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  1. Hello @jmginer Thank you for this thread, I will come back to you with further information in due course, in the mean time, with the topic you have opened is that a feature request topic?
  2. Hello Vikash, Thank you for your post. When a customer has more than 160 TLDs in their WHMCS application, they may be unable to save settings on certain, what seem to be random TLDs. The reason for this is due to a setting in PHP called `max_input_vars`. By default it is set to 1000. This setting truncates forms that contain more input fields than the setting and results in some TLDs being saved and others not. To correct this, you cannot change the setting at runtime (ie in configuration.php using ini_set) but you can set it in a php.ini or .htaccess file. In the admin folder create an .htaccess file if it doesn't already exist and add: php_value max_input_vars 10000
  3. @Hostsails Thanks for your question, we use our own in-house built solution.
  4. @steph.hope please do not remove content from the community regardless of if you solve this or not, its important that we keep solutions in tact for users searching if they have the issue in the future.
  5. Hi Tad, I can see that you are using the PayPal Basic module, below are the details around the API Credentials to be used for this module. API Fields Used for issuing refunds within WHMCS (saving the need to login at PayPal). These credentials can be accessed with the API Credentials tool found in the Tools > All Tools section of the PayPal Business dashboard. Alternatively, they can be accessed directly by navigating to https://www.paypal.com/businessmanage/credentials/apiAccess For more information refer to Automated Refunds
  6. Are you using the default blend theme or a custom theme @santiago.l.f? Do you have any errors in your Browser Console?
  7. Hi Xfireteam1 This is a plain text box, it's not possible to add a QR Image in here I'm afraid.
  8. Hi @jacksony Out of the box, no there is not a way to disable this as a standalone product you would only be able to disable the free plan. The other option might be to use a hook however would you like me to move this to a board where someone may be able to assist you with hooks?
  9. Hmm, that does seem odd would you mind sending a private message to me with a screenshot of this
  10. @serverhosh it may be best to open a support ticket via www.whmcs.com/submit-a-ticket or www.whmcs.com/reseller-support
  11. Glad to hear that this is now resolved for you @EvolveWebHosting! Thank you for the update
  12. Does the invoice show both payments @SDB
  13. Are you seeing any errors in the System Activity Log @DV8? If you review one of the emails in the admin area that was said is it showing your email in the BCC?
  14. @unixcommerce Not an addon that I am aware of but I will move this to the developer boards where third parties can share links to their modules.
  15. This isn't something that WHMCS provides support for out of the box, however I'll move this over to the developers board to see if someone has any clever ways to achieve this.
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