevent abuse of the affiliate system? Or is that still done manually??
  23. WN-Ali

    Stripe.com payment gateway

    How is everyone's experience with this gateway module? Does it work as expected, any bugs? Development? I think their should be an official WHMCS addon for this gateway, HostBillApp has had one since 02-12.
  24. WN-Ali

    CPanel not working on Host29

    Find a better host.
  25. Looking into the same thing, the only thing bugging me is the fact that there is no windows application or notification alert software like Kayako does.

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