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  1. aquiss


    Thanks Brian....i'm blind LOL
  2. I notice what appears to be a minor new release/update, 7.6.1 now showing as released. Unless i'm blind, I can't see anywhere where it lists what this release includes/fixes?
  3. aquiss

    upcoming GDPR compliance

    This has been well covered https://blog.whmcs.com/133437/how-whmcs-can-help-with-gdpr-compliance
  4. aquiss

    WHMCS SITE Hacking

    Others reporting similar in the following thread
  5. This hotfix has indeed fixed the Add to Cart issue (running in Basic URL format) on a customers full list of domains. However, from client dashboard, if in Full Friendly URL mode, the Renew Now button generates a 404 error. In Basic URL format, everything is fine.
  6. Ah thanks. I presumed that because I only had upgraded today that the hotfix would already have been applied to the auto updater.
  7. Upgraded to 7.5.0 today (5th April 2018), running PHP 7.0.26 currently. Using Basic URLs (Full Friendly URLs causes 404s for some reason) If using Standard Cart, when you go to domain renewals page, click on Add to Cart button, the button greys out and you get spinning icon appear, but nothing gets added to the cart on the right. If I use a custom cart (based on an very old version of standard cart) then customers can at least order/renew fine. Martin
  8. Just reading that this version will remove modules you guys deem legacy, which worries me somewhat as gocardless is listed. We use a gocardless module (not the one you guys shipped in whmcs), that handles 90% of our transactions, which works just fine with 7.4.2. I'm worried that you will remove this without warning as the name/directory of this module is the same as your version was called. Do we have a means to tell the system not to remove a module?
  9. aquiss

    Domain Categories

    Talking of categories, has anyone got a list that places the extensions in correct categories? We are often finding many are not listed in any category other than getting bunched into the popular one (when they are clearly not popular).
  10. aquiss

    why was goCardless support removed

    Let me give some clarity on this. The original Gocardless module was written in partnership with us, as a tester, by a guy called Tim who worked there. We worked with him to get the original module up and running as we were one of GoCardless's launch partners. Tim then left GoCardless to return back to University full time (was part time whilst working at GC). He made the original code available in the public domain, but as no one official was updating it, our understanding was WHMCS then dropped it. GoCardless even did a blog entry on us, them and WHMCS https://gocardless.com/blog/merchant-of-the-month-aquiss/ For ages, literally 2-3 years, the only way to make things work was via patchy GitHub solutions, they worked, but were not amazing. We patched ours for internal needs for a while, but when version 7 of WHMCS, we had find an different solution. Personally, support for GoCardless now would make more sense than it did back then, so many businesses are using them, but with commercial modules, at decent money, available, it might not make sense for WHMCS. However, with them supporting other forms of Direct Debit and now including DD based elements into WHMCS core, surely this is worth a look again?
  11. aquiss

    PHP Version Warning

    Alex would it not be worth removing this warning from within WHMCS software until such time as upgrades can be made? I fear you are going to get a large increase in support tickets from customers who are not in the know (like myself) unless this warning is suppressed in some way.
  12. We are using WHMCS 7.4.1 and PHP 7.0.26 Today a warning has appeared that our PHP version is end of life Ok, upgrading PHP is not an issue, but I thought WHMCS did not support PHP 7.1.* yet ? If i'm correct, this warning from within WHMCS is a chicken or egg situation.
  13. Thanks for the confirmation of how it works, bit confusing, but at least I know.
  14. Can anyone else confirm that the new "international phone number automatic formatting" introduced into 7.4.0, even when disabled from within the new option, is still changing client profile contact numbers to start with the international format (in our case +44.)?
  15. I've put full details in ticket (id given above), however, it appears to be linked to a weird problem with our SSL (we moved to a multi domain SSL 2 months ago), so linked to point 1.

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