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  1. Have you opened a ticket with WHMCS support?
  2. Any reason you switched from the older module to the newer one?
  3. Are you still having issues with Stripe?
  4. If during the domain registration selection, the entered domain is available for registration is it possible to SKIP the additional suggestions of domains and automatically redirect to the next step? Any suggestions? Thank you!
  5. Is it possible to add code on the cart checkout page with ajax to modify the product billing cycle? I want to do this so I can skip the unnecessary step of cart.php?a=confproduct just to select the billing cycle. Thanks!
  6. This is why WHMCS should be the one implementing this instead of relying on 3rd party addons!
  7. wirenine

    Bootstrap 4 and One page checkout

    Jafar I know how you feel! The user experience in WHMCS is what needs the biggest improvement, the sign up process looks like a nightmare compared to how easy it is to sign up with any provider not using WHMCS (5 steps in Standard cart)! Wow the feature request for Bootstrap 4 was posted over a year ago. Comments box not working properly in Chrome. If you can take the time to vote on this as well https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/whmcs-custom-order-form
  8. Is it possible to display the SAVINGS in % instead of the amount?
  9. Is it possible to see a update to Bootstrap 4 in 7.8 and perhaps a new one page checkout order form e.g. https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/examples/checkout/ the multi-step checkout needs to be simplified as one page or the option to have either.Thanks!
  10. wirenine

    Removing "USD" from the shopping cart

    Brian! Thank you so much for sharing that settings option, that's exactly what I was looking for. After searching through various posts, I found this variable to remove the currency suffix {$producttotals.pricing.baseprice|replace:$currency.suffix:""} however like your template editing suggestion, it would require a lot of code modification so editing the options works best 🙂
  11. How to remove the "USD" on the order form summary? "Total Due Today: $20 USD Monthly" found the variable to be {$producttotals.pricing.baseprice}
  12. Thank you brian!! 🙂
  13. When can we possibly expect a mobile friendly admin dashboard? 😁
  14. I don't think this plugin is being actively developed anymore. Good luck, try another paid plugin.
  15. wirenine

    Allure WHMCS Theme by SwiftModders, LLC

    Beautiful theme! Great job, love the dark & light mode feature! 🤩

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