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  1. Yes I understand this, but I never mentioned Stripe myself, this is something you added to the conversation. However, you have cleared up what I thought was going to happen.
  2. Hi John, The impression I've got, is that all payment methods, regardless of gateways (so stripe, bank transfer, direct debit etc) are all going to be located into one section for customers to manage everything. Is this not the case? I would even add that https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/addpaymethod/ as mentioned in my opening post, does refer to other gateways under "gateway_module_name" such as authorizecim, sagepaytokens etc, so my head is thinking well information about Gocardless (and other gateways will also be in the same section). If the multiple payment method is just a stripe gateway improvement, then nope, to me, it's not been clear.
  3. With the introduction of multiple payment methods, which I note from the new API https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/addpaymethod/ will also deal with banktransfer information too. However, will this also be the location of where the Direct Debit Information from the Gocardless module be located?
  4. aquiss

    Registration after Payment and order?

    What a useful bit of code, I can think of some uses for this myself (note to self, must save the URL)
  5. Are you able to provide screenshots for your affiliate settings? Setup -> General Settings -> Affiliates tab Also, what you have set on each package within the Other section? Setup -> Products/Services -> Products/Services -> Package -> Other tab
  6. Thanks @brian! Now how on earth have I missed this!
  7. aquiss

    Domain Extension Ordering

    lol, you know me too well Brian! Why go half measures, when I can stuff myself up fully LMAO
  8. Does anyone know a way to sync up available domain extensions that can be resold via resellerclub? It just seems a tad longwinded to add extensions manually into whmcs and then match them up with resellerclub and keep an eye on wholesale reseller pricing. I guess I'm looking for a bit more control of our growing domain portfolio.
  9. aquiss

    Domain Extension Ordering

    Thanks Brian! This works perfect on the client side. Any ideas to make the Admin side more useable?
  10. Does anyone know of quick way of ordering domain extensions in the pricing tables in alphabetical order? Yes, we can drag the extensions into a logical order, which was quite a practical way when they was first developed back in earlier releases of WHMCS, however, with a growing list of extensions now available, this is somewhat slow and impractical.
  11. aquiss

    GoCardless Usage Questions

    Just an end user. I wished I had the talent to design modules lol Nope, not at all. Unlike other 3rd party modules we have found, the guys behind the nifty one have put everything in its own directory, so no conflicts with the new native module, which puts it into the directory called "gocardless".
  12. aquiss

    GoCardless Usage Questions

    Yes, it will download all the current mandates from GoCardless (old format and new style mandate format) and map them automatically based on the email addresses in WHMCS and over at GC. Any customer it can't map (where customer has changed email addresses), you can then manually map to loose ends. For us this this mapped 98% in a matter of a couple of minutes and a few mins later we had them all sorted. Basically operational within 30 mins from start to finish. The customer can also have multiple mandates against their account. From an admin point of view, nice features include you can view/add/deletes mandates from customer profile and also you can see directly on the invoices the exact progress of collection, directly pulled from GC (see below as an example) Yup, we run Stripe also, so customers can have both a DD mandates and card details on record, side by side, without conflicting with each other. The nifty DD module stores all it's data in separate tables, so not conflicting with card tokens stored in WHMCS way of doing things (something we did highlight to them during the beta phase but was dismissed). It's bits you don't see which also set this module apart. They literally support webhooks superbly, so literally everything is logged into WHMCS from GoCardless from the API calls. Peace of mind! Over the years we have used 4 different modules for WHMCS/GoCardless (mix of free and commercial). We have found the nifty one to be way out in front. We have already requested a couple of extra nice features and they added them within 2 weeks into a new release! Honestly, forget the headaches and just do it. We don't even worry about DD issues anymore. We process over £1 million a year via WHMCS/GoCardless and honestly the WHMCS built in module just would not work for us, the way they have deployed it. We tried to highlight issues during the beta phase, but as I say, nothing was considered from what we can see.
  13. aquiss

    GoCardless Usage Questions

    As I have mentioned previously in these forums, we have been using GoCardless with WHMCS for nearly 8 years, so are well versed with the platforms together. We helped craft the original module all those years back. We can talk from experience that the built in solution from WHMCS, presently, is very basic, compared to what it could be. Honestly, save yourselves the hassle and consider the one made by Nifty which can be found https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3531 as we used the opportunity with the one built in to review our module from a pervious commercial one. Without question the one from Nifty will save your business all these headaches. It also supports the old mandate formats :)
  14. Could not find anything else in the forums, so posting here. Since the latest template upgrade in 7.7.1, we have had reports from customers when using the client area, that when they go into Product Details for a "hosting packages", the page is really slow. Sure enough, if we login as customers, that page does take up to 10 secs to display. Every other page within the client area, including domains and non hosting packages, all load at lighting speed. I thought it might be new SSL checks that are displayed, but I've removed the displaying of this from that page, but nope still takes up to 10 secs to load (though I can't rule out if checks still happen, just not being dispayed). Can others confirm this behaviour?

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