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  1. It is more like a copy-cat of LARA to be honest without the Google Analytics and a few minor changes.
  2. Auto Cancel Invoice - WHMCS Hook

    Had to give up on trying to order, I cannot read the security question or the document question, it isn't in English.
  3. best CSF unblock solution

    Module Garden is good, simply OVERPRICED even to buy it outright it's costly.
  4. I went through your portfolio, they are pretty stock standard for what it is, simply add a few colours and you're pretty much paying for that and nothing much more. I am looking for an overhaul, something that is far beyond the norm.
  5. WHMCS custom integration

    I am interested in a WHMCS update, the one on here https://client.phasehosting.io/clientarea.php looks awesome. Would not mind a high class rendition of this, anyone have suggestions?
  6. Oops! Problem

    Fixed it with an SQL restore from the previous backups, so annoying, many issues with WHMCS to late.
  7. Oops! Problem

    Hi, We've come across this in WHMCS: https://my.dedigeeks.com/ The error appears when we enabled SQL Error reporting, and the Debug options under WHMCS admin - when enabled we encountered this issue. We can't resolve it, 2 days and WHMCS still has not replied to us and we are paying for the support + upgrades, WHMCS overall customer service is really appalling and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, if you need assistance you're better off looking for a developer or someone who can assist in WHMCS related matters. Can anyone shed light on this, we've done everything, increases memory substantially does not resolve the issue. Replacing all files in WHMCS does not resolve the issue, it could be a database issue but we've altered the SQL in the tblconfiguration.sql to disable the requests we enabled and yet the same issue it won't resolve. Has anyone encountered this?
  8. Lara Fraud Control v 1.0 released.

    Most cases this wouldn't be required as most providers will simply reject orders - however, may come in handy.
  9. New Admin Theme - In Progress

    Looking nice, though, in saying this it isn't anything different I haven't seen, a few different colours and icons and that is about all. You really need to stand out to get noticed. Really would like to see a draft up though.
  10. WHMCS + Maxmind + Cloudflare?

    Maybe this may help: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16853283/how-to-use-maxmind-geoip-detection-while-using-cloudflare
  11. Fraud Orders (not cancelling)

    Hi, Has anyone come across an issue where WHMCS doesn't force fraud orders to cancel out, we moved from MaxMind to FraudLabs Pro and both aren't cancelling orders when a fraud order is detected. Fraud Passed - and yet rejected at the same time. What more can I look at since WHMCS blames third-parties for the cause, yet the issue started with MaxMind. Thanks.
  12. Refer a friend module

    We were looking for something very similar, WHMCS doesn't allow you to offer the 1 month free if they refer a friend or any option similar so this type of module would come in handy for sure - we run a lot of promotions and this is the ideal choice for us.
  13. I have to admire Dewlances approach on his sales tactics. The cost of the KB was $49.95 then the price jumped to $60.00 then Dewlance offered a 15% discount to bring it down to $51.00. If you think you're saving anything, think again because you're actually paying $1 more than what was on the first page.
  14. eNom PRO Addon

    Meh, most of the posters on this topic giving reviews are people who have very low post counts. Was considering buying, will wait and see if there are any other responses to this.
  15. Pages are 404 on both links.

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