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  1. Just tried deleting the question but got a message saying An Error Occured You cannot delete a Security Question while it is in use
  2. Hi I am now having this problem and i dont have a back up of the origanal config file. Does this mean all clients passwords have to be reset? How can i fix the security question problem?
  3. Hi People I am currently using Nochex and WHMCS. Currently when some pays a invoice they get diverted to the NoChex website to make the payment. My question is "Is the a way to do it so its all done with in WHMCS and not diverted to the NoChex Site?" Anyone got ant ideas about this?
  4. Hi People, Just wanted your thoughts on my first WHMCS Website intergration. I know that some of the link are not yet complete Main site: http://www.cg-computers.co.uk Client Area: http://www.cg-computers.co.uk/client Can you let me know if you see an problems. Cheers Craig
  5. the link is http://www.cg-computers.co.uk/client
  6. Hi HerrZ Thanks for the reply. I managed to sort that problem out. I had to put the <div> </div> on the first line of the footer.tpl.
  7. Hi people, I am having problems styling the Powered By WHMCompleteSolution. As you can see in the image attached. Any ideas people?
  8. when your not logged in the layout seems to look ok aprt from the spacing. When you log in the layout is wrong. Is this a div tag problem again?
  9. Thanks for your help Sparky. Thats that problem sorted. Anty idea about the spacing around the text and buttons?
  10. If you see any more problems can you let me know please
  11. Hi people I am having a couple of problems customising whmcs with my template. (1) There seems to be a problem with the left menu when you are logged out. http://www.cg-computers.co.uk/client username : demo@demo.com pass : demo (2) The area around the buttons and text seems to have gone. I think its something to do with the css but can not find were it is. Thank you for any help in advance. Craig
  12. do you know the code for a html page or would it be just as easy to change the page to .php?
  13. Will this code work in a html page?
  14. Thanks for the reply. Will have a look now.
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