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  1. How do I do First Month Free with yearly Pricing? I already have the coupon for First month free with Monthly Pricing.
  2. I was doing it wrong added the price to take off in the Renewal Price Override instead of 0 Works perfect now thanks
  3. Those instructions where ok but I did pick free for the Billing Cycle and under the Domain Registration Box Registration Price Override Renewal Price Override I leave blank and the price is shown on the right. I would like it free for the package the client has. If I put the price override in it still give the domain registration price on the right How do I get the domain to be 0 Cost?
  4. How do I add a Existing domain in billing as a free domain. Account is already active. Main domain is not in account (I have no idea why not?) Its a free domain since client paid for a year. WHMCS is 8.1.3 Domain tab is blank
  5. I just switched to 7.4 thanks The last time I tried it was not ready for it. works fine now
  6. when will WHMCS Support PHP 7.4?
  7. every day I get a spammer using the contact form on my site with the same bull Not sure if they are using an automated system or someone or a team spamming I'm using a addon template, if that matters I have the Invisible reCAPTCHA activated and contact form checked is there a better way to stop them? a addon or mod?
  8. So there is no way to add the subscription button to his invoices. then why do I have it with My server Lease company using WHMCS
  9. How can I Add Subscription to invoice of Domains? The client wants to pay automatically now he get the invoice notice when login in he see only a single paypal button upper right on bill. I know the subscription works with a new account because I also have a client paying automatically with paypal thanks Mitch
  10. Yes $49.90 I bought Enom Pro for $90 or $100 forgot the price might have been $99 and a few months later the developer goes on vacation from his business. don't mind paying for a good product but enom Pro did a lot. Now it was released as open source and no one is working on it. I guess I will do the commercial one if no one updates this one
  11. Last reply was 2015 Did anyone update this for 7.5.x Enom Pro is dead and theres another one that commercial that charges $5 a month to use it. $60 a year is outragous
  12. I have 3 tickets with them seems there is no support since september 2017 Wasted $99 really loved this module but since there was no support to fix my problems had to remove it to get into my Admin area and clients into the client area. Wish they would explain why.
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