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  1. Hi, Could anybody explain me in this error type 'Gateway Module is Missing'? We have our custom Webmoney payment gateway module. After we upgrade our WHMCS to 4.0.0 we get this error after redirecting from webmoney site. Payment/transactions on webmoney are success, but our invoices are open in WHMCS. This error is displayed by this script "/cart.php?a=complete"
  2. As I discovered, check domain availability makes through whois functionality. Hmm.
  3. Hi, I have a little question about writing custom registrar module. I can not find function for check domain if it is already registered or available in template.php file. There are functions like template_RenewDomain, template_RegisterDomain ... But there is no something like template_CheckDomain. How can I implement this? Thank you.
  4. to Alticon-Brian: Thank you. I worked early with curl, I know it to Klangaroo: Thank you for your thought About SSL. The problem was in it. Now all ok.
  5. Hi, I'm using code closed to example http://wiki.whmcs.com/API:Example_Usage. This data is using with curl calls to https://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs/includes/api.php (https, not http as in documentation). $postfields: Array ( [username] => myadmin [password] => md5_of_myadmin_password [action] => addinvoicepayment [invoiceid] => 93 [amount] => 5 [transid] => 140-948 [gateway] => mygateway ) As a reply from api.php I get empty value, I think I have to get something like this: result=error;message=Some_error_message or result=success;message=Some_success_message. But it simply empty. What the problem?
  6. Hi, I have a little question. Currently I coded my custome gateway to work through mygateway_capture() function. I process invoice with my custom gateway API, it works with WHMCS by admin/cron.php script. And my custom gateway provider have no payment process form API to use in whmcs mygateway_link() function, only merchant API. How can I implement (or emulate) this form with WHMCS? I want this custom payment gateway to be visible on view invoice form in clients area like gateways that use mygateway_link() functionality. Can I do something like this? 1. Code mygateway_link() to use form that will be posted on my own created script somewhere in my WHMSC installation location. This script will be coded similar to mygateway_capture() function. 2. Script will try to use same API as mygateway_capture() and will return result that I will show to my customer. Thank you.
  7. to Jozeph: I don't know, but it seems no. There are only two functions for working with payments: template_link() and template_capture(). That's why I ask this.
  8. Ok, I wrote custom payment gateway plugin for TrustCommerce. I used their API (php extension). I wrote only 'sale' type of transation, and put it into trustcommerce_capture() function in the trustcommerce.php gateway file. But TS API also have and support 'credit' type of transaction. How can I implement this? Thank you.
  9. Hi, Could anybody explain me how can I impelment this type of transaction in my custom payment module. My gateway supports it. At this time I have mygateway.php module with mygateway_capture() function working under whmcs cron.php Thank you.
  10. Hi, I have a little question. If I use only mygateway API to process cc payments and implement it in mygateway_capture function(), what have I do with mygateway_link function: can I keep it simply with empty body like function mygateway_link() { // here is nothing to output } or I can safely remove it total from mygateway.php? Thank you.
  11. Ok, I understood $GATEWAYMODULE = array( "mygatewayname" => "mygateway", "mygatewayvisiblename" => "My Gateway", "mygatewaytype" => "Invoices", # Invoices or CC ); I thought that only full term "template" needs to be replaced. Thank you Sparky. Yet one little question. What values has gateway field type "yesno": yes/no, y/n, 1/0 or something else?
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