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  1. shocked

    Modules Garden experiences?

    Well, I can tell you that our experience so far is terrible. The module has basic errors that we have clearly reported. Full logs, etc.. showing the error codes, exact steps to reproduce, screenshots... At best we get one reply after 24 hours, but normally several days pass until we get a useless reply. The replies are as if they don't even read what we sent. We reply in minutes and then wait days for another equally useless reply. I was just wondering if somehow we are unlucky.. but this seems to be a pattern. I even emailed the owner personally (I have his email since he constantly sends "special offers") and he did not reply at all. Thank you guys for the feedback!
  2. Hey everyone, Do any of you have any feedback on working with modulesgarden? We are having some real issues getting any kind of timely support responses (ie, one useless response every 24-48hrs). I am wondering if others have had a similar experience or if this is unusual. Thanks
  3. Hello, I want to be able to have a link, that when clicked, it shows all the products available under a single category, so, for example, i can click: https://mydomain.com/order.php and it will show me a drop down of all categories.. or i could click: https://mydomain.com/order.php?step=2&pid=5 and it will order a specific product. What I want is a link that will be like: https://mydomain.com/order.php BUT only show the options in ONE of my categories.. for example: https://mydomain.com/order.php?categoryname of course, that does not work. Is this possible?

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