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  1. Dedigeeks-Sean

    .com.au not available (p2)

    Thanks Brian, I will take a look at it for sure - it is working presently though we don't get a big hit on our domain searches, I think I searched the same domain 4 times throughout the day to ensure it was working and then it became restricted for like 48 hours or so. I am keeping an eye on it daily to ensure we are not being limited though it is a good suggestion you've raised to remove the other lookups to ensure we are limiting down our exposure to restriction. Since the change over from auDA to Afilias it's been nothing but a nightmare.
  2. Dedigeeks-Sean

    .com.au not available (p2)

  3. Dedigeeks-Sean

    .com.au not available (p2)

    Weird, it has stopped working again.... MEH
  4. Dedigeeks-Sean

    .com.au not available (p2)

    Thanks Brian, Yes, was pulling my hair out on this as the actual site is down and the change over is taking a toll it seems on many people. I can confirm the above now works for me so it is very appreciated.
  5. Dedigeeks-Sean

    .com.au not available (p2)

    Hi, This is reference to this thread: We also have this issue, we've followed the steps and we are also greeted with the same error that the .com.au is not available, through the console. So what could the issue be now?
  6. Hello, We had a recent designer do our WHMCS integration, unfortunately the designer didn't complete the work and vanished. Due to this we need the work finished and we are seeking a professional designer, please don't PM me your work, it would be best to post them on the thread as I don't like being bombarded with PM requests. We are seeking a finish and correction of the design that is already in place https://my.dedigeeks.com and we require further enhancements with the portal for WHMCS - the stock standard is not well designed and we believe the older look was much more appropriate for a professional appeal. Our website caters for advanced users, corporate, and is quite modern - we'd appreciate if a designer could assist us with the same approach. Money wise this is of course negotiable, however, your work needs to be seen by us before we can consider it. Please see this as an example of what we like, however, it needs to be incorporated to perfection, if you're work doesn't meet the standard we'd appreciate not applying. https://goo.gl/ZhNWQ2 Please let us know if you require further information, though from what we do require it's of course the portal makeover, as well as fixes such as the process/flow of the order, capital to non capital letters that you will notice through the order form etc. Lets consider it an overhaul. Thanks.
  7. It is more like a copy-cat of LARA to be honest without the Google Analytics and a few minor changes.
  8. Dedigeeks-Sean

    Auto Cancel Invoice - WHMCS Hook

    Had to give up on trying to order, I cannot read the security question or the document question, it isn't in English.
  9. Dedigeeks-Sean

    best CSF unblock solution

    Module Garden is good, simply OVERPRICED even to buy it outright it's costly.
  10. I went through your portfolio, they are pretty stock standard for what it is, simply add a few colours and you're pretty much paying for that and nothing much more. I am looking for an overhaul, something that is far beyond the norm.
  11. Dedigeeks-Sean

    WHMCS custom integration

    I am interested in a WHMCS update, the one on here https://client.phasehosting.io/clientarea.php looks awesome. Would not mind a high class rendition of this, anyone have suggestions?
  12. Dedigeeks-Sean

    Oops! Problem

    Fixed it with an SQL restore from the previous backups, so annoying, many issues with WHMCS to late.
  13. Dedigeeks-Sean

    Oops! Problem

    Hi, We've come across this in WHMCS: https://my.dedigeeks.com/ The error appears when we enabled SQL Error reporting, and the Debug options under WHMCS admin - when enabled we encountered this issue. We can't resolve it, 2 days and WHMCS still has not replied to us and we are paying for the support + upgrades, WHMCS overall customer service is really appalling and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, if you need assistance you're better off looking for a developer or someone who can assist in WHMCS related matters. Can anyone shed light on this, we've done everything, increases memory substantially does not resolve the issue. Replacing all files in WHMCS does not resolve the issue, it could be a database issue but we've altered the SQL in the tblconfiguration.sql to disable the requests we enabled and yet the same issue it won't resolve. Has anyone encountered this?
  14. Dedigeeks-Sean

    Lara Fraud Control v 1.0 released.

    Most cases this wouldn't be required as most providers will simply reject orders - however, may come in handy.
  15. Dedigeeks-Sean

    New Admin Theme - In Progress

    Looking nice, though, in saying this it isn't anything different I haven't seen, a few different colours and icons and that is about all. You really need to stand out to get noticed. Really would like to see a draft up though.

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